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  1. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    Great! thank you both. I knew Sprint adjusted their timing to cater more towards download speeds in some areas, I did not know what the config 1 and 2 meant. I appreciate it. I am assuming that those new down/up speeds are while 2xCA?
  2. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    Could someone explain to me what config 2 means or point me in the right direction to a thread to read up on it please? Thank you! Not sure if it is related but yesterday late afternoon through the evening I had very unreliable data on b41 most of the time not working at all.
  3. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    This is such great news!! thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I damaged my htc 10 sunday and im waiting for the replacement one to come in... so i dont get to take advantage of this change. Hopefully it will be in today!! if not... with the storming coming in i doubt i will get it until like wednesday. Quick question. Were they able to do this because of the swap with ATT? Thanks again!!
  4. HTC 10 User Thread

    Another OTA! Looks like another ota just dropped this morning. Less than 100mb in size its likely for the fingerprint reader issue. I currently dont have my 10, its being replaced by sprint but here is a what firmware is updated in this OTA. aboot_signed.img boot.img hosd_singed.img recovery.img rfg_2.img venus.img System changes: system.new.dat system.patch.dat 35.4 mb system.transfer.list
  5. HTC 10 User Thread

    Prl 55064 is out, just received it now.
  6. HTC 10 User Thread

    Yes that is correct. All the htc phones i have had would reboot if there was something new applied to the data profile. However, now, with profile updates they reboot each and every time regardless of new entries. That is what i was attempting to point out.
  7. HTC 10 User Thread

    Yes so this latest firmware/software requires a reboot after updating the policy unlike before. This is probably a good idea, I know most other sprint phones have been forcing reboot since the beginning. I also noticed that the profile update no longer will flip you back to lte/cmda if you have set your mobile connection to cdma, gsm, auto, etc.
  8. HTC 10 User Thread

    Anyone else been getting profile updates automatically the past few days late in the evening? I know they are pushed out automatically ever once in a great while but after the recent OTA I have gotten 3 of them all around the same time 11pm at night.
  9. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    Do you happen to know where some of these small cells are located so far? I have found tons of small cells but they usually end up being the zayo tmo small cells. I found a couple sprint small cells but thats it.. about 2.
  10. HTC 10 User Thread

    I noticed that too yesterday and I also noticed that this new radio is way better can aggregating two b41 carriers.. the last radio out here in Houston where this is a ton of 2xca would only agg it if i had a strong singal and was stationary. This new radio I tested out on the same towers as before and was getting 100+mbps every time versus 40-50.. Love it. Also noticed the transition between b25 and b41 vice versa is much better too.
  11. Just donated the rest to be come premier sponsor! I cant wait for more maps!
  12. I know this is an old post but just curious which tower you are talking about? Hooper rd one? Thanks
  13. Though CA isn't possible on b26, or anything below 1ghz really.