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  1. I have an iPhone 8. I don’t think I have access to that. I didn’t take a screenshot of the field test.
  2. I tried it says im only allowed to upload a pic of 501 kb...not sure why it’s not working. All I have is a screenshot of my Speedtest.
  3. Just connected to B41 in downtown Gainesville across from the Bo Diddley plaza. I’m usually on 10X10 B25 until I get near the University of Florida. Got 54.69 down. Maybe Terrell can help here. I have no idea where the towers are.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Just got my girl the S8+ unlocked to use on at&t. Just wondering if anyone could tell me if she'll be missing out on anything vs. the carrier version of the phone.
  5. Got to my girls place and unfortunately I'm still on B26 over here which is literally right by I75. Oh well she has wifi. Still was on B25 10x10 when I entered the complex but at her building it's very slow B26.
  6. Yeah me too. I'll check when I get to my girlfriends house cause it was worse there than at my spot by the mall.
  7. Still better than less than 1mbps like I've been getting for the past 2 years. Idk what happened back then but before that bad storm I could always get at least 8-10 down. This is the best it's been since then.
  8. I've tried to upload a Speedtest pic before but it doesn't work. The best I've seen today is 10 up and 10 down.
  9. Yes, it does. I can finally get on Instagram near the mall and actually be able to load and watch videos. It makes a HUGE difference.
  10. Yes!!!!!! It's about time! Hopefully my home site near the Oaks Mall has it also.