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  1. #moodlighting #mimoodz #amazonecho https://t.co/GnzULO2bMI

  2. RT @BarackObama: 41: I like the competition. And the loyalty to the home team. - 44 https://t.co/XG3ChMtW0M

  3. RT @blazingxmexican: When Obama was in office in 2011, only 30 percent of white evangelicals told pollsters they would forgive a president'…

  4. RT @manlikekofii: Me going back to sleep because I woke up two whole minutes before my alarm went off. https://t.co/bmbcAFY09o

  5. RT @danpfeiffer: Paul Ryan will defend Trump's racism. He will turn a blind eye to sexual assault allegations. He will work overtime to cov…

  6. #FuckCancer https://t.co/V956AujgwZ

  7. RT @ClouttMonster: *Dads in every Disney channel movie* “But son, you're giving up your DREAM” *Son in every Disney channel movie* “no d…

  8. RT @MattOswaltVA: just think, if only Mary Todd Lincoln had been a schoolteacher Abe may have seen the rest of that play

  9. RT @libertyposse: @rmayemsinger @MarthaKelly3 This quote is carved into the Jefferson Memorial. Thomas Jefferson understood that the world…

  10. RT @sophshepherd: This would be my whole routine https://t.co/xht1bv1Np4

  11. RT @TheDweck: If Adam Rippon wins a medal, Mike Pence has to personally bake a gay wedding cake. Sorry, those are just the rules.

  12. RT @JensenClan88: I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THIS https://t.co/IzyxhozttY

  13. @soundlyawake https://t.co/QQ418NJMGJ

  14. Same. https://t.co/hzOjWIio1e

  15. RT @WilcoMeThat: In related news, water wet and fire hot. https://t.co/TgLHVwdZZG