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  1. He was unopposed and the GOP had no way of removing him, because in the U.S. the parties don’t have that type of co… https://t.co/Hlq2SjdJuA

  2. Kelly has shown to have very few strengths and the backbone of Paul Ryan with the maturity of Anthony Scaramucci. https://t.co/UF5UJPqAsu

  3. RT @mindyfinn: I'm amused by GOPers now claiming that #PA18 is only close b/c Lamb is more like a Republican than a Democrat. How is admitt…

  4. RT @tomgara: Judge sentences Shkreli to two years as White House Communications Director

  5. 1) the Sanders/Australian Labor story is weird. It makes no sense why the ALP would pay for volunteers to go to hel… https://t.co/OKaAp0e9ww

  6. Yes, make your “ambulance” jokes. The service is for scheduled, non-emergency visits - and unlike regular Uber can… https://t.co/rMot2loXNz

  7. Guys, the City of Baton Rouge finally got a new website that doesn’t look like it was last updated in 1996. https://t.co/505CTOskat

  8. If “alcohol and coffee help you live past 90,” I’m literally never going to die.

  9. It’s a private school so it’s legal, but they’re going to be in a world of litigation when the info is accidentally… https://t.co/owLChwUzaH

  10. This is like the people complaining about media reporting on North Korea’s diplomatic work at the Olympics. Opposin… https://t.co/BwmhRJPfKG

  11. So here’s the thing. Obviously NK is doing a decent job at their diplomatic relations this week. *This is notable a… https://t.co/jNMLHNJmpn

  12. @linuxlibrarian @SenDuckworth Weird, I thought they still did them. That’s supposed to be proof of citizenship. Cou… https://t.co/YB5wRhAmDw

  13. David Vial must be one of the most well-funded state rep candidates I’ve ever seen in this area.

  14. We are a third-world state. https://t.co/q1h3qppvVT

  15. RT @garethgreenaway: @KevinYeaux Why would anyone want to see Jeremy Clarkson in 4k? You should question your life choices.