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  1. I’m at work. Oops. https://t.co/vy3wijZyas

  2. “Please don’t seize our assets, Beijing.” https://t.co/cmgersNF4n

  3. So Alabama beat Georgia, and I beat an Alabama student at beer pong once in 2014, so I think technically I am the national champion, no?

  4. RT @EsotericCD: LOL now even McConnell is subtweeting Bannon. https://t.co/XBljvHyvgV

  5. RT @RyanMaue: Frozen! 🐧 January 1, 2018 below freezing: 90% of the Lower 48. Canada is probably closer to 100%. https://t.co/WzNaEMQNeI

  6. Wait until you get your EOB from CVS/Aetna. https://t.co/5MLuTWe8Zk

  7. RT @peterjhasson: This got 41,000 retweets. It's also false. https://t.co/D8uMG3IVb6

  8. RT @mjs_DC: This turgid, asinine essay is going viral among liberals and it makes me want to tear my hair out. How can anyone read this utt…

  9. RT @BenjySarlin: I liked The Last Jedi, but this whole scene felt really incongruous https://t.co/43YePd90JF

  10. Moore literally has not conceded. Talk about a fucking cry-in. https://t.co/RMNdBtBIHb

  11. RT @Popehat: Donald Trump would never ever do what @daveweigel did. Meaning, admit a mistake, correct it, or apologize.

  12. Now this is interesting - sometimes, political party leaders refuse to support candidates who are accused of signif… https://t.co/xm05pLtMjK

  13. Yeah, America would be much better as a one-party state. I’m a conservative who is pissed at them blowing out the… https://t.co/lvQFqfQO7M

  14. Also, this fantasy that a 3-2 FCC decision repealing another 3-2 FCC decision would be overturned in court is hilarious. Sure, guys.

  15. RT @BrandyLJensen: I'm sorry I've done a misogyny against myself? https://t.co/IfcaDD54ne