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  1. @AlinityTwitch Yah you were hilarious 🤗

  2. Live! gonna stream a lil overwatch https://t.co/886CxWTC8x

  3. 1043 season low.

  4. @Sanxyraa @TheMeowYin all day. i went to her after i saw the work she did for @YoniDoes and she is incredibly reasonable with the pricing

  5. #Bless https://t.co/w9QvkV1SUZ

  6. @_OctoberBeauty awwwwww 😍

  7. Epic 😄 https://t.co/0NERmFNdSe

  8. @AlinityTwitch i chuckle every time i watch the Widow reaction 😂

  9. My old rehab https://t.co/HIn8k00Zdg

  10. Live! The Witcher 3, second play through. Death march! https://t.co/886CxWTC8x

  11. @AlinityTwitch it would just never work between us, Butt

  12. I watched Darkest Hour. I highly recommend it. Any movie that can legit get me to cry is very impressive in my book.

  13. @bigbossboze @thatfrancokid How does a year in LA wake you up to nature??

  14. yay! https://t.co/61MQye9Vsi

  15. @contonono Lmao