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  1. Yup Mr. Legere mentioned it in a youtube video after the quiet period and the official 600 MHz auction results were announced back in May. So I would imagine the markets with 10x10 MHz that 5G will be rolled out in a 5x5 block and 5x5 block will be 4G LTE. https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/t-mobile-to-roll-out-5g-over-600-mhz-and-other-spectrum Listen at the 2:10 mark.
  2. One thing for sure is that with 600 Mhz, they will definitely be able to deploy the 5G network faster and wider than with the high band frequencies and there are not any incumbent cellular technologies deployed at this point at 600 MHz. I think that in itself will also pay dividends. Just look what being the first to deploy 4G LTE quickly and widely did for Verizon back in 2010. I am pretty sure that Sprint will not deploy 5G on its 800 MHz until a while since Sprint has CDMA and LTE deployed on it and their treasure trove of spectrum is in 2.5 GHz band is where I see Sprint first deploying 5G. Again the problem with Sprint is that there is a lot of talk but not enough walk. I still think that what Tmobile did with spending 8B for their average 35 MHz of 600 MHz was worth it. Again we won't know until a few more years when TV stations vacate the 600 MHz spectrum. I am not saying that Sprint has doesn't have great potential with 2.5 GHz but even now it still has yet to fully bear fruit after 7 years of Network Vision. Sprint is where they are at in 4th place with people bolting because of coverage and inconsistent capacity issues. Lets hope that its true that Sprint and Masa are fully dedicated to competing and raising capex for the next few years to 5-6 billion because the 3 billion figure they had was surely not cutting it. I would like to see 4 strong competitors rather than a weak Sprint and Tmobile.
  3. I disagree that 600 mhz is overrated at all. Is it the most important piece of spectrum for 5G? Not by a long stretch. But it does help bridge coverage gaps and does help stretch into new markets faster that it would not otherwise. I would say sprint severely lacks low bamd spectrum. While Tmobile may be praising 600 mhz but that is because they are now able to truly say they have spectrum nationwide that they can build into new markets. Tmobile is in no way content with just 600 mhz. In fact they have been very vocal in pressing the FCC to open up 3.5 ghz and just the other day pressing the FCC to open up 28 ghz, 37 ghz and 40 ghz spectrum to be auctioned. Also they have been doing test trials of 3.5 ghz, 28 ghz spectrum and other spectrum bands for 5G. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Either way the full 5G NR standard will not be complete until June 2018. What was completed during December 2017 was the non-standalone version of 5G NR which means it needs to rely on legacy networks like 4G to work but the standalone version of 5G NR (true 5G) will not be complete until June 2018.
  5. Agreed. I could care less if AT&T is the first to jump into the 5G space. I hope the others wait for better 5G equipment to deploy. Tmobile has their hands full in trying to clear the 600 MHz band and working with the 3.5 GHz trials that I would expect this to not be a huge deal. We will see how long it really takes AT&T since they took a delayed approach with LTE.
  6. But i thought the argument was that the official 5G standards by the 3GPP wouldnt be officially ratified until 2019 which is what Tmobile is calling BS on ATT claiming it will have true 5G. So how can ATT really have true 5G when it will not be approved until 2019? This has been known since mid 2017 that ATT put out a press release that claims that they will be the first 5G carrier to deploy. In fact Legere made a tweet or comment calling out ATT on this. This is not new news but ehhhh time will tell. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. I was able to successfully flash my router to stock Asus to 376.3626 firmware to expand the rootfs boot partition from 32M to 64M. Now I successfully flashed my Asus router to the latest Merlin firmware. I guess I was a bit intimidated by the SNB forum guide and was comparing too much to the suggested youtube video which was for flashing a Tmobile router which does have some different steps since the Sprint router uses MIPS and Tmobile router uses ARM which led to further confusion. It had good steps in the youtube video but the telnet commands were a bit different.
  8. I have been trying to read up on finally updating my Sprint wifi connect router at the link below. https://www.snbforums.com/threads/how-to-sprint-ac-rt66u-to-stock-asus-firmware.25261/ I am a bit confused as to which CFE file version to update. I see in the zip file that there is a "Zentel_1.30_EU_To_US.bin" which I guess the file you are suppose to update your MAC address to rename as "newcfe.bin". Is there a dumb down tutorial that shows how to properly update the router to stock firmware? I also read that you should flash the 376.3626 firmware first to expand the rootfs partition from 32M to 64M after updating the CFE file before flashing any future firmware versions.
  9. What do you guys think of Sprint offering free Hulu service for its customers to compete with Tmobile and Netflix. Sounds like it would include the $7.99/mo plan. My guess is that this would only be a benefit for the Sprint Unlimited Freedom customers and not grandfathered to all legacy plans. Like Tmobile they only limit the Netflix offer for those with the Tmobile One TI plan. http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-to-launch-free-hulu-service-for-unlimited-users-wave7

    Hi Robert. Thanks for the update. I was not aware that the issue was on Tapatalk's side. Hopefully it does get fixed in the next release with Tapatalk since I love reading S4GRU on Tapatalk.

    Is the site still being upgraded and not detectable via Tapatalk? It has been inconvenient to not be able to use the Tapatalk app to read forums.
  12. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Why would u think that sprint will dramatically reduce capex? Just continue to execute and people will move over to sprint. I am pretty sure this latest move by verizon with the GoUnlimited plan to limit video to 480p and 600 kbps for hotspot for base unlimited plan is driving people away from verizon. If sprint is truly expanding B41 to 3xCA with 4xCA and deploying massive small cells soon then eventually the root metrics will catch up. To assume that 3 carriers is the only answer is crazy. Tmobile themselves have demonstrated it can single handingly draw customers away from the big 2 with their net adds. Sprint just needs to copy those types of moves and offer deals to current customers. I think a 2 lines for $60 deal for 55+ years old would be a fantastic program to draw customers even though people will ise workarounds to sign up for it.
  13. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I am 100% against this merger. Sprint and Tmobile should remain separate to keep the competition at 4 players. If currently there were 7 semi major players in the wireless industry, I would agree with you that consolidation of a few more players would be beneficial for the industry due to LTE and 5G going forward requiring high amounts of spectrum bandwidths. However we are now down to 4 players which to me is already a good number to maintain nationally. Comparing how it looked in 2003 doesn't matter back then because we didn't have LTE that required at least 5x5 , 10x10, 20x20 MHz bandwidth. It would have sucked if we still have 7 major players in the 600 MHz auction with only 70 MHz available for purchase and each buying a nationwide 5x5 block of spectrum instead of fewer players buy a bigger chunk of spectrum to deploy larger bandwidths. Sprint needs to be worrying about getting itself into gear and try to deploy its B41 LTE in small cells and densify its network instead of looking for a bailout in Tmobile to save them.
  14. Well I think if existing customers want to take advantage of that why should they restrict that to new customers? I think those that are on the ED1500/SERO/Framily/Unlimited Freedom/etc should be allowed to take advantage of that. Trying to simplify the number of plans should be the goal.
  15. Boost Mobile now includes taxes and fees in their service plans just like Tmobile. I hope this comes to Sprint postpaid to compete with Tmobile. Just another way to align themselves together with Tmobile. I think with Taxes and Fees included and being the only carrier now that contains 1080p video streaming in their base service plan, hopefully that should draw more customers to Sprint. https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/8/16273586/boost-mobile-now-bundles-taxes-fees-in-service-plans