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  1. @mexicoworldcup Welcome back old buddy chicharito! -Bench

  2. @ussoccer @StubHubCenter Really hope you guys can organize the #NITWorldCup though would be dope

  3. Return trip to puerto Vallarta Tuesday.. Hotel booked, paradise awaits me 😎

  4. @gatoradepiss @JenBunny_27 https://t.co/OEVtFqd9PP

  5. @morasee In my car immersed in my own thoughts on the 10 freeway going home I shed a few tears I’ll admit

  6. @FATeIson_ESPN en ese caso ay me ordenas una ahogada cuando puedas faitelson 😂

  7. Not the time to panic Dodger fans..still have faith In them

  8. @AlyssaBreanneee Pull out that phone and secretly stream it under a book

  9. RT @LasMayores: ¡Ya es historia! @losdodgers van a la #SerieMundial. Aquí las mejores jugadas en español en la voz de @JaimeJarrin. https:/…

  10. @jas1455 Same here but as the old saying goes.. that’s why they invented credit cards for events like this 😂

  11. You all know MLB wants an LA vs NY world series

  12. @cristobalsoria Felicidades crack, espero que hiciste cosa en la noche de tu boda 👍🏼

  13. @Howard_Cole Probably me.

  14. RT @GissiSim: Sorry but this looks like fascism. #CatalanReferendum https://t.co/pjHq6wvZOu

  15. Never run on Cody. EVER