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  1. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    I went to the local Sprint store where all their HTC ONE M8s were on older firmware and older PRLs, with Band 41 disabled. I updated the PRL and firmware, but Band 41 remained disabled. I then updated the Data Profile and Band 41 became enabled. Once it was enabled, along with Bands 25 and 26, it started dropping to 3G when on Band 26.
  2. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    I do use the Pro version, and Band 26 allows for phone calls.
  3. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    Interesting about the Max compared to the M8. My M8 continues to work with band 41 disabled, if I enable it the issues return. Maybe someone can tell if the 45342 area is being worked on, as well as provide some ideas on what is going on with the two models.
  4. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    Is Band 41 turned off on your max?
  5. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    Just updated PRL to 51103, which turned band 41 back on. This brought back the drops to 3G, so I again disabled band 41 and now it is working fine again.
  6. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

  7. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    I experimented further and found the following: Access the data menu and disable Band 41 (in this area I do not have Band 41, just 25 & 26) That has allowed my phone to cycle between band 26 and 25 without issue. I then, with the recent update to the M8, you can also change the band priority. I made it 26 then 25 (was 25 to 26). That seems to have helped it remain at even a band 25 connection longer when the signal is weaker. Try disabling Band 41 and let me know...
  8. HTC One M8 and LTE Band 26 Dropping to 3G

    I was initially thinking Band 26 wasn't ready yet, possibly having the switching issues. However, when I perform the steps mentioned above the phone works great with a steady band 26 connection:
  9. I have a situation I am hoping someone can assist with. I've had my HTC ONE M8 for a while now, even replaced it the first month as my family's iPhones had better LTE reception. They would have LTE when I had 3G. However, at my work the LTE was stable on band 25. Over the past month or two it appears that Band 26 LTE has been activated in my area, zip 45342 with cross streets of Byers Rd and Benner Rd. My previously stable LTE connection is now connecting to band 26 and then dropping to 3G, and it is doing so about twice a minute. I can access the ##DATA# and disable Band 26 which allows it to remain on a stable Band 25 LTE connection. However, I discovered today that if I access *#*#4636#*#*, go to Phone Information, then press the three dots on the top right and then "Select radio band", I can then press on USA Band, Cellular (800-Mhz Band), PCS (1900-Mhz Band) and then Secondary 800-Mhz Band. Once I do that and exit those options, my phone then keeps a LTE connection...even a better connection than normal and it even stays on Band 26. If I restart the phone, the symptoms return unless I go back to that 4636 menu and perform those steps again. Any ideas?
  10. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Does anyone know the specifics about the LTE work around the Dayton area? I am wondering if it will be around the Dayton Mall soon.
  11. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    I just made a donation. Once my membership level is increased, I look forward to seeing the Dayton/Miamisburg, OH information. This is a good site, and I hope the donation help some.
  12. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Is anyone aware of work being done in the Dayton area? I am curious when LTE may come to the Miamisburg, OH area.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Thank you for the information. If you get any additional information for the Dayton, OH area, please let us know.
  14. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    Does anyone happen to have addtional information on the Cincinnati/Dayton area? I am wondering if the work in Columbus is a good sign for us in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, or if a timeframe is still way out.
  15. Network Vision/LTE - Cincinnati Market

    I heard just this week of the LTE in Columbus, which I believe is the first sign of it in Ohio for Sprint. I am in the Miamisburg, OH area. I am told this area is part of the Cincinnati deployment, inclusive of Dayton, OH. I've heard of the permits being pulled, but I have no other information in regards to LTE in Cincinnati/Dayton. However, the Columbus start I hope is a good sign!