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  1. @JanineBliss @caleb_clemon @TurtlesgaloreMR @greta @realDonaldTrump On the contrary, I understand it completely. It… https://t.co/EKmhQy3C2v

  2. @realDonaldTrump @nytimes I'm pretty sure that New York Times is now past the point of feeling. I think the appropr… https://t.co/oyMagMLgov

  3. @BreitbartNews Says @RepPeteKing who thinks he has a reogjtuous stand for those abhorrent state taxes that are out… https://t.co/m0H2Iu89eK

  4. @josh_keller @aaronmedwards @nytimes I guess you couldn't come up with a thoughtful response? Probably because I'm right.

  5. @netflix They are quite the projectors....

  6. @HomeDepot is responsible for negligent entrustment. It needs a better profiling program! Suspicious people should not get trucks!

  7. @EdKrassen @IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump That worthless clown in the @BurgerKing hat? Dude how pathetic are you?

  8. @VerySmartBros Check your multi-racial multi-gender multi-national multi-whatever elitism at the door you loser. Yo… https://t.co/07GS7qj50C

  9. @Lawrence @MSNBC She's worse than an empty barrel. She's a complete idiot. Her race is irrelevant. That woman is a doormat.

  10. The the @producersguild tosses @HarveyWeinstein the it better be ready to expel its entire membership! Hypocrites!

  11. @noahoppenheim is toast. @nbc is totally corrupt. @msnbc is worthless. That is all.

  12. @MarriottRewards @NFL 53 #rewardspoints

  13. @budweiserusa might as well sponsor #ISIS if they're going to support the losers in the @NFL

  14. @spain has proven itself to be antidemocratic and tyrannical. Time to throw this country to the wolves and expel @SpainInTheUSA

  15. RT @SarahPalinUSA: We are just beginning to fight! https://t.co/sz0rnonK17