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  1. I've read and heard about Sprints plan to expand it's network but has anyone actually experienced or seen this expansion anywhere, mainly in areas like Missouri which is supposedly part if Project Ocean. Or anywhere else,specifically outside of metro areas. Has anyone picked up a signal in an area that should be no service or roaming, and is sure it isn't one of Sprints rural partners. Are there any new towers that have added coverage to the map, not just increase coverage within an existing footprint. Or has anyone discovered documentation showing plans for where a proposed Sprint tower is to be built. (permits, etc.)
  2. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    This morning I spent a good amount of time outside, and my signal stayed. It was bouncing around, but I didn't loose it for more than a second. It wasn't until I came back inside that I lost signal again. Though I still couldn't use the signal, I'm going to be heading down into Missouri probably today so I'll see what I get. And when I do get a data signal I will make sure to test it out and mark where I'm at. Right now the signal is gone, but the phone is on the charger sitting where signal usually never reaches.
  3. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    And as said here are the 1X Engineering screenshots. Again if anything big changes when it comes to the signal or when I test another device outside later this morning I'll be sure to take screenshots and post it.
  4. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    Here are some screenshots from when I was outside a moment ago. I don't know how different they are from my others. I'll post my 1X Engineering screenshots in my next post which should be right after this one. If there are any big difference in signal over the next few hours I'll take screenshots and post them. I'm also going to go back out with another device and test out the signal again, and I'll post screenshots of it from the SignalCheck app and 1X Engineering screen when I do.
  5. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    I just tested my signal down stairs most of my signal test have been upstairs with 3 of them being outside. And I am getting a signal down stairs, and for about the last 3 minutes it has been holding onto the same location. Planning to go outside next and test it. In the process of writing this the location has begun changing to one of two different locations but it continues to show 1X 800.
  6. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    I was looking online earlier about nextel and found an Iowa coverage map. From the looks of it that blue dot of coverage could have been right over me, The dot I'm talking about is the big blue coverage dot near the Missouri Iowa boarder where the coverage going up towards the Iowa boarder is. I've circled it in red on the map.
  7. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    I have tried outside though I still can't use it. And I've tried multiple devices. And soon I'll be trying a fifth whenever it shows up next week, should've ordered the order night shipping. I'm currently waiting and watching the signal, each time its been coming in this morning it has been sticking around and staying connected longer and longer. And it as so far peaked at 93 dBm on 1X 800.
  8. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    The signal is back, this time showing up again before it usually does, it first showed up at 11:13pm and it is 11:40pm now it's going in and out. I'm taking screen shots of the 1X Engineering mode screen. Will post them later, as the signal is slowly getting stronger first was at dBm of 124 now at 111, and it is slowly getting stronger. If someone could post screenshot of their working signal in the 1X Engineering mode so I could compare before posting my screenshots that would be great.
  9. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    I'm not going to go with the atmospheric theory just yet. My devices have all been through quite a bit, the device I took my last screenshots on had been known to have signal issues, when I got it I had it replaced twice, becuase I couldn't get a signal in a strong coverage area, my Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE has been dropped many many times and even has a big dent in the plastic on the right side, so there could be something with it and the Samsung Galaxy S 3 isn't active so it doesn't got the lastest network info. So I purchased an LG Tribute a Spark comaptible device for both my trip Kansas City next month and to see how the signal is with a new and Spark compatible device. I'll be sure to post screenshots when I get the device and a signal.
  10. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    And it is outside of the normal time window for when a signal shows up. I'm going to keep watching try making a call, and sending text, data still doesn't show up.
  11. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    Here the images, this is quite interesting it has never broken the pattern before. It's still happening, going in and out. But there is now a signal. Outside of the normal times. From my first look it seems to be the same tower as they all have the same SID. Interesting if this keeps happening.
  12. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    (UPDATE) It is 8:30 PM Central Time and my device is getting a signal outside of the normal midnight to 8am pattern. Plus it says a new location. I've taken screenshots will post them as soon as I get them on imgur.
  13. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    Well I haven't heard or read anything that Sprint has any plans to shut down CDMA. So I don't think Sprint lovers and customers have anything to worry about. But it would be nice if they get 1X 800 and LTE 800 built out, maybe then some people wouldn't hate Sprint, I used to hate them, now I'm curious about what this signal I've been getting is meant to ask them while I was on the phone with them if there are any new towers going up along highway 63, I would doubt it connecting the coverage that they left off at Lancaster to Ottumwa would make since. Hopefully Sprints CEO is serious about making Sprint #1 or #2 when it comes to network, only way thats happening is by building out, and adding more capacity. They got the Spectrum they got the money from Softbank now they just need to build out.
  14. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    Sadly I don't get a data, and voice doesn't work, haven't tried texting yet. I plan to watch it again tomorrow morning and take more screenshots if the signal acts differently, acts like it normally does. I also plan to switch focus and see what I get when I get my new Spark compatible device.
  15. The Mystery (Sprint) Signal

    For an airave to work you have to be within AIRAVE COVERAGE, which it checks. And an airave can't reach that far. I have an airave which I've tried using it worked before I moved here, I never deactivated it, according to Sprint it's still active, but when I try using it it doesn't work. Plus if a device is picking up Airave coverage it would have to go threw since the airave won't let devices connect to it unless it is working. Plus no one in a twenty mile raduis has Sprint they either have US Cellular or Verizon, which Verizon isn't available in my town. And no Airave is going to reach Twenty miles or more, not even a mile, 5,000 square feet thats all and from what I leaned from my Airave when I used it, that means you can be about 50 feet away, depending on the building.