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  1. though

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. You are right, I'm not speaking for anyone. Honest question, would you prefer 200 Mb down, 8 Mb up or 100 Mb down, 100 Mb up, same pings?
  3. I know enough about how bandwidth works to know what works best for my needs, as well as many others. 2 Bazillion down and 1 trickle up simply doesn't make sense for everyone's needs. HEYYY look how fast our network is..... we can pump out 200Mb/s down!! (but cough cough, upload peaks out at 8Mb). So when you are in a congested area or a spotty service area (which there's plenty), you might have a 3Mb/s download speed (which is ok for most everyone), however upload is at .20 Mb/s which blows. I'm not speaking for everyone, however fast upload speeds and low ping times makes a world of difference in the real world of the internet...
  4. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    This. However, I would also try an entirely different location (maybe that has a known strong signal). After it fully boots up and works, take it back to the non-working location and try again. It may need to be on for several hours for it to fully boot up and do it's thing...
  5. Ya, no thanks. Sprint must know something that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile don't??? I don't think so...
  6. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    They can definitely be finicky so anything is possible for sure!
  7. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    odd. can you take it somewhere else to see if it works elsewhere, then try again if it does?
  8. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    does his address clear this? https://www.sprint.com/landings/magic-box-eligibility/index.html
  9. You sound like the retentions dept. of my Cable provider when i switched to Fiber
  10. Some may say that, others don't. If you are constantly sharing/uploading videos and pics, upload is where it's at...
  11. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    what is his city/state? are you sure he's in a compatible location?