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  1. HD voice is still enabled when you are using the GV voicemail integration, not the full integration though. Wifi calling isn't available on any Pixel or Nexus phones, but you can use Hangouts Dialer, which is essentially the same. RCS works as it should while using GV voicemail integration, not sure if the full integration.
  2. "own calling features" ???
  3. though

    Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    hey mike, had the same issue with both of my pixel 2's. locked onto a -105 1x800. i heard this is common on the pixels (apparently gen1 too). anyways, after a couple days, both were back on the -70 1900 1xRTT...
  4. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I think you should take it to a location that needs like work, a friend's house, relative, or business. Otherwise send it back to Sprint so they can give it to someone that needs it.
  5. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Ok so I took my MagicBox from Lincoln where it would not boot up completely to Council Bluffs over the weekend. Council Bluffs is a "compatible" market for the Magic Box. It booted up and worked flawlessly there. I rebooted it and did a factory data reset both a couple times and it rebooted to a working state every time. I took it back to Lincoln and plugged it in, boots right up and works again there now. So, my theory is, maybe in some (all?) markets where the Magic Box "isn't compatible", maybe you can trick it by booting up in a "compatible" market then move it to a "non-compatible" market then turning it on there to get it to work? Just don't do a "reset" or "factory data reset" in an "incompatible" market. Just a wanted to share...
  6. Interestingly, the analysts said that T-Mobile’s merger plan with Sprint last year involved shutting down around 30% of Sprint’s cell sites and then deploying Sprint’s 2.5 GHz spectrum nationwide.
  7. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I have 1 Airave 3 and 1 MB.
  8. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Not a shocker, but the MB does not work in Kearney, NE. Just like it doesn't appear to work in Lincoln, NE either.
  9. Not to mention, many NEW Nebraska sites, many in BFE towns...
  10. though

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Have you tried 2 or 3 different servers just for fun?