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  1. I hope this is a sign of the progress they are going to make by the fall in deployment and densification because as the network stands now in my area VoLTE would not be a good thing.
  2. With the up load speed they don't show a differnece in real world use. The problem with sprint in real world use in my area is the many places were I walk in doors and lose LTE and the fact I cant stream video on the move because the network is inconsistent. These problems are only partially picked up in average speed tests results.
  3. It is a one off accounting issue due to the tax cut. You might as Well thank the Congress and administration.
  4. If They are right about there numbers, then they are making the right moves. It is up to the consumer to make sure they are on the best rate plan for them. If the cost of sprint reaching out and lower that customer price point isnt offset by the additional revenue for whatever the subsequent reduction in churn they are making the right call.
  5. I dont know. Both AT&T and t-Mobile had bad reputations at one point and managed to change brand recepion without an expensive rebranding.
  6. If you had their service in 2011-2015 you can see why they would be ranked so high on such a list. Brand perception always lags reality.
  7. It looks like that reddit leak was spot on with regards to spring's network plans. Well, except for that before and after map.
  8. I thought the tax cuts were going to be apocalyptic, that's what I heard anyway. I couldn't resist, pardon the pun.
  9. They are bleeding sat. And u-verse tv subs like crazy. I dont think dtv now adds should be looked at as a one to one offset. I know for a fact that those they add in store churn like crazy.
  10. There is no reason tot think that will happen. The 2015 net neutrality regulations have been completely removed. The internet remains unchanged. ISPs are in business to get customers, they dont do that by murdering the reasons customers would use their services.
  11. And it wont be a bad thing. The worst thing you can do to the wireless industry is turn it into a utility. How innovative has your power company been over the last 80 years? Far, far less than the wireless industry has been in the last 10. The inter net went back to the rules and regulations of mid 2015, that was no dark age.
  12. He has been pretty much right on everything, especially on the end of net neutrality that has resulted in the death of billions and the end of the internet as predicted by the people sending death threats to who kids.
  13. Why? Government infrastructure really pays for itself. Further few nationalize the wireless industry you basically take all incentive away from going to 6G or whatever else comes up. It is a retarded idea, that's why I don't think it's actually real.
  14. I dont buy it. There are too many free marketers in the FCC and relevent bureaucracies