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  1. Yeah, I dont get it. VZW has a great reputation in the valley but they have started to slip a bit, ATT IS mediocre and Tmobile has a pretty bad network in the east valley at least. If sprint made the commitment in the network here this could be a growth market for them.
  2. It has been pretty quite here. I have noticed some mini macros in phoenix itself. But out side of that not much has changed in the last year.
  3. Sprint needs to follow through with one of the 4 network plans it has come up with over the last couple of years.
  4. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    One thing I regret was not buying more sprint stock yesterday, 17 percent bounce on the news.
  5. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Well, if they become advanced look for CAPEX to be slashed yet again. I have been a big proponent of this merger but this start and stop BS is really hurting sprint.
  6. Marcelo is the worst at over hyping and under deleverying. He basically lied for 6 months about the progress of their small cell deployment only to turn around and call it a "misunderstanding". Marcelo has near zero credibility. I am still waiting for sprint to have the number one network, it was going to take 18 months some 36 months ago. I wonder where they are at on that.
  7. I wouldnt make that bet. Spectrum is finite and IoT is the big bet wireless is making. That will put further demand on wireless networks.
  8. That is simply not true. The spectrum is worth what people believe it to be worth. Dish can borrow against it, that perceived value is built into their stock price and it is built into any calculation of any prespective buyer of the company. Value is subjective.
  9. They are earning a return on it, it is now worth 30 billion. They have earned 10 billion in less than ten years and didnt have to lift a finger.
  10. Why? That doesnt seem like it woukd be a responsible decision for Dish's shareholders. Time is on Dish's side, as far as their spectrum goes, and building out a protection network buys them more of it.
  11. While this is good news, it only applies to federal and tribal lands. Unfortunately, municipalities of the real choke point, they seem to be held hostage by the NYMBs.
  12. You have to fix the network to fix the reputation. This idea that fixing the network wont bring people to this is dumb. The network is their product, if their product is solid and backed by a good advertising campaign their reputation would change. An incinsistent 5g network isnt going to bring people flocking back. That was their exact strategy with WIMAX and it failed bad. They starved their core network of funds leading to 5 years of nearly zero investment above depreciation to pour funds into a wimax network that wasnt nation wide and in the areas it was launch was spotty as hell.
  13. I dont know if the quad play has all that much value in it anymore. Cable tv is a dying business and it is dying at a faster clip than ever. Maybe the content relationships will be key with the comming of 5g.