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  1. HTC ONE user thread

    Does anyone know what the receiver sensitivity range is for an HTC One (M7)? It seems to work OK with signals as weak as -100dBm (1xRTT). Also wondering if it is possible to overdrive the receiver with a strong signal. The best signal I've had was -49dBM (1xRTT) and -35dBM (for EVDO) and the call quality was excellent.
  2. Good suggestion. So I walked down my street past the addresses displayed by SignalCheck and saw no change in signal level. A question for the OpenSignal developer is how does the App come up with the displayed street address of the cell site BSL? Is that information broadcast by the cell site or is it derived from other broadcasted information?
  3. I just installed SignalCheck Pro. A great App! I'm trying to locate the cell site that I'm connected to. SIgnalCheck Pro shows a BSL location address that is a house address located further down my street. Any idea why this is happening? I do see the BSID/SID/NID but I haven't found any information to correlate that information to the physical location of the Sprint tower/antenna. The FCC website has database licensing information that is downloadable but not readily useable. Another app I tried displays tower location information of BSLAT = 536294 and a BASLON = -1753340, which are not valid coordinates as far as I know. Any idea on how to de-cipher these location values? Many thanks in advance.