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  1. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Radiation from the MB should have no real effect on you.
  2. Sprint assesses network usage before refarming spectrum to LTE. If CDMA usage is still high, there’s a low chance of more LTE spectrum coming on line. It’s also important to note that the equipment has limitations regarding the number of separate carriers it can run as well as the total bandwidth.
  3. Sites that use RF combiners have a bandwidth limitation, which is why some sites may still be on 5x5 L1900 even as the rest of the market has moved to 15x15. When 10x10 was first turned on in Seattle, every tower got it at the same time except for those that were not physically able to run 10x10.
  4. Yeah Samsung equipment received a software upgrade allowing 15x15 L1900 a while back — I am not sure as to why they aren’t turning it on...
  5. You’re in the New York market, right? Aren’t you guys getting tons of small cells and strand mounts? How are those?
  6. We have 10x10 L1900 which is soon to be 15x15 (the PCS C4 block is currently owned by Sprint but completely unused). Performance is great — the qrxlevmin value for L1900 is -125 and throughput is decent even down to those signal levels. Combine the PCS network with most sites running 2-6 L2500 carriers and the LTE network is phenomenal. A majority of our sites do not have 800 MHz equipment although we are slowly but surely seeing upgrades to the new KMW hexadecaport antennas (4x4 800, 4x4 1900 and 8x8 2500). Unfortunately, these new antennas coverage/range is not as good as that of the PCS-only equipment most of our sites today have, so new L800 coverage feels very similar to old L1900 coverage. That being said, the L800 qrxlevmin is very high (-118 I believe), so when they drop that down to a lower signal level, maybe we’ll start to better see the benifits of L800.
  7. We’ve already got 4x4 on L1900 up in Seattle as Sprint only runs one L1900 carrier and three CDMA carriers. Additionally, 256QAM (for all bands) is ready to go in Samsung markets — I’m not sure what the hold up is.
  8. Oh, nice. I'm definitely not as familiar with the state of Android devices as I probably should be.
  9. That looks like a T-Mobile RAS setup.
  10. They have done this in downtown Seattle too and I think it’s stupid. It makes coverage look completely awful.
  11. I’d guess it’s more closely related to employee selection and qualification, incentives and company culture. Sprint is definitely turning that around but they still have a decent way to go.
  12. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Hmm...spectrum that could come up for auction that isn’t mmWave...wonder what that could be 😏…
  13. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    I think it would be great if Sprint could pick some spectrum in the CBRS band—I could definitely see their NR network being primarily 2.5/3.5 GHz. Additionally, if CBRS spectrum were used for NR with massive MIMO, it would be a good overlay for the L1900 grid as it would have comparable coverage/range. Your point about roaming is definitely true too. It would be nice for us to roam in other countries on the same band as back home; additionally, with spectrum that lines up with international providers, Sprint may be able to break into the US international roaming market (which AT&T and T-Mobile primarily dominate today).
  14. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    I’d estimate that with massive MIMO and HPUE, 2500/2600 MHz NR could probably eclipse the range of L1900 today. See page 29 here regarding my previous post: http://www.oulu.fi/sites/default/files/content/Keskinen-5Glecture.pdf