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  1. Don’t forget that there will be 15x15 L1900 plus L2500 stacked on top of that 10x10 L750 carrier.
  2. They’re really moving everywhere. Lots of upgrades are happening all over and we’re seeing a lot of new small cells and macros entering permitting now too!
  3. That’s definitely progress! I’ll be on the lookout for it here in Seattle. On an unrelated note, B2/25 MFBI is live for Verizon and I’m hearing B5/26 MFBI is on its way. Interesting, interesting.
  4. Those antennas are B26/B41 antennas. In combination with the old NV antennas, they should be able to provide 4x4 L800, 4x4 L1900 and 8x8 L2500...it’s very strange you’re not picking up anything but L1900...
  5. Has the phone stuck on B2 and we’re you able to pass data? Often phones scan bands and will appear to latch onto them for a few seconds although data will not work...
  6. Still nothing. We’ve got two 1x1900 carriers and an EVDO carrier in the PCS B block as well as a 10x10 L1900 carrier spanning the PCS C5 and G blocks, although the PCS C4 block remains completely unused.
  7. So I picked up another two new L2500 carriers in downtown Seattle, bringing us up to a grand total of 8 carriers live across the region. Here’s what I’ve noticed: - Most 8T8Rs seem to be running five carriers (40072, 40270, 40978, 41176, 41374) - All mini-macro-on-macro sites are running two carriers (40978, 41176) - All magic boxes run one carrier (39874) - Most small cells/DAS setups seem to be running two carriers (40582, 40780) Pretty neat stuff!
  8. That’s s really bad photo...can you get a closer/higher res one?
  9. RAvirani

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Probably a mistake by SCP. I’d recommend you check your engineering screens because that data will be much more accurate.
  10. RAvirani

    Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Do you know if the iPhone 8 supports 256QAM? I’ll go out and test my speeds today.
  11. Yup—we’ve got tons of sites like this in Seattle. Most in downtown run 5 L2500 carriers plus 10x10 L1900 at 4x4 MIMO. And we’re getting 3x3 L800 (at 4x4 MIMO as well) pretty quickly too. It’s an exciting time for the Sprint network for sure!
  12. RAvirani

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    We’ll have to wait and see... A Verizon-like deal is possible too...
  13. RAvirani

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Sprint equipment can serve 1900 MHz by itself, it’s just that T-Mobile doesn’t deploy any AWS equipment that is not also PCS capable. I totally agree that implementing CRAN would be a good move for the combined company. I know it’s been really good for AT&T in Seattle.
  14. RAvirani

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Yes, I did mean per sector, which is not too bad. Almost all Verizon setups in Seattle use 3-4 antennas per sector and almost all AT&T setups use 2-4. Since we are seeing 4x4 800 RRHs coming out soon, I’d guess most future deployments on 800/1900/2500 will only utilize 3 RRHs per sector. Additionally, T-Mobile heavily utilizes active antennas today (antennas with an RRU integrated), so that ought to help a lot too. I’d estimate a full joint T-Mobile and Sprint setup would only require 4-5 RRUs and 3 antennas per sector today. If we see 2100 integrated into T-Mobile 600/700 antennas in the future, we could get all 6 bands into 2 antennas and 4 RRUs per sectors — that’s pretty manageable if you ask me.