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  1. Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesDecember 11, 2017 - 9:30 PM PST Recently, individuals who ordered Magic Boxes noticed a change in the product code of the unit to AU544 from AU545. It is now confirmed that the product code change is due to the release of the 3rd generation Magic Box. They are now being shipped! The new revision is in essence a GEN2 optimized with a high quality LCD touchscreen display like that of the 1st Generation AU540. In addition, an external battery pack with an adapter to hook onto the Magic Box is now provided. It can be lugged around for testing purposes instead of internal batteries. In addition, the touch power on button of the GEN2 has been removed with power on sequence done by plugging in power to the unit via a battery pack with an adapter or via the AC power brick. Performance wise, the GEN 3 is identical to the GEN 2 in that they still utilize the Airspan Airunity 545 small cell eNB and a Ninja LTE Relay module. The product designation change from 545 to 544 is primarily due to a change in the WiFi module to a different Qualcomm WiFi module. But for what matters to Sprint users, the LTE B41 performance impact as noted from GEN 1 and subsequently the GEN 2 are identical. GEN 2 users will not be left behind in performance wise. Previous generation device owners will not be missing out on much! For those that are getting the Magic Box for the first time, welcome to the party! Here's pictures of the GEN 3 (AU544MBGN2) courtesy of @bucdenny
  2. For all things magic box.
  3. Hello everyone! It is the belief of myself and of the staff that it is time to reopen a new T-mobile LTE and Network discussion thread due to the implementation of "network prioritization" that tmobile is doing to its subscribers. As Sprint has similar language in its TOS, we believe that it is worthy of being discussed here as Sprint may do something similar on a site by site basis. This thread will be strictly for discussing T-mobiles LTE network and technologies and not about personalities, their followers, and etc etc which may be better suited for S4GRUs sister site for T-mobile T4GRU. As a result this thread will be heavily moderated to stay on topic but I view the S4GRU member base very favorably and trust that we won't have much problems here.
  4. A 92XS small cell. Sprint loves putting these on tops of their store locations where possible.
  5. Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    Ask for an exchange then.
  6. Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    Have you set it up with the GPS antenna properly placed? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  7. Wild speculation about Dish

    All 600 MHz equipment are 4x4 radios (4x2 at UE level). Att and Verizon and in some siteareas Tmobile they're retrofitting sites to 4x4 eNB setups on 700 and 800mhz by using two lowband antennas + two sub 1ghz radios. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  8. Wild speculation about Dish

    Separation required for sub 1 ghz frequencies is troublesome. It's why low band inter and intraband CA has not been implemented and 4x4 MIMO on sub 1ghz frequencies at UE level is almost impossible.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yep. 540/545/544/gen3 Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk *544 is GEN3 with product name ASP544MBGN2
  10. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Oh that's the gen 2. It just has a different wifi chipset. Not gen3. Actual gen3 name will have gen3 in it. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk This be Gen 3
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Should be similar to my GEN1 in terms of articles (lcd display, external battery). Can't wait to see it! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  12. I'll take a Matsasuka beef grade A5, medium rare, side of tenpanyaki oysters and clam, desert entree', and a pint of Sapporo.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Ah but you forget that there are potentially multiple 1x Voice carriers to meet voice demand and people complain about 1x voice quality in several regions where cdma has been thinned. It's a delicate balancing act for sure when refarming spectrum.
  14. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Yes but that's your experience in the areas your transit. Sprint would have info on specific areas where such usage requirements are still high especially CDMA 1x voice usage. Evdo may be relatively unloaded these days but the 1x carriers may not be considering volte is not live and calling plus is not widespread. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Mhm. Considering it's NYC, there's no doubt refarming is needed to be done from sites that have more than 3 CDMA carriers live. So that's the restriction. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  16. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Nope. 10+5 is the maximum without 100% cdma shutdown. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  17. sprint network 2018 predictions

    The press release stated 2018 iirc. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  18. Alpha Wireless Concealed Antenna Node The following consists of Alpha Wireless Concealed Antenna Node (CAN) small cell sites. This is a type of stealth setup for small cells where the small cell enodeB and relay antenna is located within the stealth enclosure which also acts as the antenna. This type of site is under beta trials with positive results and is likely to expand in deployment scope nationally to fulfill municipality requests for "good looking" small cells that they would approve. The finished build. Note the utilities attached to the pole and routed directly into the concealed antenna node where the small cell eNB and Relay backhaul antenna are located. In traditional small cell deployments, like such they are mounted on the exterior with visible wires. The following is an additional example of an Alpha Wireless CAN setup. Notice the CAN's position relative to the utility pole which is at an angle. Here is another one that is a standalone metal pole install. Photo Credits to dkyeager and the rest of the Ohio sponsor group that helped locate these small cells.
  19. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Backend implementation is needed hence why Shentel land doesn't work at this moment.
  20. What? AWS1 and 3 is completely different from PCS. They're not even the same acronym for a reason. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  21. Where and from whom can Sprint purchase PCS spectrum from that was auctioned decades ago and which currently sits unused and is for sale on the market?
  22. Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

  23. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    That's typical. Just don't reinsert a sprint sim or it'll lock it like it did to you. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  24. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    PM me. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  25. As someone who predominately uses T-Mobile, I've run into many many L1900 4x2/4 + L1700/2100 4x4 / 2x2 + B12 sites where speeds average in the 5-10 mbps range while others are speedy > 40-50 mbps with not that many between the two extremes. Where I get B41 on Sprint it matches or exceeds T-mobile most of the time which is the primary issue. In terms of usable coverage and data speed reliability, Sprint is not there in most regions. Far too many edge of cell B25 / 26 areas and RF deadzones still exist. These are perfect areas for small cell infills they're deploying or new macro sites whereas T-mobile has the density and coverage but need more capacity (split sectors / small cells / B66 or 71).