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  1. 2 hours ago, mystica555 said:

    Not sure if this should go here, but I'm cellmappering in Denver and figure it probably should. 

    I'm seeing sites that appear to have more than 3 sectors...  At one point, I *think* I hit a total of 6 to 8 different eNB IDs surrounding Peoria and Colfax.  Although, some sites may be further distant and I haven't pinpointed them yet. I know of precisely 1 tower just South of Colfax, nearest 14th and Peoria. 


    Any and all 31/32/33 39/3A/3B endings are Nokia Mini Macros on Macros typically found on former Clearwire sites. Each mini macro is a stand alone BTS so will have unique GCI identifiers. 

    For old Samsung GCI endings...

    B25 #1 = 00/01/02

    B25 #2 = 03/04/05

    B25 #2 10x10 = 06/07/08

    B26 = 10/11/0F

    B41 #1 = 00/01/002

    B41 #2 = 03/04/05

    B41 #3 = 06/07/08

    B41 #4 = 0C/0D/0E

    B41 Triband Antenna #2 = 09/0A/0B

    B41 Triband Antenna #3 = 03/04/05

    Airspan Airunity MBGCI endings are all over the place but it's easy to pick out once you know the standard GCI heading. 

    Airspan airharmony mini macros GCI ends 01.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Dkoellerwx said:


    He's explaining it wrong. Ericsson 8T8R sites are broadcasting 3 carriers, however it doesn't seem to support throughput on 3 carrier simultaneously. The speeds attained on Ericsson 8T8R sites are the same whether you are connected to 1 carrier, or all three through 3xCA. I have seen this on multiple Ericsson 8T8R sites in a couple different markets.

    That appears to be similar to Samsung and I assume Nokia and ALU regions when 3CA was beginning to roll out. It turned out there was still backend upgrades that needed to be done. 

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  3. On 5/22/2018 at 11:47 PM, vryan44 said:

    Okay so I managed to make it out to that other wireline mobilitie site today(or yesterday lol whatever haha) It was getting dark so my photos are not the best but here is what I have. (Btw I also included some of the development going on in this area that may have been reason Sprint decided to locate a small cell here. That and well, its pretty close to Ford Field, Comerica Park and Little Caesars Arena.)


    Any thoughts? 


    15 hours ago, ingenium said:

    That box on the bottom is "new" (ie not on other installations). It looks like a fiber ONT, I believe you can see the thin fiber strand entering it on the bottom. So I would guess this is a fiber fed one.



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    The backhaul is connected to the SFP backhaul ports so that's fiber!


    (left 2 = ethernet 802.3AT, right 2 = SFP)

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  4. 50 minutes ago, vryan44 said:

    That's what I figured. It's hard to say if the relay was there in the first place because two weeks ago this small cell wasn't even there. I'm wondering if they'd being Comcast...

    Relays can be used temporarily to bring up sites immediately while dedicated traditional landlines are delivered. In fact, it's one of the touted benefits of the technology. Sprint small cells don't need to wait weeks to months for backhaul to arrive like back during NV days. 

    Also yes. That's an Airharmony 4000 B41 mini macro connected on its ethernet backhaul port to a provider of some sort. 

    Actually now that I think of it, you're the first one to confirm with pictures an AIrspan small cell connected to what appears to be a landline backhaul. Were you able to grab any cell info from it like carriers live or EARFCN?

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  5. 1 hour ago, RedSpark said:


    Looks like older Unlimited Plans are being retired in the coming months. Those customers are getting moved onto Unlimited Freedom. This is a pretty big deal!!! Goodbye Everything Data...

    Otherwise, Customers have the option to end their agreements without a Termination Fee. However, customers are still responsible for device costs/payments.

    ED is unaffected. 

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  6. The data speeds aren't the issue pings are, they have more than doubled. I would gladly take 5Mbps with a 20ms ping over 50Mbps and 80ms.
    It may get better over time as it self optimizes but the increase in ping is to expected as I explained previously due to the additional hop as a result of the UE relay action.

    I typically get 30-40 ms on the macro network and 60-70 ms on the MB and relay fed small cells.

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  7. Just now, BlueAngel said:

    Wasn't my choice to get this box, was the other people in my house who have Sprint. I wouldn't have ever ordered this thing, no need I get great service unlike the shit iphones they have which is now making my experience worse.

    With regards to slower data speeds, aim the back of the unit towards the 2.5 cell site you know works well. It sounds like you've accidentally aimed it at a slower site. The UE Relay antennas are extremely directional. 

  8. 23 minutes ago, BlueAngel said:

    Still shit, averaging 7Mbps down and .50 up ping averaging 80ms or worse. This is absolutely terrible, I was averaging 20+ and 7-8 up on an actual B41 tower ping never above 35, hell even B25 10x10 was getting me at least 15-20. Speeds don't concern me as much as ping times, 70+ is terrible and not what I am used to getting with Sprint as I average under 35 usually in the 20's, that's quite a noticeable difference. Magic box sucks and sadly I didn't even want the damn thing, but now I suffer for the times I need to be on LTE.

    Have you read anything about it or generally about LTE UE Relay in particular?

    A Magic Box, and most relay fed small cells adds a hop due to the fact it has to convert the connection from an LTE donor signal into a data ethernet connection for the small cell unit as a backhaul. As a result, latency is added which is usually twice that of the donor. 

    Not sure why you're disparaging the MB like you did when it's working as described...


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  9. 1 hour ago, mirskyc said:

    A lot has been happening in Long Island recently, Ive been talking about it over in the premier sections. But I wanted to share here that I believe I found my first Small Cell in the market that isn't a Mini Macro. 

    I wasn't able to try and locate it while driving. The only other time Ive seen this is recently in Chicago where I actually saw the small cells on light posts. This screen shot is from this location


    @lilotimz any chance you have any sources?




    Airspan airstrand as I mentioned on the reddits. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, bigsnake49 said:

    Yeah, I remember talking about the 1x800 and the legacy equipment in 2012-2013. Yeah, age is my excuse too 😎!

    Continuing on that chain...

    When Tmobile and ATT first began HSPA deployments in late 2000s, most of the  was radios inside cabinets but as it got to the turn of the decade they began using remote radio units. Some of these early generation remote radio units were capable of supporting LTE (Ericsson RRUS01/02s) with base station modifications!!! A few of  these setups still remain in place too though augmented with newer equipment. 

  11. 52 minutes ago, bigsnake49 said:

    T-Mobile did it. Verizon did it. No rip and replace.


    That's Incorrect.

    T-mobile did a full rip and replace when they added Nokia to more than half of their regions to replace a hodgepodge of legacy nortel, lucent, and eventually Huawei (through MetroPCS) equipment. Though they had newer equipment in most places capable of supporting HSPA and DC-HSPA, significant ground and radome level modifications were done to bring it up to speed to support LTE service. In many cases it means ripping out the entirety of whats already in the existing base stations. The nature of them also having more recent equipment capable of HSPA means that the move from that to LTE went fairly smoothly as backward compatibility was easy to handle. 

    Legacy Sprint and new modern eNB? Well.... ask those that lived in Motorola regions or those that were in Samsung regions where modern eNBs could not communicate over CSFB to legacy nortel and lucent equipment...

    Edit: addedum. Sprint was also deploying CDMA 1x800. Legacy equipment cannot be sourced for that as Lucent, Nortel, and Motorola no longer existed and those equipment were long depreciated / EOL'd. 


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  12. 6 minutes ago, jamesinclair said:

    Is any of this accredited to the free year of service promo?

    Massive incentive to gain subscribers while incurring zero cash expenses


    As of last check the free year service promo was about 1% of adds. 

    They do 0 advertising, 0 promotion, and 0 in store work on it so it's primarily limited to the techy folks with the know how. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, belusnecropolis said:

    There's multiple VZW 5G CPEs and 1024T1024R 29 / 39 GHz Massive Mimo Radios  that have gone through the FCC. Neat stuff. I'm expecting to see it in my area in the coming months and maybe even at my parents residence.... :)

  14. 2 hours ago, Dkoellerwx said:

    I've seen the same. Some AT&T sites, heck even some Verizon sites have 4-5 antennas per sector. They've also added supports to the rack for the extra weight.


    2 hours ago, vryan44 said:

    Over in my neck of the woods it already seems like some of at&t's towers are at their weight limits. Some sites even have needed extra mounting underneath the rack to support all the rru's and panels....


    dual band / multi band radios will take care of that issue.  Lots of these new types coming through.

    ie B13+B5, B2+4/66, B5+14, etc etc. 

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  15. 20 minutes ago, DurhamHusker said:

    Yeah, I've not had any problem for ages and suddenly the last few days Tapatalk won't let me in. Is can the timeline be traced back to a specific set of posts that have some feature enabled in them? Polls? Odd embedded links? Did the forum get updated? I started having trouble just before Tapatalk updated.

    It began sometime last week or the week before.


    Robert updated the forums to the new IPboard security update but I think we had some reports of it happening even before it. We've reinstalled  the tapatalk plugin several times to try and fix the issue but nothing. 

    What's weird is that you can sign up an account to the forum on taptalk but can't login with it. So tapatalk can communicate with the forum at least for that but fails for logging in. I actually would recommend people contact tapatalk support and see their thoughts as Robert has done everything we can on our end AFAIK. 

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  16. 11 hours ago, jasonsteele said:

    Tapatalk logged me out when upgrading and now it won’t let me log in using the forum username and password. Tried deleting and reinstalling, nothing works. I’ve never had a problem until now.


    Known problem affecting a number of users. Robert and myself attempted to  diagnose /   fix it from the our  end to no avail. We're not sure what's the issue at this point as well...