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  1. I've always believed there's one thing that significantly differentiates between Asian companies and Western companies and that one thing is the fact that Western corporations are more concerned about the "now" instead of the future compared to most Asian ones that look at what they can sacrifice now for the benefit of tomorrow. Probably biased because I'm asian but I can nearly guarantee you that SoftBank will do everything in its power to shake things up. ATT and Vz are satisfied with the "now" but sprint has a plan (thanks to hesse) and SoftBank are looking at the future like Hesse and see great things and hence why they're doing what they're doing... I guess its just how we asians tend to be. We're never content with the status quo... (oww don't hit me mom... i only got An A- dammit!)
  2. lilotimz

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    EHRPD does not indicate NV. It's a software update to allow seamless handoffs between LTE and CDMA 3g. It's been said many times around here that EHRPD does not indicate NV and that many markets already have EHRPD but no actual work being done yet.
  3. I spy a bunch of bird nests... If the birds are protected then they can't really work on the tower and hence why they're mad. If the nests are vacated then probably they're just being rushed and feel unappreciated.. Just a guess ha
  4. Have to be a sponsor/premier sponsor to see these maps/list.
  5. lilotimz

    Lte advanced/800 mhz

    Most. Does not include the protection sites which toledo appears to have. I'm speaking to the 70 or so cities that clearwire actually "deployed" in...
  6. lilotimz

    Lte advanced/800 mhz

    Clearwire LTE is going to go on existing Wimax towers and be deployed in areas where sprint or other companies need them to be in. Most clearwire sites are apparently having upgrades on their backhaul which is resulting in much higher wimax speeds these days. So basically, if you're in an area with preexisting wimax coverage then you'll most likely get some sort of clearwire TDLTE coverage in the future. 800mhz goes on every tower. They just need to hook it up to existing RUU's. If you look at the pictures around here, you'll see that they already have the 800mhz "plugs" on the panels but they're not connected yet.
  7. An Epic 4g touch (GS2) is more of a sidegrade/minor upgrade in terms of performance. Great for areas where you're not seeing NV/LTE till next year but have wimax at least but in an active LTE deployment market...hmm.. Also believe that Evo 4g LTE has a bunch of connectivity issues if reading around these parts and other areas give any hints. In fact, i believe robert (s4gru) wrote about it in one of the past articles.
  8. lilotimz

    iPhone 5 Facts/Rumors

    Has to be built by Samsungs 32nm HKMG foundries. TSMC is using 28nm. It's speculated to be an highly modified A9 that has features of A15 (like the krait S4) and an A15 based GPU. Nothing more than that.