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  1. During the conference talk that Marcelo gave recently, he commented/answered that Dr. Saw would be happy with the increased CapEx Sprint was planning to do. He didn’t mention Günther’s name in that sentence or two to the interviewer. I was a bit curious why at the time. Perhaps Günther’s departure was already planned.
  2. No prob. I had luck with getting this done via chat. I was having trouble adding it via self-service. Although it said it added, I still wasn’t getting the activation text. Chat was able to get it done. Doing the Profile Update probably helped too. Wow. That’s nuts. Sprint needs to do a much better job training its overseas support people.
  3. Dr. Saw will absorb Günther’s responsibilities into his position as the current CTO and report directly to Marcelo. Not sure what they’ll do for Jim Hyde yet.
  4. That doesn’t seem right at all. As long as you’re on an Unlimited plan, it should add to the account and there shouldn’t be a charge. Go back to the online chat and tell them to add it to your line. Try doing a Profile Update on your device after it’s added. Then turn off your WiFi and go to the Hulu sign up page on your device: hulu.com/sprint
  5. Contact Sprint Customer Care via live chat. Have them manually add Hulu to your line(s). You should receive a text on your line(s) almost immediately. Make sure Wi-Fi is off on your device(s) and click the link in the text. You’ll then be able to set up your Hulu account(s).
  6. Changing your plan to Unlimited Freedom doesn’t start a new contract. Sprint doesn’t do 2 Year Contracts anymore, unless it’s a specific targeted offer. You can however get a 2 Year Contract for an iPhone for Sprint by going through Apple directly... for now.
  7. That’s certainly very possible. Günther made substantial progress on the network in a short period of time with very limited capex available. Perhaps that was his specific role: Get Sprint’s house in order for a potential merger. Now that Sprint is going it alone, perhaps him leaving is just a planned corporate reorganization or streamlining at the direction of Masa/Marcelo.
  8. Pretty much. Dr. Saw is as smart as they come in terms of working with high frequency bands. Dr. Saw hasn't interacted with customers much at all since I've been following Sprint. I've heard him chime in on Earnings Calls from time to time. I do hope he becomes more consumer-facing. He needs to start with getting a Twitter account! Sprint: Please don't get a "Seth the Blogger Guy" type like person AT&T used.
  9. Perhaps something came up during the T-Mobile merger discussions and Marcelo/Masa wanted a different corporate structure going forward without Guenther after they broke off talks. Due diligence reviews and corporate structure evaluations as part of merger discussions caused this in my opinion.
  10. Just fixed it. Each line on a family plan has its own Hulu subscription with its own email/password.
  11. How is this handled for accounts with multiple lines? Does each line need to sign up to get its own Hulu subscription?
  12. What? It says "Online Only" until 12/8. Then it will be available through retail and other channels. Here's the full Hulu FAQ's: https://www.sprint.com/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/support/solutions/services/hulu.html?INTNAV=LP:HuluPros:FAQs
  13. Yeah. I really hope someone steps up into the consumer-friendly role he established. That's something T-Mobile does very well. Neville Ray (https://twitter.com/NevilleRay) is very active on Twitter, as are many other T-Mobile executives. When customers tweet network questions to Neville, he readily responds. Sprint needs that. Dr. Saw isn't on Twitter as far as I know. He does have a "Facebook Page" though: https://www.facebook.com/Sprint-CTO-1060594950693311/
  14. I've heard from several trustworthy sources at Sprint that Guenther Ottendorfer is leaving the company and that Dr. John Saw will be promoted to report directly to Marcelo. As a result, Dr. Saw will have full oversight and responsibility for the network. Curious what the story is behind this.