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  1. Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

    **Update: Starting with iOS 11, iPhone 6 and newer devices are now enabled with Voice Call Continuity (VCC). VCC allows a call initiated on WiFi to hand off to LTE and back to WiFi, while also permitting the user to access some data functionality. With VCC, a call will never start on LTE so data will be unavailable when a call starts in an LTE area. These devices have VCC already enabled: iPhone 6 devices and newer on IOS 11 LG X Charge LG V20 LG V30+ Essential Samsung J3 Emerge *I had previously listed Note 8, which was incorrect. The device is expected to get it very soon and I will update when I am notified. VCC is a separate function from CallingPLUS but accomplishes some of the same goals. ** Sprint is excited to announce a new solution which allows customers to use voice and data simultaneously while on the Sprint LTE network or WiFi. Calling PLUS has just been enabled on the following devices: Samsung J7 Perx LG Stylo 3 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ LG G6 What you need to know: Calling PLUS combines two features: one old and one brand new! WiFi calling - our VoIP calling feature that lets you make and receive calls over WiFi Voice and text on the Sprint LTE network, allowing simultaneous voice and data Calling PLUS is delivered to your device by software update. Once your device has received the software, set up is easy! On the phone, select Settings > Calling PLUS. Slide Calling PLUS to On. Customer can view Tutorial pages to learn more information about the service. View pre-populated address If the Country field says Non-USA, Select the Country and choose USA. Enter a USA address manually. If address is not shown or is incorrect, enter the address manually. Address must be within the USA. Select Save. Your phone will validate the address required for E911 service and completes the enablement of Calling PLUS. Select Calling PLUS options to enable each feature: Wi-Fi Calling is On by default. LTE Calling is optional but recommended to allow both Simultaneous Voice and Data and call handoffs between Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling. Call handoffs will go from Wi-Fi to LTE even if the LTE Calling switch is Off. LTE Calls require the Wi-Fi Calling switch to be turned On for a handoff to Wi-Fi. That's it! Your phone is now enabled for Calling PLUS. You can call anyone using Calling PLUS, the person or party that you're calling does not need to have Calling PLUS in order for it to work. Keep in mind: Calling PLUS is included free of charge with your Sprint plan, though data usage does count toward any metered data allotment. Calling PLUS is a only available to select devices at this time and only in areas with LTE service. We will add more device models over time. Current devices: LG Stylo 3, Samsung J7 Perx Calling PLUS is not a VoLTE solution and call quality can vary based on location and network conditions. Calling PLUS is only supported on the Sprint LTE network and will not work over roaming partner networks. Calls initiated while on LTE will not hand off to CDMA towers. When leaving an LTE area, such a call may drop.
  2. Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

    Which handset? Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  3. Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

    I found it in the Sprint community posted my an employee expert.
  4. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I'm on carrier bundle Sprint 31.0. still no Calling Plus......darn it!
  5. i am wondering if anyone is experiencing the above ability in Chicagoland? looking forward to using data on a call while out. Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  6. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    or go into the setting app/general/ shut down Sent from my moto x4 using Tapatalk
  7. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I went insane as I was NOT planning to upgrade my iPhone this year. I have an 7 plus 256 matte black. I succumbed to the preorder day excitement on the 27th and first tried to order on X on Apple’s site could not due to an incompatible plan so I tried Sprint. I still have 11 months on my commitment ( yes I still can use contracts, SERO P ) I ran into a credit card fraud issue in the wee hours of the morning so I had gotten control of myself and headed to bed. I cleared up the fraud issue early in the morning. I went to Sprint’s site and ordered an Space Gray 256G X at full price at 740am. Not sure what I can do with my 7 Plus as it is locked till contract is over then it’s fully mine. The kicker is I got a ship notice from Sprint on Saturday with a delivery date of the 30th. I don’t believe the delivery date as I checked UPS and they have the launch date quote of the 3rd. I never thought you could get this one this fast. Now I need to get a case this week! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Apple Watch Poor LTE Performance

    I'm getting about 2 bars on my watch. I expected low signal as Sprint LTE is still pretty thin in my Neighborhood and sadly the Apple Watch does not have EVDO/1X Radios. My iPhone is on EVDO about half of the time.
  9. I chatted with Sprint and they will not discuss pricing till Friday. I tried telling the rep that the LTE Watch 1st production run will be sold out within the first hour so it would be nice to know the pricing....crickets.......:(
  10. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

    Too Late.....;) I did at 3 minutes after the gate opened! 42 mm Space Gray LTE/Series 3 w olive sport loop. delivered by Friday the 22nd....
  11. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

    I was wondering about this as well...Sprint does not have VoLTE yet? How does it make calls???
  12. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

    well...sadly I came to the conclusion that the LTE Apple Watch is not for me. The Watch only has LTE data and no failover to CDMA (NO CDMA Radio) and I run into a lot of 3G areas still.....Verizon has the same issue BUT I bet their LTE coverage is much better...
  13. iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    don't ever feel sad about paying for apps. The Developers need to eat as well.....The best apps will be paid apps as the developer is making money (becoming a side job) and can devote time in keeping his app running well...
  14. iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    Ps. Your iPhone will query the USB ID of the cable and charger so it needs to be OEM Apple lighting or Apple MFi program certified to work. The charger as well......this is a good thing as it keeps your phone from becoming a bomb! my iPhone 7 plus charges so fast its blinding.... if you have a 12.9 ipad pro you can use the new MacBook charger to charge the 12.9 pro and it is blinding fast! Apple has a BAD habit of keep these things too quiet! I am a registered developer so I get this from their forums....
  15. iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    If you have a Apple OEM 10 or 12 Watt iPad charger you can use it as you iPhone 7 plus charger and it will charge at the 10 watt rate (much faster) Apple builds the 10 watt charger circuitry into the plus models you just need the bigger Apple built iPad charger to activate it! I use it every day with my iPhone 6 Plus and now my 7 plus and it is wonderful! Perfectly safe and designed by Apple to function.
  16. Am I the only one here that has an Apple Watch? If anyone else has one I love to hear how they feel about it?
  17. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing phone heating up Battery drain on iOS 9.3 Beta 2? I have turned off LTE and my handset is running cooler and battery life has stabilized. Ps. I am mostly on WIFI
  18. Am I the only one here that has an Apple Watch?

    At this point I would suggest waiting till the March 2016 2nd gen AW roll out...
  19. Am I the only one here that has an Apple Watch?

    I thought Android wear needed an Android Phone?
  20. Am I the only one here that has an Apple Watch?

    The nice thing is the Apple Watch comes in many configurations. I own one and really enjoy it.
  21. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus User Thread

    It's just for public beta users. Developers are supposed to use the Dev portal. I do not know why?!?
  22. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus User Thread

    The Carrier Bundle is: 20.6.13
  23. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus User Thread

    FYI: iOS 9 Developer Beta 4 dropped this afternoon. I waited to get some depth before jumping into the pool. my iPhone 6 Plus is on my iMac doing a full encrypted restore. I will post the Carrier Bundle once the restore is finished. it needs to chug through 128 GIGS so it will be some time.
  24. I was wondering if Sprint has made and headway on VoLTE? new deployment dates?