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  1. RT @marty_freudman: @shaun_jen Here's MLK on the skeptics and other hot takes about the SJEWs making people racist *shrug* https://t.co/Fx5…

  2. what would this look like https://t.co/uvr62eGD0E

  3. @yukinogatari Just saw your last few tweets on your old account, dunno how I missed them last week. Good for you, k… https://t.co/woF1MWZQ3u

  4. RT @MuslimIQ: America’s cancerous wealth inequality in 2 headlines—both on the same day. 😓 #DowJones #BaltimoreSchools https://t.co/qIduGZK…

  5. RT @shaun_jen: https://t.co/rVTKtUMWy7

  6. RT @ContraPoints: This weekend I'm dropping a video about why I've finally decided to turn centrist—jk it's about why capitalism FUCKING SU…

  7. RT @koestl: Very early build of Sona-Nyl. The original PC game was 800x600, but the English release will be 1280x720 https://t.co/jk7GIqwdHi

  8. @LilUglyManeVEVO BUENO...

  9. RT @shaun_jen: random twitter user: you should probably stop calling bad things 'gay' anti-SJWs: censorship! 1984! free speech is dead! t…

  10. RT @ContraPoints: YouTube has rejected my appeal to rescind the placement of my video "Why White Nationalism Is Wrong" in "restricted mode"…

  11. RT @_RebeccaParham: I worked two weeks on the animation I did for YouTube Rewind. Unpaid. It pulled me away from my own projects. And now,…

  12. RT @LilUglyManeVEVO: this image is the most compelling argument against capitalism https://t.co/wXVAeRPcNK

  13. RT @make5calls: The House and Senate have now passed very different versions of the tax bill. They have to meet next week, reconcile the di…

  14. RT @herkzzz: It's "Getting paid means they'll actually approach their work with a certain degree of seriousness and at least try to maintai…

  15. RT @shaun_jen: IMC's brain is two cats in a bag https://t.co/U5BSAqSaHA