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  1. https://medium.com/@AjitPaiFCC/on-the-road-again-9a759494d85e Chairman Pai blogs about items on the May agenda for the FCC. Among them, an item about 2.5 GHz band licensing. - Trip
  2. Mike, Confirmed via picture. https://imgur.com/a/ZWewf I'm connected to a Clear site with two 8T8R sites appearing in the neighbor cells. Couldn't get diagnostics before it dropped back to B26 on the DAS though. I'm in too much pain to walk back to the window and try again for diagnostics. - Trip
  3. Mike, I didn't mean to conflate the first two items. In the first, when I'm connected to Clear B41 third carrier on sectors 03/04/05, I'm not seeing the "3" next to it. That's what I was trying to say. I would love if this could be corrected, since it's hopefully a small change. I'll try to send you a diagnostic showing it, but here's a picture from my log: https://imgur.com/a/7zw72 I separately sent you the data on the missing band indicator because you said it was causing you a problem that you were having trouble tracking down, but I had been unable to send you diagnostic data on it previously. I finally tried and successfully sent you the data without getting an error message. I was hoping it helped you track down the issue, as it was sitting there for a very long time with no band indicator. Same thing happened yesterday, actually, on a different site. In that case, it lasted for a long time, measured in minutes. Sounds like an interesting fix, though I suspect you'll have some Band 66/Band 2 overlap. For example, if T-Mobile held AWS-1 A-block, that would be EARFCN 66586, and 66586-65536=1050, a valid Band 2 EARFCN. Not sure what you would do about that. Yes, I agree it would have to be Sprint-only. I think most of the phones I've had since moving to Sprint would show Clear and Sprint B41 in neighbor cells at the same time. (LG G6, LG G5, Samsung S5.) They do/did not, however, show PCI values for US Cellular or other networks. I'll confirm and let you know for certain. - Trip
  4. Agreed in my neck of the DC market as well. I spent a while waiting for a prescription at CVS today and wished for a Magic Box. (The service worked, just not terribly well.) And at Costco, right outside you can see the tower, but inside it's barely usable. - Trip
  5. Mike, 1) As indicated previously, in my area (DC) which I believe is a Samsung Clear market, 03/04/05 are third carrier, but SCP currently doesn't note it as anything other than standard B41. 2) Yesterday, I finally managed to send you diagnostics showing "LTE" without a band indicator while connected to a Clear site. I sent it having watched it not have a band indicator for more than 30 seconds. Hopefully you got it and maybe it'll tell you something you didn't already know about the issue. 3) I don't yet have a B71 phone, though once a cheap Motorola one comes out, I plan to replace my T-Mobile 700 phone with one. What kind of work-around are you considering? Perhaps it could make sense to allow people to select which bands their phone actually supports or which bands they expect to see so you could work around obviously-incorrect data, even if it were in some kind of hidden menu. (In my ideal world, there would be a hidden menu with lots of advanced functions to tweak the behavior of SCP in ways the average user may find unhelpful or confusing. Like forcing all LTE to be identified as LTE 700 on my phone that is locked to 700.) 4) Is there any chance you could add a third mode to the neighbor cell notes beyond matching to PLMN and not matching to PLMN? I'd like to merge my four SCP databases together (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint/USCC) but if I do that, then on my Sprint/USCC phones with the PLMN matching disabled, I'll get a bunch of neighbor cell notes that are clearly not correct since they'll match non-Sprint values. And, of course, if I enable PLMN matching, then if I'm on Sprint, I'll miss Clear notes, etc. It would be nice if there were a "Sprint" mode that matched only to PLMNs associated with Sprint when connected to a Sprint-associated network. For example, if connected to PLMN 310120, have it match also PCI values for 311870 and other Clear PLMNs, but not to other PLMNs. Or if connected to 311870, match to 310120, etc. - Trip
  6. Trip

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I really want a Magic Box for the "new toy" aspect of it, but I know I don't really need one, so I haven't bothered. I have FiOS available via wifi at both ends of the house, and the moment I step outside, the Clear Band 41 is fine anyway, so I'm not sure it would benefit anyone around me either. I did send a note to one of my favorite restaurants--in a dead zone--and asked them to consider requesting one. Here's hoping. - Trip
  7. Some sites may have old equipment/racks on them. It wasn't that long ago that Nextel, MetroPCS, and Cricket were separate companies with their own gear. Clear gear is often on its own rack as well. I have phones for all five major carriers. (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and US Cellular, in addition to my primary Sprint line.) That gives me a reasonable idea of who is where. I replace my Verizon SIM every 90 days to keep LTE active, and the T-Mobile SIM stays active without service. FreedomPop provides 200MB/mo of AT&T service for free. I have a $10/mo prepaid plan with US Cellular that I put money on when I am going into US Cellular territory. Building permits, if they're available online, can also be helpful in that regard. - Trip
  8. Can you post the address (or coordinates) for one of these sites? - Trip
  9. Interesting note in here: https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10326217025032/March 26 Sprint Ex Parte.pdf Sounds like they're trying to get the EBS licensing changed to better utilize the 2.5 GHz band. - Trip
  10. Trip

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Mike, In my region, Clear sites with 03/04/05 for the last two digits in the GCI represent B41 third carrier. This is a relatively recent development. - Trip
  11. Trip

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Placebo effect. - Trip
  12. Did some digging for Columbus permits to see if I could help. 3603 Livingston Ave sound right? If so: "DESCRIPTION OF WORK: NEW MONOPOLE CONSTRUCTION FOR CELL SITE OF T-MOBILE." (Emphasis mine.) - Trip
  13. Which note, the one about the microwave? Yeah, that's working in government. - Trip
  14. That's not all; I note some of the newer Shentel coverage--which was found in a previous version of the map--is now missing. Not sure how that happened. There are also individual LTE Plus towers missing in the DC area--some are Clear sites that have been there a very long time. That said, since the last time I looked at coverage in this area, the map has gotten more accurate. It now shows holes that I know exist because I travel through them on a regular basis. - Trip
  15. Our dream house, should it even happen, would be built on a mountain top near Linden. We like Spelunker's in Front Royal, and find Woodstock to be a very nice town. - Trip
  16. Couldn't help myself. Got to work today and went to put my lunch in the fridge. I noticed the microwave, did a double-take, then took this picture: I sent it to my wife with a note, "We must have good reception on the microwave today. 4 bars." I'll show myself out. - Trip
  17. My wife and I like the Shenandoah Valley; I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we find our way out there again. That is, if nobody else gets there first. - Trip
  18. Trip

    3.7-4.2GHz band NPRM

    Er, that's not true. It's allocated to the C-band satellite service. The licenses are, as I understand it, nationwide, but vary based on which slot in the sky the satellite is in. So Intelsat has some slots, SES has some, and there are other companies as well that I'm not familiar with. - Trip
  19. My extended family lives in Fair Lawn and I boggle at how spotty the service is there. While the WiFi in the house makes it a bit of a non-issue, I sit on 1X in my grandmother's house, for example. T-Mobile built a flagpole tower down the street and even that doesn't do well for some reason. It's very odd. Only Verizon is decent, and that's only because they appear have a small cell around there that I can't find. Good news, of course, is that it's an Altice area, so I assume we'll see strand-mount equipment pop up at some point. That should help greatly. - Trip
  20. On the state-by-state, their one overall win came in... West Virginia, which is dominated by Shentel. Surprise! - Trip
  21. I was also surprised to see Lancaster and Culpeper included, but the rest seems like a good fit. Sprint currently has a network in those areas that is either entirely non-existent (see Charlotte, Lunenburg Counties), or is the bare minimum to be able to say there's service in the area. Take Farmville as an example; two cell sites to cover Farmville, and neither is particularly well-suited to cover Longwood University, leaving plenty of holes where the students are. Sprint is the only carrier not on the site near the high school, so while B26 connects outside the Wal-Mart, it's 3G or 1X 800 inside. The LTE is long gone by the time you get the Hampden-Sydney, too, usually 1X 800 even outdoors. I will be surprised if Shentel builds fewer than three new sites in Farmville proper; Shentel Cable actually owns one of the towers AT&T is on in Farmville, so I would bet we'll see Shentel cell service appear there sooner rather than later. The other two being the tower by the high school and the tower overlooking Longwood. (Hampden-Sydney is not in Farmville, but I expect they'll put one there too.) I also expect to see them beef up the highways around Farmville, as the network is quite sparse there too. I cannot wait to see what gets built. Exciting times await! - Trip
  22. Yes yes yes YES YES!!!! https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/02/05/1332737/0/en/Shentel-Announces-Expansion-of-its-Affiliate-Relationship-with-Sprint.html http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/SHEN/5964881640x0x969980/03FEA5BA-6059-4DD6-BBB3-A6C1E6F02561/Wireless_Network_Expansion_01-30-2018.pdf My year has officially been made. - Trip
  23. Trip


    That SIM is how I track AT&T in my area. It's worked great, and it's helpful to have the 200MB of data through it now and then. - Trip
  24. That is a fantastic story. Among the many reasons I love Shentel. At some point I'll have to try to make a similar contact. I want to try to get more information on their deployment down near my parents in the former nTelos region. - Trip
  25. Trip

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Mike, I've been having an issue where sometimes, when connected to Clear B41, I just get "LTE" without the band indicator. I've tried to send diagnostics, but I keep getting the Temporary Redirect message. And the Send Saved Reports button doesn't seem to work at all. Not sure how else to get it to you. - Trip