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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I haven't gotten the update. I'm on beta too. Having an unlocked model taking forever to get the update.
  2. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    The S8 with Oreo RF performs same as S9. No huge upgrades for me other than more CA options and 4x4 MIMO when available.
  3. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Unlock model only has the top 3 on that list. Interesting.
  4. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I received my unlocked 9+ today from Samsung. They shipped me the wrong sim card. They offered $25 gift card for the hassle.
  5. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    On the S8 Oreo beta, that is the case. The Oreo build made a difference. Even sitting in front of a B25 only site, it will switch over to any usable B41. Only down side with that, when on Calling Plus and with a weak B41, it would not switch over to other bands even when call quality going to crap.
  6. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    How is the RF?
  7. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Bought my unlocked Plus from Samsung, will be delivered tomorrow. They shipped 2 day air. Wish it was 1 day air.
  8. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Its LAA, saw a post on Reddit. Its pushing over 300Mbps. Not sure if LAA is nationwide or New Jersey.
  9. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    They can deploy B46. They pushing 60mhz in NYC
  10. Sprint needs to start leading. Customers will follow. Leaving Tmobile in the dust with speed is a good start. Many are skeptical of Sprint pulling it off.
  11. I hope they deploy it on all sites that make sense not like how they initially deployed B41 8T8R.
  12. Note the 800 Mhz RRU #1 & #2 in the picture. That is setup for 4x4 MIMO.
  13. That will be the day when everyone out there will see what Sprint can really push across most markets. I cannot wait to post them 500Mbps+ Speedtest to those showing off 200-300Mbps on VZ or TMobile. My S9+ will be locked and ready!
  14. Once 4x4 MIMO is live on B41 can we imagine 4x4 MIMO and 5CA B41? What will it be? I already reserved pre-order through Samsung directly, $150 trade in for my Note 5.
  15. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    Is it live? What speeds are you getting?