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  1. Whose is this? Noticed this at my local WalMart. Doesn't seem to be Sprint's' due to dBm.
  2. red_dog007

    New Verizon MVNO

    Funded by Verizon and you also only get 480p video. They also need some design help on that website!
  3. red_dog007

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    If Shentel does not buy TMobile network and customers, how long is TMobile not allowed to compete? As far as the spectrum, do they continue to only use Sprint's or will they be allowed to use all of New TMobile's spectrum assets?
  4. I wouldn't expect Sprint to stop deploying, upgrading and possibly even expand still. Maybe they might coordinate with TMobile just in case they do merge. But it would be silly to stop or decrease from their current stated CAPEX. They would lose an entire year of work.
  5. To add, I-59 between Chattanooga and Birmingham still sucks. The towers have LTE now, but seem to just be GMOs. Performance wasn't good, signal always weak and held on waaay to long, no B26. Still hit 3G and even 1X a bit on that drive. It's kinda upsetting that Sprint just doesn't do a rebuild on these GMO sites. All this did was allow them to put LTE on their coverage map. But seriously, when LTE performance is weak and you still hit 3G/1X between the sites, why waste the money on a GMO. Just do a proper B25/26 build. B25 performance could be great as they own all of PCS A.
  6. That is what I was thinking. But I saw several of those and every time had some decent B41 signal. I know Sprint deploys these, but I think they aren't as fat. If these are not B41, I was on B41 a bit, I never found a MM site and never saw B41 gear on a Macro.
  7. https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/19/17253308/google-allo-texting-paused-android-messages Google is pausing development of Allo in favor of Android Messages. Android Messages is supposed to be getting a web portal soon. With this announcement, do we know if Google is going to flex some muscle to get the major carriers (at least State side) to interconnect? Or if there is any development on the interconnect side from TMobile, AT&T and VZW.
  8. Yeah, finally saw 2nd carrier at 8065. Here are two cell sites. https://photos.app.goo.gl/N4dukrqqXEfugMh62 https://photos.app.goo.gl/TAe6ZAi4YkvQ6sWh1
  9. In BHam right now. Wish I still had a Samsung phone. Lot of the sites look they are high capacity B25 and I'm assuming doing 4x4 MIMO. I haven't seen anything other than EARFCN 8665 on B25. I'm constantly getting 30~40Mbps each time I test. Running into a bit of B41. It's all been reported as MM so far on SCP with centered frequency at 2518 or 2538..
  10. Found some old articles about them having wireless meters that use two-way radio. Maybe this is expansion of that network if you are finding these at substations. You live in the area, any news on that front? Lack of meter readers, or new meters being installed?
  11. https://rf.jwmaloney.name/sprint-coverage.html If I select 3G & More and LTE Plus (No 3G) I see lot more B41 coverage. The two B41 towers that are new near me are shown. Manhattan is shown correctly. Shentel B41 is shown. The B41 I saw in Huntsville is shown.
  12. Earlier they were bashing all the other carriers for announcing 5G this year, and now they are saying 30 cities!? Geez... I can see them doing a lot with 600MHz. Their 5GHz movement will be interesting. The cellular industry push on 5GHz in general will be interesting. So many things are out of your control.
  13. red_dog007

    5g : what's required ?

    Yeah, plus a 8T8R "maxed out" should provide a ton of throughput. 4x4MIMO + 256QAM on 4 Carriers is almost 1Gbps for just that single sector. It might even be way more cost effective to just add additional sectors to the site or toss up another 8T8R antenna. I'd expect 64T64R to be extremely rare, especially if it is really expensive.
  14. red_dog007

    Streaming Services Chat

    The common route of most others who don't pay for Netflix. It's a "family" account. That's why I pay for YTRed. But now I also got Youtube TV. Not sure how long I am going to keep it. It is almost $40/mo after taxes. Im not a huge sports guy, and it is mostly sports channels.
  15. For the 40GB, it would depend on how it is actually being used. If aren't even close, I may not worry too much. Plus do you see any lines being shed over the next 3~5yrs? As consumers use more data and 5G delivers faster speeds, codecs will continue to get better and/or utilized to help keep data usage to a minimum. Plus with current caps in place, there is already a check on how much you can us. Also 1080p will be more than enough streaming resolution a phone would ever need. Anything above that is just a waste of bandwidth. I'd rather not get boned with a much higher bill than before, that is unless you are constantly hitting your 40GB cap. I'd just remember what Sprint has done the last years. Post some solid or OK CAPEX spending only to not spend it. I want Sprint to spend every dollar they say they will spend, but recent history shows us that CAPEX spending is all talk.