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  1. I agree the 2 year subsidy was the best thing that Sprint had to keep the existing customers. I might leave sprint as well when it;s time to renew my contract. I know others might feel differently about it but it is differently but our opinions are valid. We been thru a lot with sprint and this is the thanks we get?
  2. Google Hangouts w/Voice (Was Google Voice)

    Why did you do that Google Voice provides you a transcript of your voice mail messages just like Visual voicemail.
  3. LG G4 User Thread (Was: Rumor Thread)

    Hey is anybody having issues with Google Maps after the marshmallow update? Mines doesn't load up images of places anymore all it displays is a black box Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  4. LG G4 User Thread (Was: Rumor Thread)

    how do you perform a hard reset on this phone?
  5. LG V10

    i want this phone
  6. Sprint's Q1 Earnings Report (May 5th, 2015)

    I like SVlte.I like to be able to talk on the phone and get updated map and traffic information while i'm driving
  7. LG G2 Users Thread!

    how's your phone's performance?
  8. What's currently using that band?
  9. Cracked G2...

    i cracked my screen a couple of months ago and got it fixed for $156 at one of those cell phone repair places in the mall
  10. Sprint 3rd Quarter 2014 Earnings

    Gotcha band 41 covers all. So my band 41 phone will work in a region that has only band 38.
  11. Sprint 3rd Quarter 2014 Earnings

    What's the difference between band 7, 38 and 41? Don't they all use the same 2.5/ 2.6 GHz band?
  12. Sprint 3rd Quarter 2014 Earnings

    That's the only one... What about the G2&3 and Galaxy S 4&5?
  13. Sprint 3rd Quarter 2014 Earnings

    i thought Sprint phones worked on band 7 and Band 38
  14. Google Hangouts w/Voice (Was Google Voice)

    i'm having this same issue.. Also is anybody having poor call quality if they use the hangout dialer to place a call? the person on the other end claims to always her an echo
  15. Google Hangouts w/Voice (Was Google Voice)

    have you ever tried the google voice chrome extension?