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  1. I would guess all three will play some part. What better place/way to try out the satellite part, in areas u can tweak it and maximize it before moving into more dense areas. Keep moving forward Sprint!!????????
  2. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    https://www.engadget.com/amp/2017/08/16/t-mobile-600mhz-lte-live/ Tmo has a 600 tower live apparently but no phones yet.
  3. Warren buffet is a great idea, I don't think charter/Comcast is dead. Maybe buffet gets part ownership for 5 billion... then with charter/Comcast contributing to a "partnership" sky is the limit! They can still buy tmo!
  4. Sprint cable company deal?

    Maybe sprint will spin off a new company for charter and Comcast to do wireless with. Then merge with tmo. Basically keeping competition by bringing in a potential powerhouse. Divesting some of their spectrum to this new subsidiary of sprint/SoftBank that runs this "new" network/ company that involves charter/Comcast wireless. Just a wild thought
  5. Conn coverage is unacceptable. You are giving us spots- yes there is b41 in Ct considering it was there years ago now it's isn't on par with the other 2(3) companies. I drive it on the reg and it's spotty. Spotty as in some here and some there. 91 corridor isn't that bad, but there are way to many place people go with iffy coverage. Let's not forget it's a small state in a major market so why so long to get coverage together? It baffles me how some cities like Chicago have all deployment but here where there are major cities in such close proximity they haven't deployed like Chicago for example.
  6. I don't see a merger with Tmo if both are thriving. Sprint always finishing 4th and struggling would make the case "let us merge or bail us out " sprint could easily decide to shut down and sell off everything and your still left with 3. I am actually not for the merger but want sprints service to get better much faster than what it is. Merger with someone looks like the only way.
  7. My expectations are based off what the other carriers have in my immediate area, not someplace across the country. This is where I use my phone 80% of the time. Myself and many others like me don't expect to NOT have usable service In highly populated areas here in the northeast. Sprint should have better coverage period. In places where they do the experience is great. Sprint just needs to step up and they will be fine.
  8. I am in western mass and sprints coverage is very "spotty". Voice works but there are many areas where data is just well .... I have many friends who have all tried sprint and ran back to att/vzw now Tmo as sprints coverage as well as reputation just doesn't cut it. Many who are on sprint is strictly to save $$$ because of that they deal with coverage. I myself have been a sprint customer for over 15 years and recently activated a att account. I can tell you first hand they all have places where reception is so-so but sprint by far has the most in the springfield area. If sprint could prove they had the coverage and reliability people would run. No one is happy paying the high prices of the big 2. Some of the people with the highest incomes are the most frugal
  9. Wouldn't a merger benefit att/vzw as well? With only 3 sprint can raise prices build out the network. Vzw wouldn't have to play with these cheaper brands anymore as all 3 will be somewhere close to the same.
  10. Maybe sprint talking itself up to promote a sale? Making things "sound good"? I definitely think Masa wants a global superpower and US won't let him get it. I am sure he wants dish and Tmo/sprint to eventually make SoftBank a global wireless powerhouse. That said I don't think he has much patience nowadays. Sprint isn't flipping fast enough, I believe he really thought sprint would bought Tmo by now and would be flourishing. He wasn't ready for American politics or thought he was bigger either way he wasn't ready for what he got.
  11. Very interesting.. no loans and we see its sprint being bought not sprint buying Tmo. That must surely show that Masa does really want to get out of of sprint. -- It did also mention both companies are speaking with others.. I wonder who is talking to who?
  12. Smh. How about they stop trying to sneak the big uglies and do what everyone else is getting approved and deployed so easily?? I personally don't care but it seems others do. So how about a universal approach that won't be so difficult? Or start putting them up as flag poles. Smh
  13. ???????????? Me too! But it's good that people are positive about sprint! We just need more to become positive and enthusiastic!
  14. Comcast getting ready to launch wireless service?

    How? Don't you need 4 lines to get $45 price?
  15. With all do respect it seems like you're in a dream. I would love a rebrand and so would most. Financially it's not a few thousand, its millions. The worst part is the wireless industry is so aggressive the negative press would absolutely slaughter sprint. Can't you hear JL and everyone saying "you can change the name but the network is the same" I fully agree at some point sprint needs a rebrand but that can't some until the network is in a much better position it's just money wasted that could have been put somewhere more useful. As mentioned early sprint needs to advertise more where the network is strong, increase advertising in areas as the network gets better. --- meaningful advertising directed at that specific local market... As in Sprint has the fastest speed/coverage etc here in this specific market vs whoever was the top. --- But I do agree with your last part about the domino effect