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  1. From what I've heard, it was limited to Erie and if everything goes well they could expand to other areas. Speeds aren't great right now in a lot of areas but they're still working on the towers from what I'm being told
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to give you guys an update for Erie, PA - LTE went live as of yesterday!! For the most part speeds are still about the same right now...but we're hoping that will increase soon? All phones that were set to "Automatic time & date" were set back an hour so we're dealing with some upset customers but we'll take it if that means faster speeds! Just wanted to let everyone know so they can prepare if that happens in your area, and ask if speeds should be increasing? I know it's all GMO out here but we thought the speeds would go up at least a little bit...we're hoping they have some more tweaking to do! Thanks again everyone!
  3. Hey guys, I'm probably getting a little repetitive here...just wondering if there were any new updates for Erie, Pa or Meadville, Pa? A few months ago we learned that they were working on firing up some LTE in our area but literally nothing has happened since then. Still stuck with barely usable 3G and we're all chomping at the bit for a new network! Any updates would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  4. This is VERY exciting!! I appreciate you looking into this for me as well!
  5. I heard that Erie, Pa is in the process of converting the Hilltop rd tower to 1900mhz. Data outages have become rampant in the past week or so and people are saying it's because they are working on adding LTE to the city. Can anybody confirm? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello again, can anybody give me an update on Erie, PA? Download speeds in the city and surrounding areas still rarely get above 1.0 Mbps and most are <0.5Mbps. I'm a DM out here and our customers are getting a little upset (putting it nicely) and I only have access to Glance when my IAE is in one of my doors but even that doesn't tell me much. Especially with the summer fast approaching, I need to know whether it's going to be worth the money to do any sort of marketing/events. It hasn't been in the past but it could be with a better network! Any honest answers would be helpful, thanks in advance!
  7. I just looked this up, unfortunately that's the switch. I've been waiting patiently - for years - for Erie to get 4g. I don't understand why they aren't working on the towers in Erie every day to expedite this...I feel like they should buckle down and just focus on our towers we could have some LTE in a more acceptable timeframe.
  8. Thank you for your sympathies, it's pretty crazy out here. We were told in March of 2013 they were starting the NV upgrades and they'd be done by August. August turned into October, October turned into January and here we are in April with no timetable at all...rocking LESS THAN 1Mbps down in a city of >130,000 people while tiny towns to the east and west and south get to enjoy 4G LTE. And nobody can give me a straight answer as to why it's taking so long, other than "this is former IPCS territory"...yet other "former territories" have been completed? My ISM said we probably won't start seeing anything happen until the end of this year at the earliest. Incredibly frustrating. Does anybody have Masa's phone number?
  9. Ok guys, I gotta ask about Erie again. Much of the city and surrounding areas continue to have horrible data speeds. Ohio border, 4G. NY border, 4g. But nothing in NW PA. When will this madness end?