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  1. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I know we always pay attention to Band 41 performance but even Band 26 performance is much better for me than my S8+. In a classroom where my S8+ would typically fall down to 1x or heat up while trying to stay on Band 26, my phone is easily holding a weak Band 26 signal while still giving me 7Mbps speeds.
  2. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Way more responsive, way less misreads, and easily the fastest setup for a fingerprint scanner on the market. It literally takes 2 seconds to set up a fingerprint.
  3. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I don't use it for security reason, I use it for ease of use. For mobile payments and logging into certain apps, I use fingerprint.
  4. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    One of the best things to come from this phone is Intelligent Scan. As someone that wears glasses, the iris scanner was always finicky for me on the GS8+ and would only work if I opened up my eyes all the way. Intelligent scan on the other hand works quickly and accurately even with my glasses on.
  5. RT @CuriousxGeorgee: Hold the fuck on you 2000s baby tide pod eating lil fuckin twerps, lemme tell you bout the LEGENDARY TIME of gaming wh…

  6. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Phone came a day early!
  7. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    My S9+ is expected to arrive on Thursday. I'm pretty excited.
  8. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Like you said in a previous post, it's likely for all of the LTE-UE Relay small cells popping up, not only on the street but also in the form of Magic Boxes. It should give a significant boost in speed across NYC. I can't wait to be back in NYC on Friday to test it out.
  9. RT @nsvarner: As Irish Americans, we can’t celebrate our heritage without first coming to terms with the fact that our identity is construc…

  10. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

  11. They could pass AT&T in a day if they would just turn on 4x4MIMO and 256QAM... 🙃🙃🙃
  12. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Jeez, every carrier aggregation combo under the stars is available on that phone. How do you get to that menu?
  13. Y'all lucky I got this interview on Friday otherwise I wouldn't go back to Boston until next week.

  14. But it's a first for an Android phone without Calling Plus.
  15. Just thinking but I would imagine having a super accurate map like this, while potentially being bad because it looks like you have poor coverage, could be good for when VoLTE comes around. You'll have a better idea of which areas VoLTE won't work or will struggle in.
  16. My favorite part of that video was the guy holding the piece of glass and using it like a phone.
  17. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    You can still buy it from Samsung's website. Maybe Sprint retailers have decided to stop carrying it.
  18. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Edition

    If you're looking to buy one then you might have try your local Sprint store to see if they have them in stock.
  19. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    For the most part it seems yes.
  20. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Looks like the correct one!
  21. They've done it all over NYC, not just the densest areas. For what it's worth, the areas where it says there is no coverage or just 3G are mostly correct. However, they are missing a ton of Band 41 coverage that exists in these giant bright yellow patches. I'm hoping all of the complaints will make Sprint fix it soon.
  22. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I preordered my S9+ yesterday and delivery is supposed to be by the end of the week. I'm pretty excited! I already bought my dbrand skin for it too.
  23. I love it when Japanese Twitter ends up on my feed. https://t.co/DhJlMiiASY

  24. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I don't think that the dual sim variant works on Sprint. Not only because it doesn't have all of Sprint's LTE bands but it also doesn't support CDMA on Sprint. It seems like the GS8 Duos is meant for networks outside of North America.
  25. LTE Plus coverage is broken in NYC again. A lot of the city is lacking it on the map when most of the city is covered in it.