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  1. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Calling Plus has proven to be more reliable than WiFi Calling for me. There have been more than a few times where I've had to turn off WiFi in the middle of a call and have it switch to LTE for the person on the other end to hear me clearly.
  2. RT @StylezBoogiee: When sunlight hits brown eyes >>

  3. Charter said during their Q3 2017 earnings call that they are going to launch cell phone plans this year using Verizon's network.
  4. I am uncertain how it works. I'm sure if you open it and run a speed test you'll contribute to the map somehow but I don't know the intricacies of it.
  5. It's on the Android version of the app.
  6. I'm curious as to when this speed test was taken because even though the caption says it was taken on January 11th, by that date Ookla's speed test app had already been updated to include their coverage map feature. I don't think T-Mobile would deliberately show old results but I am also suspicious.
  7. RT @BobbyBudnic: Soon as a nigga get golds https://t.co/V4bCCkG5HD

  8. Project Fi now has "bill protection" which caps your bill at $80 if you use more than 6GB in a month and you'll continue to get high speed data up until the 15GB mark. At that point, you will be slowed down to 256Kbps but you are given the option to pay $10/GB for more high speed data. If you use less than 6GB, you'll pay the normal $10/GB price. This addresses one of the pain points about Project Fi which is that it loses value very quickly if you use more data. While it's still more expensive than prepaid options like MetroPCS or Boost Mobile, it offers international talk, text, and 2̶5̶6̶k̶b̶p̶s̶ 3G/LTE data (depending on the country) internationally at $10/GB and runs on 3 different networks domestically so it might be worth it. https://blog.google/products/project-fi/bill-protection/
  9. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    It's especially weird to me because Sprint has a relationship with Altice USA and there isn't exactly a lack of fiber in NYC. Maybe Sprint is telling workers to set up the small cells in relay mode if backhaul isn't set up already just to get them online and maybe they'll make a second pass once backhaul is ready. It's just weird seeing areas with 60ms+ pings and speeds <5Mbps on Band 41 when I am used to speeds of 30Mbps+.
  10. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Something that I've noticed is that small cells that (I think) are being fed by LTE relay are only broadcasting 1 carrier of Band 41. So far both small cell sites that I have found in Brooklyn that are broadcasting 1 carrier have been extremely slow compared to ones that are boradcasting two carriers.
  11. RT @Namastaywoke: Sure thing *squints* African child underscore one https://t.co/mWeUp3fl69

  12. [Teaser] The 9th Galaxy Arrives Early - The Galaxy S9

    Wow, I'm buying a new phone sooner than I anticipated.
  13. I think you're overestimating how many people live outside or regularly travel outside of urban centers. There are many small local carriers that serve these areas and it makes more sense for Sprint to lease out their spectrum in return for native network usage as is the case for Sprint's RRPP program or simply negotiate "roam like home" deals with them instead of building out coverage that'll get used infrequently. If Sprint wants to cover popular destinations in rural areas and the highways that connect big cities to them, that will pay off faster than building a site in a town of 2,000 people that's already covered by Verizon and AT&T.
  14. RT @rebeccaisdope: he's 5 years old and said a curse word one day in response to not getting his way. i got eye level with him and told him…