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  1. Paynefanbro

    Allo is dead, Long Live Android Messages

    I typically just go to my contacts, click on the contact I want to share, and then click the share button to send it.
  2. Paynefanbro

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Another interesting bit from that PCMag article is this; T-Mobile can't provide gigabit speeds on 600MHz alone whereas they can on LTE through CA and numerous technologies. Sprint can achieve gigabit speeds on both 5G-NR and LTE at the same time using Band 41. That's a huge advantage and Sprint should focus on playing up that advantage and increasing density quickly so that most cities, suburbs, and even some exurbs are blanketed in Band 41.
  3. Paynefanbro

    Allo is dead, Long Live Android Messages

    My job uses G-Suite as well and even then we use SMS mostly and occasionally Slack for projects that include multiple departments coordinating. But like you said, pretty much everyone is either using Android Messages or iMessage as their go-to.
  4. Paynefanbro

    Allo is dead, Long Live Android Messages

    Eventually as SMS gets phased out, Apple will simply have no choice but to embrace RCS since it'll only be left with iMessage to iPhones and nothing else as fall back. It would be as if iPhones were the "green bubbles" in Android owner's chats. They have no reason to do it now though since it does not benefit them in any way. As for international SMS rates, I am uncertain. It's definitely free to Canada but I don't know if anyone has tried chatting someone from another country besides there. I am also uncertain if my RCS messages even appear under Sprint's messaging statistic in my account. It might simply be treated similarly to OTT messaging data usage.
  5. Paynefanbro

    Allo is dead, Long Live Android Messages

    This isn't a new messaging app but the same one that is on tons of Android phones all along. Google is pushing Android Messages to be the default messaging app on all Android devices (biggest exceptions being Samsung and Huawei who are both implementing RCS in their default texting apps). That way, if you message anyone, as long as they have an Android phone on an RCS compatible network, it'll be over RCS. I'm pretty sure Google is still trying to push Hangouts as something mostly for enterprise customers and FWIW, I don't need another OTT messaging service. I already use FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS the most. RCS is just replacing SMS or using it as fallback if necessary.
  6. Paynefanbro

    Allo is dead, Long Live Android Messages

    Google stated that they've already wrestled dozens of carriers into supporting RCS (Chat) behind the scenes already. This is the closest thing we've ever gotten to a universal messaging platform for Android phones that resembles iMessage and the best part is that it isn't even a walled garden so Apple could implement it too. Also, unlike VoLTE, RCS's universal profile is truly universal and works between carriers from the jump. You can message people on certain Canadian carriers via RCS on Sprint. So whenever the other carriers enable it, it'll work between everyone.
  7. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - Boston Market (all of Massachusetts)

    Has anyone else experienced faster ping times throughout Boston? I'm regularly seeing pings less than 30ms now cpmpared to the ~40ms that I used to see before.
  8. I thought VTel owns BRS there and they are a RRPP member. Sprint should have had access to their network by now given the deal was announced in 2014.
  9. Paynefanbro

    Network Vision/LTE - Central and South Jersey Markets

    Yup, it seems like it. The more spectrum they devote to LTE, the faster the speeds and the greater the capacity for VoLTE calls. I'm really curious to see how fast VoLTE adoption will be on Sprint.
  10. Paynefanbro

    Network Mapping

    I think they're encouraging more passive mapping. An update like this is sure to piss off people like yourself that go out of their way to map specific places.
  11. Paynefanbro

    Network Mapping

    Sensorly's website has been updated now. It only shows mapping done in the past year.
  12. RT @_TheRealKareem_: These Black Women listening to Taylor Swift’s cover of “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire is SENDING ME 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭 http…

  13. 200,000 Magic Boxes in under a year. Average speeds of 42Mbps on Band 41. #1 for fastest average download speed in 100 cities including Austin, Denver, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and Seattle as well as the market of Indianapolis. Also finally rolling out 4x4MIMO and 256QAM to provide gigabit LTE in over 100 of the largest markets in the country. That's a lot of good news!
  14. Paynefanbro

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I don't know if anyone got around to reading this on FierceWireless but the gist of it is that analysts are divided whether SoftBank did go back to DT regarding the merger. On one hand you have analysts that think that SoftBank may be more willing to cede control in order to get a deal done before the upcoming spectrum auctions in November and also because if they wait, they may face more regulatory scrutiny in the future. They also point to recent statements that SoftBank may want to maintain 20-30% stakes in key industries around the globe which is smaller and less risky. On the other hand, some analysts say that this doesn't add up to them. They don't think there is any way that Sprint would enter into 2 tower deals and a fiber deal with Zayo (speculative since neither company is commenting) and raise $5 Billion while SoftBank raises $10 Billion with Alibaba as collateral, then turn around a sell and agree to give up control. Both sides have pretty convincing arguments that aren't simply about who is in a worse position or has less money. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/did-softbank-s-ceo-restart-sprint-t-mobile-merger-talks-analysts-are-divided
  15. RT @ftaiwo: The distance between the stew and the rice makes me uncomfortable. https://t.co/oT7H5Y7Mjq