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  1. RT @CiaoRyan: "You need to improve your handwriting. It takes you 15 minutes to write a word!" First of all, https://t.co/Ifr4Ng9dtK

  2. RT @Chamorr9918: Justin Bieber is older than Post Malone and I can't think about anything else now

  3. Coverage Map Update 10/15/17

    This is actually huge news for when I go to visit family in Eastern NC now. It also looks like they finally got around to updating Upstate NY. Most of the interstates show LTE now.
  4. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I'm pretty sure yeah. Fido initially had their own network using PCS and after Rogers bought them, they began sharing networks but never fully merged into just one carrier.
  5. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    What are the chances that if this were to go through we'd end up with a Rogers/Fido situation where they have separate name and for all intents and purposes are separate carriers but they share a network?
  6. RT @NOTKhairy: White person: racism...is bad Y’all: OMG YASSSSSS. YOU INVITED TO THE COOKOUT. YOU SO WOKE https://t.co/XNd34X2F0G

  7. Something cool I noticed. You know how in Allo you can see who has it downloaded by trying to start an Incognito chat? With RCS (at least in Samsung Message) you can see who has RCS enabled by clicking the menu button in the top right corner and clicking "start a group chat" and it'll show you all the people that have it.
  8. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Those uploads! Could it mean that Sprint finally switch their download:upload ratio in NYC?
  9. That's it, I'm kinkshaming https://t.co/BHxQb5hK3x

  10. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    The fastest Speedtest I've seen on Sprint was over 200 Mbps but I can't recall where I saw it specifically.
  11. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Pulled 122 Mbps down and 16 up in Crown Heights just now on an 8T8R site. Those are download speeds slightly faster than my home WiFi.
  12. RT @SouthernHomo: Me after studying for 5 minutes https://t.co/m7FxNwaN1B

  13. Sprint to Offer Free Wifi at Airports Through Boingo

    Boingo WiFi is pretty fast in Logan Airport in Boston. My phone connected automatically too.
  14. Well now I know RCS actually works on my device. My dad recently got a Note 8 and I texted him directly as opposed to in a group chat for the first time in a while and was caught off guard by green text boxes and read receipts. They also sent very quickly like an instant message. I should add that we are both using the default Samsung Messaging app as opposed to the Android Messages app.
  15. @ProudCaribbean What show is she watching?