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  1. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Before MB I was usually parked in lackluster B25 and B26 in and outside my house, pulling less than 1 Mbps. Only had B41 ocassionally in my bedroom on the second floor. I managed to test that B41 service a few times at -115 dBm and pulled 30 to 50 Mbps, but only in my bedroom. Not in the front yard, not in my backyard or anywhere else around my neighborhood. Now I get around 10 Mbps throughout the house and around my property, which is a 10x increase from before, uploads remained consistent at around 3 to 5 Mbps. Obviously if I constantly had B41 service I wouldn't have requested the MB.
  2. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I think my MB is running a single carrier of B41 backhaul. I get speeds of a third of what my phone can get in the one room in my house that gets any B41 with 3 CA. Between 10 and 16 Mbps where the phone alone can reach 30 to 50 Mbps download.
  3. Well, from a post in "The Wall" about VZW & TM spectrum swap I gathered that it has 20 MHz of C block allocated for Sprint and the usual 10 MHz G block for a total of 30 MHz in Las Cruces.
  4. You might be right. I'll check the logs and compare to previous EARFCNs for Las Cruces unless someone beats me to it.
  5. I was in Las Cruces this weekend and the network experience increased significantly from the last time I was there in early June, even though they only have one B25 carrier. Everywhere in the city that I went to the network was great. I didn't take any engineering screenshots though.
  6. Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    I do not. That's the only one I know about.
  7. Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Definitely that upload speed is killing Sprint's score still. Overall the network has improved a bit since the last testing period. If you spend all your time downtown like most tourists it won't seem as bad as it appears. The rest of the scores most closely reflect the true experience, not that network speed test.
  8. HTC U11

    I switched to this phone from an LG G6 and I'm noticing a difference in the RF performance, a positive difference. At home I had never pulled over 1 mbps in upload when connected to B41 and this phone just pulled 4.5 up at a -118 dBm, which is the type of performance I expected from the G6. I'm happy I made the switch so far.
  9. Network Vision/LTE - Houston Market

    Post on previous page makes me believe no, it can't do either. They only have the G Block 5x5, 5 MHz D and 5 MHz E block. As long as cdma is active they can't do much with their PCS there, but Houston seems to be getting quite a few small cells.
  10. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    The threshold is -115 dBm, once the signal goes below to -116 dBm the signal indicator fills up.
  11. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    Has anyone been in a fringe area of B41 but the network bars show full signal strength? It obviously does not work like it would under an actually excellent signal. It's that a phone error or a tower error. This is happening on two different phones in the same area (S7 and G6). The coverage is from what I can tell 2 clear sites and 1 Sprint 8t8r. The Sprint site and one of the clear sites is giving me that reading. While the weak clear signal is giving the better performance. It's weird.
  12. I wish At&t was doing vectoring, I might reconsider them for my service if they offered 100 Mbps. G.fast as far as all the things I've read is most useful for apartment buildings. Saves them from having to rewire buildings. Fiber is the way to go but comparing 40k for vectoring to 250k plus for deployment of fiber at every neighborhood, Wallstreet would lose it. If you have anything available higher than 10 Mbps you probably have fiber to the node, in everything I've seen I have never encountered T3 ATMs at these DSL sites. Mostly up to 8 T1s. Maybe bonded pairs for up to 100 Mbps ethernet at rural sites where fiber is too expensive, but even those are going away with the Connect America Fund.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    So I guess they're still tinkering with the cell sites in the area. I'm sitting on the second floor of my house with a stable -110 dbm band 41 signal while yesterday it was all over the place and in previous months it was only blips of B41. Luckily it's a 8t8r site with 3 carriers and that just pushed a speedtest to near 40 mbps down and 1 up. Once I get the MB it's going to do wonders for the vicinity.
  14. Just from what he posted there are at least 6 sites going up over the next 18 months including 1 east of I-25. 1 of the south side sites seems to be a colocation with Verizon that recently got shot down by NIMBYs in the area, last I read about it anyway.