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  1. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    The magic box came in today while I was at work and she set it up. She has reported that everything is 5 bars on LTE. I will give an update tomorrow on the speed test when I get home tonight.
  2. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    i just got an email today from Sprint saying I should receive my Magic box in 2-3 weeks.
  3. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    I received a call on May 12th, and the lady told me it would be about 6-8 weeks.
  4. HTC One max [Tri-Band] (was "HTC "Phablet" aka "T6"")

    This phone isn't getting lollipop. I checked the HTC support page,and it looks like they gave up on it. I asked a representative, and he said that it will not see the update.
  5. HTC One max [Tri-Band] (was "HTC "Phablet" aka "T6"")

    GPS is still a mess, along with the bluetooth. Ive noticed that when I reboot the GPS usually locks in and does ok. I did something to screw up my charging port and am getting another max hopefully by Tuesday.
  6. HTC One max [Tri-Band] (was "HTC "Phablet" aka "T6"")

    They had me go into the boot loader to do it.On my way home from work I had no GPS issues.
  7. HTC One max [Tri-Band] (was "HTC "Phablet" aka "T6"")

    I went to support at htc.com today, and they had me clear the cache. I will see tonight if it helped any.
  8. HTC One max [Tri-Band] (was "HTC "Phablet" aka "T6"")

    Well hopefully there will be another update to fix this, another problem I had before the update was connectivity with my bluetooth LG tones headset. I took it to the sprint store, and they didn't see a problem.
  9. HTC One max [Tri-Band] (was "HTC "Phablet" aka "T6"")

    One thing that I have noticed after the update was that my GPS has gone to crap. I can barely use google navigation now, has anyone else noticed this. Up until now I have loved this phone.
  10. Does anyone know if Mabank is in the Athens Texas market? We are about 15 miles away.