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  1. Orbic Wonder

    I looked up the processor specs, and the modem is capable of 2XCA (actually 2x10 MHz, so it probably wouldn't be much use on B41). It's about what I would expect for a phone in that price range. https://www.qualcomm.com/products/MSM8937
  2. I agree about the overrating. My thought has been all along that density will be more the answer than wrestling away spectrum from someone every decade. More density means spreading the load out more. I think Sprint's 2.5 spectrum is more suited for small cells. The range is limited enough that it gives a place like a neighborhood in a macro site dead spot good service without being overloaded. Small cells don't need to cover several square miles.
  3. Well Praise the Lord! The "LTE Plus".coverage issues for the Cleveland market have been mostly resolved. They forgot to add the new B41 coverage in Geauga county. Then again, it has only been continuously live for less than a week. It looks like the Toledo market may have been thinned on B41, but my hunch is that it needed it. It doesn't look like anything was done in west PA to account for any of the B41 live sites around Erie, Meadville and State College. It may be that an official launch hasn't occurred yet.
  4. The transition of 600 MHz spectrum is starting to happen here. The first bought out of 4 stations, WUAB, shut down their RF-28 transmitter on Monday and is now channel sharing with WOIO on high VHF For now they still have a translator in Akron on channel 24 until WEAO kicks them off.
  5. This is certainly promising. Other markets like the seemingly forgotten West PA market now have 800MHz sites that have been found by S4GRU members.

    I still can't figure out how to "follow" anything in the protected threads. If it's a public thread then I have no problem following.
  7. I just see this as part of a push and pull between a free enterprise capitalistic economy and the government not letting it get out of control. For example, letting cellular carriers put up 100' poles in a local Akron Ohio area neighborhood made people who live and work in the area quite upset. I (and ingenium) spoke to a small business owner who was not happy with the 100' tall pole Sprint small cell right in front of their auto care business. Neither one of us argued her point despite our excitement about finding the Sprint small cells. I certainly understood her situation as I'd probably be mad too, even if it is Sprint.. Stuff like this kicked off a wave with cities in Northeast Ohio starting to pass zoning restrictions to limit the height of these things while also allow the cellular industry to continue their deployment work. So as far as net neutrality goes, similar forces are at work. It's this time that the capitalistic side is pushing back on the government. Apparently it is now perceived by the now FCC top dogs as having too much government control over this avenue. Like it or not, people voted in an administration who is more business friendly. For some light reading, here's a link to the post that contains these small cells that I mentioned. http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/6612-cleveland-market-nv-20-spreadsheetmap-and-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=494147 Per site rules, it is only allowed to be in the premier section, sorry.
  8. The "LTE Plus" coverage in my market, Cleveland, is still way off. It's mostly understated. Cuyahoga County is especially bad. On the flip side, the Eastern part of Mahoning county is overstated in portions east of Youngstown. New B41 has been still showing up from time to time. I found one new live from a site off of Brookpark Rd. Just east of I-71 a couple weeks ago. And the maps and spreadsheet have been continually updated. A vast majority of sites in the Cleveland metro area now have B41, but one would never know that on Sprint's coverage map. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/6612-cleveland-market-nv-20-spreadsheetmap-and-discussion/
  9. I'm quite pleased at how the Sprint network is performing in the Cleveland Market, but it was a LONG time coming. It has only been within the last month that most sites in the primary IBEZ now have all sectors live with B26. Average signal strength has improved with B26, but most dead zones without B26 still are dead zones with B26. I think it's really a testament to Sprint's network rebuild that B25 LTE worked as well as it did in the absence of B26. Sprint's decision years ago to put the brakes on rural site 8T8R deployment has still left me without B41 even though it came really close, but speeds are still plenty fast enough for me on B25 and 26. I think the rural 8T8R build-out here was a stupid idea despite my happiness to see it deployed. From a spreadsheet manager standpoint, I hate trying to match these (cheaper) B41 mini macros that have been deployed over the last year, but fortunately over 60% of our sites already have 8T8R equipment installed. The last two most recent B41 sites I've found live have been 8T8R, so I'm glad to see that at least both are still being used now. It's my dream that mini macros will cease to be used here in favor of the 8T8R stuff.
  10. Mobile hotspot in Extended LTE

    Years ago when my parents had a mobile broadband router (3G), they somehow managed to rack up a ton of roaming usage one month. I then changed it to home only and they never had another problem. The letter basically says cut it out or your service will be dropped. Fortunately they got a warning first before a letter of termination of service.
  11. The strange thing here is that Cleveland on what I believe is the "typical" B26 EARFCN which is 8763, and I've also been told that 3x3 is here to stay until further notice. Our CDMA Channel is different being at 526. In our secondary IBEZ zone, 1x800 was initially 476 and was changed to 526 when B26 launched.
  12. The Magic Box 6 months later

    I have an inverter that has a built in watt meter, so I plugged my Gen 2 MB in to see what it pulls. It is pretty efficient. When it's fully configured and transmitting B41, it pulls about 10 watts. During setup when B41 is off, it pulls just 3 watts.
  13. Do you know if the carrier size is 3 or 5 MHz? Its 3 MHz in the Cleveland market IBEZ zones. B26 went live here back in the spring. Many sites within 20 miles or so of the Lake have the 0F northerly sector shut off. In some cases only one sector is live at a particular site. The strange thing is that many sites along the lakeshore have 0F active. Maybe it's to test interference to Canada without a potential network interruption if sectors need to be shut off?
  14. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    All Sprint small cells found in the Ohio markets have had their Cascade ID posted at the site, so it makes singling it out a lot easier. They've all contained 90XS. For instance, a cascade ID for a small cell found in a Cleveland, OH area suburb is CL90XSB19. Obviously, the LA market prefix is different. Also, the signal is quite strong standing next to those things. I've achieved low -60s RSRP standing roughly 20 feet away from the pole.