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  1. Joski1624

    Moto G6 etc Omnithread

    I'm disappointed that the G6+ isn't slated to be released in the US. It was the only G series model that was to be capable of 3x20MHz CA. The other two G6 models do 2xCA. I guess I might as well stick with my aging Nexus 5X. I'm disappointed because I really love the RF performance of my old X2.
  2. Joski1624

    Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    The extent of small cell deployments is not really known because there simply needs to be someone who knows of its existence, and my driving around only accomplishes so much. If you could get lat/long coordinates, it would be helpful. The easiest way is to just to go to the site and take an SCP screenshot that contains your current coordinates, pics would be a plus. Many of the non conceal small cells have had the site Cascade visibly posted. These concealed ones that are popping up more often now don't seem to have that advantage. I also recently had one installed near my work, but it's still too far away to receive. It does at least partly cover what is a B25/41 dead spot right in the center of Middlefield. If Sprint installs another small cell just north of that area (the current one is just south), it probably would be covered well
  3. Joski1624

    Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    Just a quick update: An additional 5x5 B25 carrier at 10x10 carrier sites in Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Portage and summit counties has been discovered within the last month. In SCP, look for GCI endings in 06, 07, 08 on B25, or earfcn 8265 if you happen to stumble across the new 5x5 LTE carrier. This now gives us the same 15x15 MHz (5x5 + 10x10) total of B25 LTE that the Columbus market has enjoyed for some time, though the carrier frequencies used there differ from our market. B41 is also being deployed at quite a rapid rate. There's a growing backlog of B41 finds from folks traveling from Pittsburgh and Columbus and have submitted their SCP logs ( @dkyeager has been gracious enough to process them for us). There isn't much in-market participation anymore outside of myself and occasionally from another guy who lives on the west side.
  4. My observation is that a 10x10 B25 carrier performs nearly identically to a 3x3 B26 carrier at the cell coverage edge when measured outdoors. Once the signal strength drops below -115 on a 3MHz carrier, data throughput starts to really suffer. An additional -10dB can be tacked onto a B25 10x10 carrier before it suffers the same fate. Maybe the only advantage is slightly better indoor coverage for B26.
  5. I do think it is over conservative for a lot of the Cleveland Market, actually. Basically any site that has received B41 since the beginning of 2017 is not showing on the map. Another couple map updates, and we'll be right back to the Cleveland area having hardly any B41. GRR!
  6. Joski1624

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    @ingenium helped me diagnose why my box never connects to B41 at my local site. Apparently the box looks for PLMN 310830 from the macro. By way of network signal guru, I was able to see what the macro was sending. Sure enough, it was only spitting out the standard plmn of 310120 on B41, but was sending both 310120 and 310830 on both B25 and 26. So if anyone has the same problem as me, that may be the culprit
  7. Joski1624

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Whatever, I give up.
  8. Joski1624

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I'm confused, that's already indicated as a magic box GCI according to your screenshot.
  9. Joski1624

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I got a magic box for my workplace because of similar obstruction issues. It worked well until the macro became more congested and Sprint peeps at work found out the LTE signal at work improved. Sometimes there's issues during breaks, but it otherwise does the job okay for things like audio streaming. Battery life improved a lot which was a huge plus.
  10. Joski1624

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Wow, that's almost the lowest frequency possible. Anything below 2496 MHz is something else entirely. Cleveland had a WiMAX carrier on 2508.5MHz, but the channel was only 10MHz wide.
  11. Joski1624

    How to contact someone at Sprint

    Why the phone boot looped, trying band toggling or something else?
  12. Ever since the massive B41 coverage overhaul for Cleveland, OH market back in December, they haven't kept up with adding B41 new coverage from sites that have been live for over a month.
  13. Joski1624

    How to contact someone at Sprint

    If you've got a rooted phone, you might try toggling the CDMA bands (class 1 is 1900 and class 10 is 1x800) in a app like network signal guru to see if one or the other is better for you. Some phones also have this ability through the data menu, but my experience with that method was nearly disastrous. The phone I tried toggling BC 10 on got stuck in a boot loop. The only way I could stop it was airplane mode as soon as it booted into android (before the radio became active) and reenabling BC 10.
  14. In my experience handoffs from LTE to CDMA are almost always accompanied by interruptions in whatever I'm streaming, so I don't see how a handoff from LTE to CDMA would work unless some kind of call waiting function is built in on the network side to prevent a dropped call. I think it would be super annoying to the average user who would expect it to be a consistent flawless operation, and doesn't understand nor care about any technical challenges and limitations.
  15. Joski1624

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    With my local site offline, the nearest site is over 6 miles away. I live in a low spot and terrain blocks in most directions, so even the best of the best probably wouldn't hold onto B26 in those conditions. 1x800 was very weak, about -108 to -110 dBm. That's close to the minimum usable threshold, so a couple of dB made a huge difference. In general, the PH-1 still worked the best on 1x800 and LTE 800. I was already fed up anyway, so even the nearly par 800MHz performance wasn't acceptable to me. Granted my LG Nexus phones aren't much better. My el-cheapo Motorola E2 is what opened my eyes 😳