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  1. RT @tropicallesbian: idk wtf you said, but i feel you. https://t.co/I6gzPX8mEM

  2. They already announced they are raising CapEx and the network is a priority....did I miss anything else?
  3. RT @zachbraff: Presidents’. https://t.co/nDTBmKkleD

  4. RT @iam2Major: https://t.co/LbLI1O1XMe

  5. 5g : what's required ?

    I think 4 carriers will be 1.2gbps. They accomplished 300mbps on a single b41 carrier. I’m excited to experience this!!! Now hopefully upload can be at least be 15-20mbps lol
  6. Yeah they have a lot. I’m praying they execute flawlessly. Crazy to think 5G is next year.
  7. 2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for Sprint. I dont know which one im more excited about. VoLTE or 4x4 mimo and 256qam lol
  8. RT @TheMoCoShow: Winter Olympic athletes with ties to Wheaton, Montgomery Village, Rockville, and Germantown. More here: https://t.co/4M7c…

  9. I would hope they are since they are only capable of 2xca. If they are in fact capable of 4x4 MIMO and 256qam then we should be ok.
  10. Are Sprint Small cells/ Mini Macros 4x4 mimo & 256qam compatiable?
  11. RT @bkerogers: I think it’s important that we remember there were other options besides flushing the hamster down the toilet.

  12. John Legere will #SprintLikeHell back to the cave he came from
  13. Makes sense. Shentel is paying for the network deployment for those specific areas. Less work for Sprint.
  14. This is pretty impressive during rush hour time. Do you live in a large metropolitan area?
  15. I just got my Magic Box (ordered it 2 days ago) and I have band 41 in my apt now! I used to pull 5-8 down on band 25 but now I’m averaging 42 down on band 41 i live in an apartment so my neighbors with Sprint will benefit too!