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  1. Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

    iPhone 7 Plus
  2. RT @Zendaya: ....I have waited so long for this very moment. https://t.co/S6jKUX7iPz

  3. No idea. Maybe it’s because it’s a Verizon iphone 😂😂
  4. Voice Call Continuity (VCC)

    I made a VoLTE call without a WiFi hand off. We are getting closer!
  5. I think Sprint is testing VoLTE or Calling Plus in my area. While I was on my way home I noticed I was still connected to LTE on my iPhone 7+ (iOS version 11.1 & carrier 30.1) one thing I did notice though it only worked if I was connected to band 41, I couldn’t replicate the “VoLTE” connection if I was on band 25 or band 26. I wasn’t connected to WiFi prior pretty cool.
  6. Will Sprint have to file permits for Massive Mimo antennas?
  7. RT @KarenCivil: Kendrick Lamar graces 1/4 covers of @Forbes' #30Under30 edition for the class of 2018! https://t.co/wzvXnT8t0x

  8. I believe so too. I’m reading old articles and according to this one Sprint will start Massive MIMO deployment beginning of next year. Now this article was dated back in September (during T-Mobile merger) however if we take Marcelo’s word on the network I would assume this is still on track. Its awesome that Sprint and Ericcson was able to achieve 300mbps from one 20mhz channel!
  9. This plus small cells and HPue would be great! We can expect 4xca next year right?
  10. RT @DSharp_Runs: Lmao When you can’t handle Smoking Weed Pt.1 🤦🏽‍♂️#AnimojiMovie https://t.co/zbD4TjBX2t

  11. iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    does the verizon iphone 7 plus work on Sprint's band 41 network? i checked apple's website and it look like it does but I wanted to double check
  12. 2018 should be great. I’m crossing my fingers. I wonder if they will move 8t8r antennas to lower priority towers and add 64x64 antennas to all high priority towers / densely populated areas. Not sure about the cost of 64x64 antennas. Also will there ever be 3xCA capable small cells?