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  1. mideastbeast

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Ugh the display is soooo disappointing. Erica knows her stuff with displays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JjbMT_x6CM
  2. mideastbeast

    LG V30

    The Pixel 2 XL is capable of 3X CA and I've reached LTE speeds of 112mpbs on a 3X CA phone. It would be great to have 4X but those sweet Pixel dual front facing speakers and significantly larger battery have me on the fence. I'm leaning towards the Pixel.
  3. mideastbeast

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Is this an HPUE device?
  4. No not for less if you've upgraded a device in the past 2 yrs. For instance my sister has 5 lines. 4 of the lines upgraded using 2yr subsidized pricing. 1 line upgraded a year ago, 1 did it 8 months ago, 1 about 6 months ago and 1 did it last month. To change plans Sprint is charging those 4 lines an additional $25 per line on top of their normal plan rate. Only 1 out of the 5 lines isn't getting hit with this $25 fee because they are out of contract.
  5. mideastbeast

    LG V20: LG's Next V10? (LG-LS997)

    Love the phone. Battery life leaves something to be desired but there are so many nice little features. You'll like the camera. I suggest setting the front facing Camera to 5MP and rear facing to 12MP. If you use your phone in the dark I'd download "Night Owl" app so you can make the screen dimmer as it doesn't get as dim as my Samsung Note 4 did. Updates seem to be fine but I'm used to slow Samsung Updates. "Knock On" feature is great and fingerprint reader is accurate. I suggest watching some tips and tricks videos on youtube. I'd watch a few different ones as you might learn something new from different videos. Overall it performs really well. Enjoy the phone.
  6. mideastbeast

    LG V20: LG's Next V10? (LG-LS997)

    It seems like such a small thing to like but none of my Samsung phones showed the battery life of Bluetooth headphones and its very handy info to have especially when you use them for the gym. I don't have to worry about my music stopping half way thru a workout. I was pumped when I saw that the phone had this indicator.
  7. mideastbeast

    LG V20: LG's Next V10? (LG-LS997)

    It was a concern for me too but I took several side by side indoor pics using auto focus for both phones. It was a complete landslide victory for the V20. I can't say outdoor pics would yield the same result because I sold the Note 4 before I could test those but I'm guessing the result would be similar.
  8. mideastbeast

    LG V20: LG's Next V10? (LG-LS997)

    Good to know. I'm waiting for mine to arrive. I might not open them. I'll just put them on Craigslist for $100 and take the best offer. I'm not a big fan of earbuds anyway. I love the phone though. I came from a Note 4. Huge upgrade especially the camera.
  9. mideastbeast

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    I still have my Note 4. I just got an update today. Hoping it fixes the GPS. It worked but it was always pointing in the wrong direction so it threw me off.
  10. mideastbeast

    Sprint to end 2 Year Contracts

    It's like they're/there/ their. You rarely see those used correctly anymore. Or like "dieded". Did he dieded?....Ugh I hate that stupid meme. God I feel like I'm 80 years old. You kids get off my damn lawn! Oh but back to the top....Maverick and AppleFanBoy both have good points. I would be tempted by that 40GB family deal. To make things more complicated the reason I use less data from Sprint now is because I switched my internet provider to Comcast which includes their Wi-Fi hotspot app. Most of my data was used listening to music at my gym which doesn't offer WiFi but with the app I can connect to Comcast/Xfinity internet which seems to be ubiquitous in my town.
  11. mideastbeast

    Sprint to end 2 Year Contracts

    So does Sprint lower their monthly rates for existing customers if the 2yr contract subsidy goes away? If not then this hurts existing customers. Or are we thought of as loss leaders who should be forced to switch to limited data plans? I'm not bashing and I really don't use much data these days. I just want to know where I stand.
  12. mideastbeast

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    Yeah I thought so. The Anker battery will be on my next Amazon order. I don't plan on getting a new phone for 9-10 months so I might as well replace it.
  13. mideastbeast

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 User Thread

    Battery life seems worse with last update. Granted I've had the phone for 16 months and I'm a fairly heavy phone user but nevertheless. I've even stripped away a few apps I rarely use and tried tweaking some power saving things but it seems to drain faster. I'm wondering if I should just replace the battery because it got old already or was it really the last update that had an impact.?
  14. Maybe Sprint needs to take the Domino's Pizza approach. Admit how bad they used to be and promise to improve. They are 4th largest now so they can talk about being the underdog and the smallest company and get some sympathy (though that would take some seriously clever marketing).
  15. I know a thing or 2 about meeting customers face to face. I sell medicare health plans to seniors age 65 and up. My 65 year olds are my young clients. I know that I'll keep them as clients for around 20 years (statistically speaking). 5-6 years ago less than 1% of them had smart phones. Today 15-20% have smart phones. I sell on the phone and online but mostly face to face. Out of my online sales, my phone sales and my face to face sales guess which clients I tend to retain the longest? Guess which clients tell their friends, neighbors and family about me and get me the most referrals? Guess which ones buy from me over and over are the most loyal? I knew from the day I heard about Sprint doing this "Direct2You" thing that it would be a success. My father has worked this way for 33 years. I've been doing this job for over a decade and I have the option to just work online and over the phone but I chose to do face to face appointments. I choose to meet people at their homes or a coffee shop. That face to face meeting is invaluable. Most people aren't phone wizards and switching around between Apple, Android etc may not be as easy for them as it is for most of us. I know what works and what doesn't. Those online buyers aren't going to be your most loyal customers.