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  1. Hey, Los Angelinos, what to do in L.A.?

    Orange County Fair is a good choice. Try El Cholo's in Santa Monica. Great mexican food.
  2. HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    How is the RF on this phone? I really like the M8 so I want something that is at least as good or better.
  3. HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    I know with my previous phone, Uh-oh protection was valid no matter where you bought the phone. I traded in my M8 last year using Uh-oh and I purchased the original from Best But.
  4. [UPDATED] How P for powerful is the Nexus 6P RF?

    How is the RF compared to the HTC One M8? Just curious since I currently have that phone.
  5. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Anybody have any charging port issues with the M8 yet? Seems like mine's works when it feels like it. Tried several different cables and the same thing happens.
  6. Network Vision/LTE - Las Vegas Market

    Just left Vegas Saturday and service has improved since Christmas time. Stayed at the new SLS and got LTE, although it was on Band 25. Still was able to surf with no real issues. Even took a ride out to Southwest Henderson and still had LTE.
  7. Not Again! Didn't this happen last year?

    Happy Birthday Robert!! Enjoy!!!
  8. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    B41 was also down in the South Bay (Torrance) area for the last two days.
  9. Not in the IE, but Band 41 has made a huge difference in the South Bay. I get basement service and that means a lot.
  10. Great article. Glad to see some aggressiveness back at Sprint.
  11. I was wondering if it is eCSFB that causes my HTC One M8 to constantly switch networks. My Bluetooth (Motorola H730) beeps every time a switch happens and driving around LA it switches quite a bit. Makes we wonder if my connection is ever stable while my phone is on LTE/CDMA. If I switch my phone to 3G only the connection is very stable.
  12. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Well uninstalled Signal check and I still get the low beep. I guess I will live with it for now. Thanks for the help!!!
  13. HTC One M8 User Thread

    One more small thing I have come across. Hopefully someone else has seen this. Every time I start a call on Bluetooth, I get a popup screen asking me to select the Bluetooth, Speaker or phone. Is there a way to turn this off? This is a small issue, but I would prefer to have the ability to turn it off.
  14. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Actually I do have that installed. I will check it out! Thanks for the info!!!
  15. HTC One M8 User Thread

    I have actually looked at the phone and monitored the switch and the low beep it makes when switching. Maybe it's my bluetooth (motorola H730), but it is definitely happening when the network is switching.
  16. HTC One M8 User Thread

    I would like to know if anyone else gets the low beep in the Bluetooth every time the phone changes networks (4g to 3g)? It's low, but after a while it can get on my nerves.
  17. HTC One M8 User Thread

    I am trying to figure if there is an app to disable the call end beep. This is very annoying to me, especially on speaker.
  18. HTC One M8 User Thread

    My wife had that issue at her job, but I switched the phone to my number and it seems to work great. I even get 3g service in our basement office where my S3 couldn't hold any signal.
  19. Are all 3g/4g towers CSFB enabled? My wife's HTC One M8 can't send or receive text and it can't get on the internet. However, at home and other locations it works fine. Two of the three towers by her job are accepted 3g/4g, but one isn't even 3g accepted.
  20. I have a question regarding the CSFB issue. How fast will the phone switch back to LTE once a phone call is finished? I noticed my wife's M8 kinda stuck in 3g after a call. I really didn't notice LTE until we were almost home. Now before the phone call the M8 was on LTE and moving super fast!
  21. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Phone works great at home. No issues. Maybe it's a tower issue by her job.
  22. HTC One M8 User Thread

    I'll see if it is an issue by our house because it is confirmed to be configured for eCSFB.
  23. HTC One M8 User Thread

    She has told me she is not getting 3g or 4g signal.
  24. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Signal on the GSIII was usually 2 to 3 bars.
  25. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Just bought my wife a new HTC One M8 and she is not getting a usable network signal where her old GSIII worked great. She was able to get 4g on her GSIII, but now no signal with her M8. Could it be the phone?