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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Holy shit battery life has dramatically improved with beta 6!
  2. But I thought people were gonna die from the Tax Bill, reeeeeeeeeeee! In all seriousness its about damn time the corporate tax rate gets lowered, we are competitive again! Hope to see Sprint use the extra money it saves from lower corporate taxes and puts it towards network investments.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Hopefully this will be in the final build, will post once they get back to me.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I have noticed a new option added to the Data Programming screen on the Oreo beta for LTE called Band 41 PCII which is by default enabled. Anyone know what this for, is this possibly 2x CA upload?
  5. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Talks are still going on, that press release shows that SoftBank is willing to walk away from this deal unless more favorable conditions are met. Personally I am hoping SoftBank walks away from this merger by the end of the week. I rather see Sprint go at it alone and Son just pump money into the network and show that Sprint is a serious player to Verizon. Keep the network plans that were released months back which included adding thousands of macro/mini macro cell sites, overlay the entire network with 2.5GHz, add massive MIMO, continue to refarm legacy 1900 3G to LTE and have this network humming by Q2 2018. EDIT: As of 10 minutes ago MarketWatch is reporting that merger talks are officially off, if so couldn't be more happier.
  6. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Positive growth, check. Large amounts of LTE spectrum, check. Adding customers, check. Competitive, check. Yea it is doing well and has enormous growth potential without T-Mobile. Reading some of your previous posts about Sprint makes me think your just here to troll.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Once you disable an LTE band 25 or 26 or both you must restart your S8 for the settings to take effect. Just remember to re-enable and restart again to enable LTE Bands 25 and 26.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    My S8 holds B41 much longer than her S7, I've seen the RSRP as high as -135dBm on my S8 and still have a usable data connection. If my phone isn't on B41 its stays on B25, I hardly see B26 unless I go down in my basement.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I love my S8, I haven't had any issues as some users have stated on here. To me HPUE seems to be doing what it was advertised to do, especially when I compare it to my wife's S7 I get B41 in areas that her phone will drop to B25. I really enjoy HDR on the phone as well it will melt your eyes.
  10. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    One of the many reasons why I can't stand T-Mobile...
  11. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    How is Canada's three wireless companies working out...
  12. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    This merger would stagnate the wireless market it would stink almost immediately. You are pro-merger but already wondering if they would have capital to build and expand the network. Sprint now has positive revenue to increase CAPEX for additional B41, MIMO, and 5G why hault the improvements that Sprint has been making? You guys screaming pro merger really need to sit back and really think, are you willing to see less competition and increasing wireless bills? Not to mention that unlimited will be a thing of the past, after all it was Sprint and T-Mobile that made the big two offer unlimited. If this merger goes through I don't want to hear complaining I am taking names...
  13. I'm sure Sprint will implement this at some point in time but for new customers only...