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  1. @WhiningFatty Check out the #starchsolution. You’ll never be hungry while on it and you’ll lose weight like crazy :)

  2. @josemackenzie87 escríbeme

  3. @CircleVFest do you know the dates for 2018’s fest? Those coming from far away would like to know :)

  4. @ABQSunport Fort Lauderdale

  5. @LanaParrilla I hope you consider going #vegan!

  6. @SECUNM CEO Harold Dixon hard at work, meeting with @repbenraylujan @NMCreditUnions https://t.co/1MVe1t7joD

  7. ... and Kentucky! https://t.co/RcO5aQq7kB

  8. @JohnLegere You need to strike a deal with @SouthwestAir for free wifi!

  9. Actually... i think the iPhone ruined ATT’s reputation. They were not ready to handle so many new subscribers with much higher data demands. The iPhone broke ATT in many metro areas. It took many years for them to build the capacity to handle their exclusive relationship with Apple.
  10. RT @bwolston: BofA, my sincerest thanks to your latest anti-consumer decision to eliminate your free checking acct. Making my job easier ev…

  11. RT @JohnOberg: The sweetest thing you’ll see today! 😍 Please RT! 🧡 #compassion https://t.co/lXxsRESPap

  12. @drcupp82 That’s hilarious

  13. Thanks, that’s the issue... my Tmo service has been extremely unreliable this past month. That said... it’s gotten slightly better and they are sending me a signal booster. They claim they are upgrading the towers near my house. I’ll try to wait it out and see what happens b/c as you said... I have a heck of a deal.
  14. The biggest thing I”d have to lose is that I would be relinquishing my Tmo plan - I pay $118/month taxes included for five lines. Then I get kickback on at least one line and I have One Plus (double international speeds)/HD pass on three of the lines - all included in that price. I guess I switched at a pretty sweet time. So this decision is pretty hard. At this point, I’m leaning to stay with Tmo for the time being.. their service seems to be better than it had been in my area, so we’ll see.
  15. RT @washingtonpost: Iguanas are falling out of trees in Florida because it's so cold. Please don't pick them up https://t.co/dSL35hUFvK