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  1. RT @TheEllenShow: I’m determined to do something about this. #BeKindToElephants https://t.co/0dGkx4vNzD

  2. @spirithoods I bought one of your hats last winter & was very disappointed when I relialized this weekend that it isn’t #vegan & has wool

  3. @AmericanExpress when are you going to have a #vegan #byinvitationonly event?

  4. @SouthwestAir @RedCross could someone from your NM office reach out to me?

  5. @MsMechanica I’m thinking about getting the New Subaru Crosstrek in orange :)

  6. @jaketapper So how come you didn’t talk about Puerto Rico on your show this past Sunday?! Almost a week had gone b… https://t.co/TXYXSrjiDf

  7. RT @ananavarro: @realDonaldTrump, stop dividing Americans. Focus on 3MM in ??, damn it! No power, no food, stifling heat, knee-high water,…

  8. RT @DrJulienArbor: #IrmaSOS #PembrokePines #CenturyVillage Frail seniors with no working elevators still without power after Irma https:/…

  9. RT @Apple: Join us September 12 at 10am PT to watch the #AppleEvent live at https://t.co/xi6CRXgQPH. Retweet for updates from @Apple. https…

  10. It looks like they extended the free year promo through The end of September.
  11. So is the improvement in sprint speeds in abq noticeable? I never really got any download speeds over 10-15 Mbps in abq when I had them (until February)
  12. Question about the free year promo - does anyone know how long you have to have been a non sprint costumer to be eligible for the free year promo? We left to T-Mobile as I posted here bc of the price. But call quality at T-Mobile is aweful compared to sprint - lots of spots with dropped or nearly dropped calls.. areas with signal almost going away and having to have people repeat themselves. Considering coming back to sprint after four or five months with magenta. If i do this, I'll miss having open world on my account. :-/
  13. I'm not sure how this gets rid of gimmicks. I believe consumers want a price that will stick - not a plan that will jump in a year.