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  1. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    Who cares what it looks like? I didn't know this was the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
  2. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    I drove by today and it was there. I didn't visually confirm the equipment on the tower, but all indications are that's where it is. There's a small cell EARFCN in the vicinity and I haven't figured out where that was. It could be at the Sprint store that's near there.
  3. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    I misread the site. I thought it said that the last seen was in 2016, therefore assuming it was offline. It has the last seen in December, so likely I just haven't had CellMapper on when driving past there since then.
  4. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    https://www.cellmapper.net/testmap/map/310/120/LTE?lat=41.954192385285396&lng=-88.73004913330078&z=15 Any thoughts on site 517309? There is a tower there with multiple carriers, but it's not a legacy site and doesn't appear to be an active Sprint site any longer.
  5. My rambling's and things I find...

    Major APAC real estate and infrastructure investor partners with Softbank on US infrastructure. http://wirelessestimator.com/articles/2017/towercos-headed-for-some-stiff-competition-with-formation-of-lendlease-towers/
  6. While looking for consultant partners to sell my ISP services, I came across these guys. http://www.naperville.net/Consulting-Computers-Telecommunication/Celenium-Corporation-18483
  7. The Magic Box 6 months later

    The ping time will approximately double because you're now going through two LTE links. LTE has a moderately high ping time.
  8. [Teaser] Life's Good with the V30

    This is even bigger news now that PR is basically destroyed and has to be rebuilt.
  9. My rambling's and things I find...

    Well, a new tactic might have worked. A Tweet to Guenther got me in touch with Sprint's VP, Network Engineering and Deployment. Hopefully I can get some traction there. Has Sprint changed their backhaul capacity at all? I believe it was last rumored that it was 1 gig to the tower. I've heard in some areas, some cell companies want an entire sheath of dark fiber. Post in a Premier thread if it's too sensitive for public consumption.
  10. Now that Android 7 includes EARFCN data in the API, what's the cheapest phone to get the most information out of each network? I'd like to get one phone each for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and US Cellular and then get the cheapest SIM card I can for them.
  11. My rambling's and things I find...

    I've been gathering information about MSCs and cores in my area, largely through carrier maps, building lists, etc. Most have registered switches with CLLIs, but often just searching that address will tell you what company has that facility.Some information is from property records, some from EPA records for generator fuel storage, some probably from old phone records, etc. It is geographically limited and by no means guaranteed to be complete within that. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15ZBWRVe5hVKfDLjsF3hbRCIj7sQ&usp=sharing Trying to get into the mobile backhaul game, so figuring out where to go. If anyone has leads on doing business with the carriers, let me know.
  12. My rambling's and things I find...

    Is there a map of the MSCs and cores? I know one can get a list of MSCs from the maps and one can then do some research to actually find them. I know there's a core in Chicago and IIRC, it's either in Chicago proper or Bridgeview, but that's from speculation based on prior testing work by Sprint.
  13. Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    For frak's sake, stop moving individual posts into monster thrrads!
  14. Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    Is anyone else experiencing slowness on the Nexus 6 with Android 7.1.1? I factory reset it a while back and it didn't seem to make a difference, but I didn't really use the phone until it reloaded all of my apps. I'm contemplating it again and trying to be more judicious of what gets reloaded, but at this point I don't know what difference it'll make.
  15. Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    I know that's true, but that's complete crap on Google's behalf. The whole point of these is to get updates quickly and over the long term. Microsoft is still releasing patches for Windows XP 16 years later. Google throws something by the wayside just a few years later.
  16. My rambling's and things I find...

    Does anyone know where the tower backhaul goes back to? Does it go back to the MSCs before heading to the core or does it go straight to the core?
  17. My rambling's and things I find...

    Anyone want a PCS-F license? http://selectspectrum.com/PCS_broadband_CutSheet.pdf http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/license.jsp?licKey=13464
  18. Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    Any issues bringing this up to Android 7? Better experience with radio info and signal mapping applications? Anything else?
  19. Why you shouldn't drive slowly in the left lane https://t.co/0rbkGC1XlX via @YouTube

  20. RT @HansNoordsij: Original video, authorisation from the owner. Essential, no one could predict the accident but the radar did and acted by…

  21. Are you ready for something fucking weird? - All I Want for Christmas Is a Goat - LIVE (Full Concert) https://t.co/CyG7uePeJw via @YouTube

  22. My rambling's and things I find...

    Some LTE education: http://main.rfassurance.com/?q=node/79 http://community.na.baicells.com/t/baitip-of-the-day-december-14th-2016-subframes-and-special-subframes/163 http://community.na.baicells.com/t/baitip-of-the-day-december-14th-2016-increasing-distance/165
  23. Do you know anyone that lives south of 38 and (generally) east of First? Do they care about the direction the city is going? Get them to run