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  1. Where is the spectrum Tmobile will use for 5G? I mean they keep using that B.S that a 10x10, 15x15 600mhz will allow them to launch a nationwide rollout of the tech. I have heard from many people that you will need 100mhz of spectrum alone to deploy a fast, reliable and low latency 5G network. Sprint can do that on their 2.5Gz and Verizon on MMWave holdings.
  2. Well, the Galaxy 9 will be the first phone that will take advantage of all that except the whole 5G NR. John Saw needs to move and execute fast. I think Tmobile really wanted that Sprint merger because of that whopping 160mhz of 2.5ghz spectrum for 5G.
  3. Rootmetrics just dropped their 2017 second half report. http://www.rootmetrics.com/en-US/content/mobile-performance-in-the-us-part-1-performance-across-the-entire-us-2h http://www.rootmetrics.com/en-US/content/mobile-performance-in-the-us-part-2-performance-across-the-50-states-2h http://www.rootmetrics.com/en-US/content/mobile-performance-in-the-top-125-us-metro-areas
  4. Buying Metro PCS would have allowed that in many areas, but the toxic board of directors at that time blocked Hesse.
  5. AT&T was able to change their image due to the iPhone, Tmobile due to the so-called crooked wireless contracts. Perhaps Sprint game changer is 5G in early 2019. If they launch a 5G spotty network then they are finished. John Saw has a huge responsibility on his hands regarding the future of this company.
  6. New CFO will change the name and brand of the company once their network buildout is done.
  7. With the whole fight vs QUALCOMM and Intel becoming the chip marker of choice for Apple I agree with you in that assessment. Apple meme is ' We won't sacrifice battery performance for new network connectivity techs.
  8. Wild speculation about Dish

    http://maps.spectrumgateway.com/dish-600-mhz.html They won a nationwide license in the 600MHZ auction.
  9. I love Gunther, but I never understood why Dr. Saw wasn't overseeing network upgrades and reporting directly to Marcelo since that is what CTO Neville does at Tmobile anyways.
  10. He wants to make sure the whole country is covered by 2.5ghz before the 5G era arrives.
  11. He mentions the reason why churn is high is due to markets where there is little LTE like band 25 or only 3G sites. He mentions Triband has to go to every tower and markets. Good news for folks in markets such as Tucson AZ, Oklahoma etc.
  12. Yup, I just heard exactly that. 5-6 Billion will be low side of CapEx going forward. He also mentions he wants a great network entering 2019.
  13. Charlie Ergen will die first before handing over Tmobile their spectrum holdings. If Verizon 28ghz and 37ghz bands become a disaster which I think it will because that won't penetrate a paper bag then they will go to the table and talk with Dish.
  14. Dish 600MHZ is mostly a 5x5 nationwide and only 10x10 in the New York Tri-state area. Softbank dropped the ball, the Germans were never going to give Masa control of their company, therefore, Softbank needed to bid in the 600mhz auction. Instead, they allowed Tmobile to walk out with all the spectrum. I think Softbank did a bad calculation thinking that oh we could get Tmobile alone with their 600mhz holdings.