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  1. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    FCC and DOJ will approve this. Enjoy the last glorious months. The chain of events was setup when the board didn’t allow Hesse to buy Metro PCS. If T-Mobile never gets Metro they would be a weak company right now. Another stupid move before this was Att arrogance of cutting a deal with a breakup fee during an administration that was very anti big business. I have been saying for three years this is why they never decided to invest in the network because they weren’t on it for the long run. Marcelo didn’t have a problem burning billions on promotions but when it came to network investments the debt bs excuse surfaced. Thanks to The massive band 41 Spectrum Legere and Ray will claim a super fast Network. Now Neville will says Band 41 is a great Spectrum. Watch how he changes his tune.
  2. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Sprint owner has been running the business with a merger in mind for the last three years. If Little Massa Son wanted to make Sprint a force or believe in it they would have started investing on the network from day one. Make city markets dense with band 41 then spread out as the financial health of the company improve. As the cities get dense with band 41, start thinning out legacy 3G on the 1900mhz and blank highways and rural areas alone with 800mhz. The funny thing about these mergers rumors is the Germans don't want to pay market value for Sprint, and this happens because the owner didn't turn the company into a strong player and decided to focus on buying tech companies around the world. The Germans are basically offering a discount offer as take it or leave it. The carrier with the most spectrum and frequencies ideal for 5G is getting a lowball offer. Seems to me the Germans got their advice from Legere about Sprint no worth market value and if they don't take a lowball offer we will crush them. Sprint 2.5ghz-2.6ghz spectrum is worth a premium, and Son is making the mistake of thinking about selling for a below market value.
  3. That is what That is what a wireless carrier spend in a year. Sprint was spending closely the same amount before the merger.
  4. 2014- Zero investment on network 2016- Minor investment on networks
  5. It will take a year after the merger close to see the higher fees and unlimited going bye bye. I do not favor for this merger, but Sprint and its parent company have been waiting for this. This has been their strategy from the start, but the problem now is they are the seller rather than the buyers. The only thing in their way is the DOJ, but the new administration appointed pro-business lawyers in the antitrust department. Had the Japenese invested on Sprint network from the get-go, they would have been negotiating a merger from strength rather than weakness.
  6. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Hey after a merger T-Mobile will introduce the one plan including taxes and fees : 180 dollars per line nice. Unlimited will go bye bye
  7. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I don't want this merger to happen, and I could care less about the Magenta fans saying that Tmobile is too good to merge with Sprint. The fact is Sprint is finally picking steam. They don't really need this merger especially with that massive amount of spectrum for 5G. Massa is wasting his time, the Germans and Legere won't want him to have a say in a combined company period. News like this distract the people that work in the field from executing the company's goals. A combined company will be saturated with debt and will slow the rollout of gigabit class LTE, and 5G. Maybe this is Verizon leaking false information since they are the ones that would benefit from this merger. They are eager to go back to raise fees and eliminate unlimited again.
  8. Nah, after a month Sprint will switch back to that 480p because they are adding so many customers /s.
  9. Marcelo: potential M&A announcement in the near future.
  10. And you wonder why they desperately want some sort of merger. Between 2017 and 2018 they have to pay 10 billion on debt, that is a lot of money so I don't expect major network upgrades or expansion anytime soon.
  11. Sprint cable company deal?

    You still need low band spectrum for coverage and VOLTE.
  12. Sprint cable company deal?

    Comcast didn't win a nationwide license. Everyone allowed Tmobile to grab most of the spectrum. http://maps.spectrumgateway.com/comcast-600-mhz.html http://maps.spectrumgateway.com/t-mobile-600-mhz.html This spectrum will be great for indoors, VOLTE and coverage.
  13. You couldn't be seriously thinking that Legere could go to the White House with this: https://cdn.geekwire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/legereonesie-630x421.png He is like a professional wrestler, he can't be off character otherwise troubles arises at the Magenta Cult.
  14. Rumor the Germans are finalizing the Sprint-T Mobile merger in an all stocks purchase. With Sprint free unlimited plan running until June 30th expect this merger to be announced during the first week of July. lets see what the Magenta cult says when T Mobile is charging 120 dollars for a single unlimited line. Verizon and T will love this to happen because they can raise prices again, no that they are that low anyways.