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  1. I have seen Sprint 1x alongside USCC LTE in Missouri, and NexTech LTE in Kansas. I'm not sure the 1x connection is the deciding factor now, they seem to have allowed for some extra wiggle room on the edge of Sprint coverage.
  2. Streaming Services Chat

    Which Sling package did you get? Since I discovered that the YouTube TV package doesn't include Turner (CNN, TBS, TNT etc..) I have had to rule it out for now. Trying to decide between Hulu TV or Sling now.
  3. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    My texts always got split or were out of order, even on devices that were sending over LTE. The speed at which I was getting texts would suggest to me that they were still being sent over LTE rather than 1x. This is on the G6 though. Now that we have Calling Plus, texts definitely appear to be going over WiFi or LTE rather than 1x.
  4. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I've used speaker phone a couple of times, and haven't heard any complaints. My dad has a G6 too, though I'm not sure I've talked to him while he was using speaker phone. I know I've used speaker phone talking to him and he didn't say anything. He usually complains if the call doesn't sound good.
  5. It is supposed to be one account per Sprint account. So one line only on your account. That is in the fine print. Anyone with Unlimited Freedom can add Hulu to *one* line per account. Other plans can ad Hulu for one month free and then a discount. However, it doesn't seem to be ironed out yet.
  6. Temperatures around the area this evening. https://t.co/doviO7w2hj

  7. CA would not be taking place if you were connected to Band 26. Is that what the engineering screen looks like? Normally it's a full screen, but again I don't have any experience with this phone.
  8. Quick check of the radar for the morning drive. https://t.co/pTkcIe0fIv

  9. iPhone catches up to Android again.... It does look like they have rolled out some version of Calling Plus to iPhones now.
  10. Streaming Services Chat

    When I had AT&T, you could stream while on their provided WiFi service. When I added my own router because their's sucked, it didn't work. That could be different now. I didn't realize Google Fiber didn't let you stream it even in your own home. That is a little frustrating.
  11. Chances are pretty good it is running LTE now. We haven't had a report from a source for that market for some time. Hard to figure out which sites are active without market reports or several active members with a tracking map.

    I have always left notifications on. There was a 6 month stretch or so where they didn't work though. Still doing well here, no more blocks. Probably jinx it now.
  13. Streaming Services Chat

    The DVR restriction on Fiber TV is pretty common for cable companies. It's much easier to stream something that is stored on the cloud than it is to stream something that is stored in your living room. Charter, Mediacom, and AT&T (when I had them last) want you to use each channels individual app as well. I feel like Google is pretty committed to this streaming service. They went all out on advertising during the World Series. We just got the YouTube TV back-end services installed here to get our local channel running, so hopefully this market will be online soon. A couple of my co-workers use Sling and have been decently happy. Their biggest complaint is you have to have the joint plan, or switch back and forth if you're a sports fan, since FOX is on one, and ESPN is on the other plan. YouTube has both in their base plan, though it is a bit more.
  14. FYI, I moved the Sling/Netflix/Hulu/Youtube discussion to its own thread. This thread has a lot of topics, but that was just a bit off the path. See here >>
  15. If they have to file permit for any antenna work, then yes.