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  1. Dkoellerwx

    Mobilitie Sites

    Yes those appear to be Sprint. I'm wondering if perhaps the relay was there until they got a wired connection. Perhaps as part of one of the deals they've made with internet providers. The one with the site ID in the picture is confirms it to be Sprint.
  2. So far, Ericsson 8T8R sites do not appear to support carrier aggregation. I have several in my market that I have found. For the moment, they are a step down from the Clearwire sites they replaced. 3 carriers are being broadcast, but aggregation does not seem to be happening.
  3. Whoops. You're right. Pittsburgh is Samsung, you're Nokia (formerly ALU).
  4. So that is the same carrier as your other screenshot. Notice the DL EARFCN is 8290 in both screenshots. However it looks like you are in a different market code, so they may be using a different GCI scheme. It would appear to me that your 2nd carrier is 10x10 in both cases, plus the original G Block 5x5 carrier. If CA is active, you would have 10+5 on the download side. Edited to note that Samsung markets appear to be making GCI changes in many markets, so they may be only part way through the change in your area.
  5. The GCI is not one that SCP recognizes as a 10x10 carrier. There are certain GCIs that (at least until lately) were only used for 10x10 carriers. That GCI is only recognized as a 2nd carrier. Where was the 10x10 carrier located? It's possible you now have a 10x10 carrier plus a 5x5 2nd carrier.
  6. Reminder that SCP does not show you carrier aggregation. It only tells you what carrier you are connected to. That is a second carrier. You would have to check your engineering screen to see if CA is active.
  7. Dkoellerwx


    Hmm... there were no errors with the forum last night.
  8. Ah, I see. Both stadiums are named Mercedes-Benz, so wasn't sure if that was what you were going off of... haha.
  9. That's a difficult question to answer. Some sites are live within a week, some take several months. They may be waiting until they have completed all the work they've been permitted for until the integration crews start work. The B41 could go live at any time. Of course the B26 side will have to wait until spectrum is clear, and that likely won't be until fall at the earliest.
  10. More dual-band 800+2500 antennas with Ericsson 8T8R RRUs, plus they're installing two Ericsson 800 RRUs so that 4x4 (or maybe 2x4?) Band 26 will be available when the spectrum is cleared.
  11. The Superbowl is in Atlanta yes? That test is in New Orleans. Regardless, I would imagine massive MIMO will certainly be deployed in the vicinity of the Superbowl given they are already getting it out in the field now.
  12. Dkoellerwx

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    That would have been good information to include in the post!
  13. Dkoellerwx

    Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I'm not sure what's new about this? "Calling Plus" the updated Wi-Fi calling setting allows for calls to go from Wi-Fi to LTE. At least it has allowed that on my LG G6 since I got the Calling Plus update last October.