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  1. Good morning! A quick look at temperatures around the Ozarks. https://t.co/J0lqdZYU1m

  2. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I never ran into that. When I turned on Calling Plus, it already had my address filled in. Only problem I have seen is that it will randomly drop LTE and refuses to re-connect until I turn Calling Plus off.
  3. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    It is built into Android Messages. There used to be an option to enable it, but that is no longer there. You may get a message that enhanced services have been enabled at some point. EDIT: A quick Google search found this for the V20: "Out of the box, the RCS capability, or "Enhanced Features" need to be enabled in settings. In the very near future, this option will be on by default and wont be visible." Wasn't clear if that only applied to the V20 or all LG devices though.
  4. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    It was rough at first, but you get used to it. I do miss GV from time to time.
  5. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I've had the G6 for several months? I don't understand the question.
  6. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    Why is Sprint pushing them out? I don't know.
  7. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I didn't run into that, but that's because Sprint removed the option to use Google Voice when I updated to the Unlimited Freedom plan. They have been slowly pushing Google Voice out the door the last couple years unfortunately.
  8. Mobile hotspot in Extended LTE

    Extended LTE on the coverage map is considered native and you won't be penalized for using data in those areas. If you use a ton and attractive their attention, something could happen. If you are on AT&T roaming, that is capped at 100MB. Sent from my LG G6
  9. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    In addition to building towers, they will be buying sites from Sprint and it sounds like other companies as well. Acquisitions are the main push initially it sounds like, construction coming later. If Softbank remains connected with Sprint, this seems like a good thing to me.
  10. LG V30

    I edited my post... I think I was reading part of your post wrong.
  11. LG V30

    Hmm... is that FDD+TDD CA? Or is that indicating B25+B25 is on as is B41+B41+B41? It's also possible that 2xCA UL is causing some issues. What happens if you set it to 2xCA or 3xCA (TDD only)?
  12. LG V30

    Certainly sounds like it could be software issues. LG is usually pretty decent on this front, looking at the V20 and G5 in the past. The LG G6 has fantastic connectivity, and HPUE has definitely made a difference on fringe B41 signals. I now connect to B41 inside my house on occasion, which *never* happened with any other B41 devices I have owned (no new sites or adjustments in my area).
  13. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    Calling Plus? Also, were you able to get your MSL? Curious if the 41D 25A setting actually works.