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  1. B41 additions in Topeka, Junction City/Ft. Riley, and Abilene. As a follow-up to the above post, crews still had ropes up on the 87th and Lackman site in Lenexa. The new antennas aren't fully installed yet, but I did see new RRUs. Sent from my LG G6
  2. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Was going to complain that Clear B41 wasn't being identified in Kansas City, but hit the upgrade and now it's working fine again!
  3. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    That's really different... Sector 86??
  4. B41 is now live in Collins, Lowry City and Clinton! Plus I found two new B41 deployments along I-49 and I-435 on the Missouri side (in Belton and KCMO respectively) that filled in previous weak gaps. These sites were B25/26 previously. I could not tell if they were Hexadecaport antennas or not, foggy and raining made it hard to see. I know the site at 87th and Lackman in Lenexa has new antennas on it. I could not get a good look. The site was previously B25/26 + Clear B41. Clear was still active so don't think they are finished. Sprint is really moving again, so keep your eyes peeled for new developments! Even in places you may not expect. I will be heading out I-70 tomorrow and expect to find some new B41.
  5. Network Vision/LTE - Missouri Market (includes St. Louis)

    B41 is now live in Bolivar! The B41 footprint expansion is happening! Keep your eyes peeled, even in places you may not expect. Also on Highway 13, B41 is live in Collins, Lowry City, and Clinton. Those are the KS market, but more evidence of B41 expansion. Sent from my LG G6
  6. Quick check of the radar for the morning drive. https://t.co/USn12gb2Kf

  7. Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    Yes, that is likely a Verizon or AT&T small cell. The Sprint ones use a skinnier antenna at top, along with a relay antenna lower down the pole like in the images that Mr Nuke linked to. All of the equipment that was attached to those light poles is part of the Sprint small cell.
  8. Excessive rainfall appearing more likely for Tuesday, along with an increasing risk for icy weather Tuesday night.… https://t.co/7m2msh1kPG

  9. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Yes it is. It should be available too on any devices that have B25 CA enabled.
  10. That appears to be a different carrier. I see the Sprint NV and 8T8R antennas on a different part of that building. Just FYI I'm going to move this to the Colorado Market thread in a bit.
  11. See a new site outside of Macon, GA too, on 129 to the southeast.
  12. Looks like there might be a couple new sites online in Utah. Also, appears to be a new B41 protection site in Coffeyville, KS, and a clear conversion in Miami, OK.
  13. Alltel https://www.engadget.com/2011/01/21/sprint-losing-on-network-coverage-in-parts-of-montana-north-dak/
  14. That was a map detailing the loss of a roaming partner years ago. Really no reason to bring it up now.
  15. Network Vision/LTE - Missouri Market (includes St. Louis)

    2 permits for small cells have surfaced in the last week in Springfield, and we have found small cells in Central Missouri and in St. Louis! Keep your eye peeled and report anything you find!