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  1. @DonTrail @BellsBrewery Haven't seen that it's available here in Kansas City yet

  2. @BellsBrewery Where is it shipping near Kansas City?

  3. @A_dmg04 So... It might just be time for you to stop making games, bungie doesn't get it.

  4. @BellsBrewery Any shipments scheduled for Kansas City?

  5. #HomeDepot fail for #BlackFridayDeals didn't have the air compressor or 7 piece DeWalt set in stock at 6am, employe… https://t.co/i9Je4jXu3S

  6. @XboxP3 @XboxWire New Halo game will fail. MS should launch vid host serv with customizable ad system target popula… https://t.co/5xYVa8ytf3

  7. @SignOfTheTimz @WLKYMark @RandPaul @realDonaldTrump So you want the government to have more control over the "corpo… https://t.co/Z1Cw5dlUr8

  8. @mjohnson10000 @RandPaul Gun control wouldn't stop this, laws only stop those who chose to follow them.

  9. @BungieHelp So the real question is how long is a season?

  10. @DestinyTheGame Except when the beta isn't live at 10am PST

  11. RT @Xbox: RT for a chance to win #Titanfall2 [RP] and #XboxOneS by 7/26. NoPurchNec.Rules https://t.co/GHxc10I0sf #XboxContest https://t.co…

  12. Still nothing more about how you screwed us on the DVR Phil? @xboxp3

  13. RT @daveweigel: Rand Paul on Hillary email: "This disregard for national security should forever preclude her from being president."

  14. If #RandPaul can't debate as major candidate on #FoxBusiness then I'm not going to get my news from #foxnews anymore.