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  1. and I cannot confirm the Sandia Peak. However, northeast is pretty usable. The GMO LTE isn't bad at all either as I trail run train county line to Tower 1 or Tower 2 and stay connected to the cell site at the ice skating rink.
  2. Well when they came through in the late summer, they were able to get all of the far northeast heights GMO's to LTE. I assume that one is a GMO site as well.
  3. RT @NorahODonnell: Did you speak with any members of the President’s Cabinet for this book? “I did not.” Did you speak with the Vice Presid…

  4. RT @MichaelRyanRuiz: We will indeed have a dedicated ESPN3 feed that will stay on us for the entire duration of the the National Championsh…

  5. RT @BillsEire: 32. We 31. Should 30. Stop 29. Trying 28. To 27. Predict 26. The 25. Order 24. Of 23. The 22. 2019 21. Draft 20. Because 19.…

  6. I just spent an hour building a car. I now know why my parents couldn’t get out of bed when I was little.🤔

  7. I haven’t tried. I’ll walk test it the next night as I walk the neighborhood looking at lights. Plus that guy on Luella and Louisiana is legit.
  8. Since February band 25 CA has been rolled out so I can verify that is what I get and I live at Louisiana and Luella Anne. Also the Magic Box at my house has really helped.
  9. @shaggy_allstar @dannykanell Yes you are correct which now they will have to pay a tax on as well. Point is, there… https://t.co/Z7NErvC360

  10. @JohnOehser @mortreport Still #70 for Chris Simms. @LeBatardShow @Stugotz790

  11. RT @BostonGlobe: Some women said the environment at ESPN can be so hostile, they've hid pregnancies. One anchor even did her scheduled bro…

  12. RT @TravWeav: Bought 1,500 bitcoin in 2011 for $2.87 each. I will pick 5 random people who retweet this and give one to each of you. Merry…

  13. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I am now on 31.0 as well.
  14. I like the optimism but I would slow the boat a little. I have seen sprint apply for more for Albuquerque which I believe B41 but I don't believe it will be enough to blanket the city with B41.