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  1. 1Gbps is 128 MB per secound. 1 byte is 8 bits. Transfer speeds are in bits storage are in bytes. Confusing the two causes some outsiders to also be confused by what speeds you are talking about due to the 8x difference.
  2. Flompholph

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I believe SC lite does not know MB GCI yet. Signal check uses the gci to guess which band it is connected to.
  3. Flompholph

    Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

    You will pretty much never see Tmobile lte unless you are in MT, SD, or ND. That is the only large difference I see. Like stated above you don't compare sprint LTE to T-Mobile LTE. You compare Sprint 1x(including 800) to T-Mobile LTE. The only way to force roam is to block the signal until roaming scan starts. Once it starts to roam then it will stay roaming for while.You could try LTE only mode but sprint likes to grip onto it's signal as long as it can even if that means no data throughput.
  4. Triband. Triband antenas have been found where sprint puts what we guess could be their 4th carrier GCI ending.
  5. Here is a pic to show my sprint covrage for southern eastcoast US. Some of the dots disappear as you zoom out but it gives a good idea where coverage is.
  6. SC is probably 8 of the 10% that is still bad. GA is probably 1 to 1.5%. Were you in Charleston before or after B41 launched there? It is very spotty on I 95 most of the way until Florance,SC. North of that if you lose lte on the Interstate you just have to toggle airplane to get it back. Sprint still has work to do in SC, AL, and GA. The only other big hole on I95 other than SC/GA is eastern CT/RI
  7. Anyone in Grand Rapids? I was by the Woodland/Centerpointe Malls and saw in my logs what might be a small cell. latitude: 42.92036 longitude: -85.58392 cellid: 0B29E001 physcellid: 484 dBm: -121 tac: 5906 band: 41 earfcn: 41211 mcc: 310 mnc: 120
  8. These are just the cities getting massive mimo 64t64r. We already knew about 64t64r. It is still 4g but 5g ready because 4g is limited to 8x8 mimo.
  9. Flompholph

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    If they plan on a million+ of MB they need to do something like this with the sectors.
  10. Being last place with data useage is a good reason for T mobile to not post results. I wonder how they would spin those nubers. I know it may be asking much but I would like to see download and upload split now.
  11. T Mobile did put out a news thing with a piece of info "78% increase in data". So we can extrapolate the data used to around 7.1 TB used. 2016 2.1TB used 2017 almost 2x usage growth during game 2018 78% more data from Top Network Facts image
  12. Flompholph

    5g : what's required ?

    8t8r may work with some aspects of 5G but 5G has two points where the towers would need work done on them. 1) Massive MIMO panels can be 5G. 8t8r is the limit of 4G anything bigger could be labeled 5G capable. 2)8t8r uses B41 meaning they will not include the higher 5G frequencies. (Small cells everywhere due to limited range of freq above 2.5 GHz ) There could be a software update with 5G benefits and marketers labeling that it was a 5G update but it would be a stretch.
  13. google image search https://www.google.com/search?q=gas+pump+canopy
  14. Any chance the AirPole or Strand Mount are going to customers like the magic box? I know, I know I had to ask though. The magic box just won't work(my guess since I never asked the second time) at my house need something on the outside. There are 2 places in my yard I pick up B25 10x10. I would love to see these on the gas pump canopy thing. I have seen a few sprint signals coming from the pumps canopy but it would be better if they were more wide spread.
  15. Flompholph

    Cheesy ESMR/LTE base station tracker

    Possible but I am not in Manchester NH much . I did not see the first carrier based on GCI though. There is not to much overlap I try and turn it off when getting close to where I am going and I try not to overlap where I have been before. Which can cause me to not cover everything but trying to save data point space. I also try to remove points where there is no cellid but that is not much maybe 2% of data points. That is not to say I don't forget to turn it off but the vast majority is not from 1 place.