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  1. @JohnLegere @TMobile @NevilleRay Love @TMobile! Can't wait to get some #600Mhz love!

  2. Trying out @theTunnelBear so I can browse privately from my ISP. https://t.co/rh9MO1CKly https://t.co/UIeTwkFjpp

  3. @KVJShow people can steal your identity and hack your computers with open wifi.

  4. Damn...@Comcast added more subs than @sprint?! Wowzers...Although I do see Sprint with massive amounts of permittin… https://t.co/tsy27SticX

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  6. Gaslighter in chief... https://t.co/IhWCVE2pc2

  7. RT @kurteichenwald: AT&T gave bonuses saying "Because of the tax bill!!" Trump said, "See? More money, more jobs. Tax bill!!!" ATT now say…

  8. RT @StephenAtHome: Winter Storm Grayson appears to be turning away from the East Coast, possibly because it can’t compete with the shit-sto…

  9. @JohnLegere @NevilleRay @TMobile please look at Port St Lucie FL. Tradition in particular. Several festivals and ev… https://t.co/uEhdeosT66

  10. Happy holidays! #GiveGood

  11. RT @AP: BREAKING: US officials: Trump administration approves plan to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, including anti-tank missiles.

  12. RT @JohnLegere: 🎉 It’s about time @TMobile Un-carrier’s your TV, right?? That’s why we're pumped to announce we’ll be acquiring @Layer3TV!…

  13. RT @DanRather: An earthquake has shook the nation and out of the land of the Crimson Tide comes a wave of Blue. https://t.co/tuG5Yvqctz

  14. RT @TIME: Donald Trump's approval rating just hit a new low https://t.co/YzbABP4umG

  15. @JohnLegere You're winning! GO #MAGENTA?! #SendOutTheBatSignal https://t.co/b7nDVyECVS