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  1. Can anyone guess what's for dinner? https://t.co/zEMfW9Ck2B

  2. Not a bad haul. 50% off everything today and tomorrow. $75 for all of this. @ Malley's Chocolates https://t.co/0LfPtuVP17

  3. It's that time of the year again! 😁 @ Mapleton Cider Mill https://t.co/JcySPXrQ4D

  4. Sold my Breitling today. It was a bittersweet moment but I'm glad she went to a good home. Maybe… https://t.co/pSJNfUlquF

  5. Taking pumpkin spice season to a whole new level!!!! https://t.co/1RWkFbNmWT

  6. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/Risl8QDhtX Metallica Live from Edmonton, Canada 8/16/17

  7. Too late for the Odin Advice. I flashed an incomplete copy of MK4 from XDA. The phone took the update and even booted up and functioned for the most part however it would fail sending texts frequently and dropped calls like crazy. Ended up being able to go back to MC2 until i could get a proper MK4 update. There are 2 ways around Knox that will let you install custom recovery. 1. you can root the phone and delete the knox related files or you can just not let the phone reboot back into android after you install your custom recovery (all of this info can be found on XDA) the MC2 i installed came with an app to reset the rom status and tamper counter HOWEVER after i went back to MK4 the knox warranty void status was 1. At this current point in time it cannot be reset as far as i know. However it does not hurt anything as my phone is out of warranty anyhow.
  8. Same problem here after update. At my place of employment phone sounds really poor. Same msg about wideband calls. Other places calls sound fine.
  9. Watched The Great Gatsby over the weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit more than i thought i would. It's def. worth checking out.

  10. Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    my jaw almost dropped when i was over by the old hoover company building a couple of nights ago and uploading a picture from my Note II to facebook and it was done in the blink of an eye. I was expecting for it to fail and for me to have to wait until i got home to do it from wifi as per usual. When i looked up at my status bar i saw 4g lit up i was impressed. The signal didn't last very long though. I don't think i even made it to italos before i lost it if i recall correctly. Hopefully they can get 4g more widespread in the area soon. and fingers crossed it will reach to where i live in Greentown. 3g data on sprint is barely useable from my expirences. But i dealt with it for the longest time becasue i was on a 3rd party dealer plan and the price was right. The new sero 500 premium plan i am on is not nearly as attractive and i don't want to pay $65-$70 a month and find myself struggling to even make a foursquare checkin when i am out and about. The worst part is my wife has Boost Mobile and her data works better than mine! Now explain that one to me?!?!?
  11. This is a great article. A must read for any geek who doesn't already know about this. http://t.co/POKcD5RyYJ