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  1. On a normal shared plan you can put anyone you want on it but if you do and they fail to pay then you are responsible for the whole bill, so only a limited number of people would risk this. But for FRAMILY you could have anyone on your plan to help reduce costs and not be responsible to pay the whole bill. You could put complete strangers on your plan and never had to worry. So many people were doing this that Sprint was losing more money then they had imagined. So they said "it was too confusing for people" Even the sales people at the Sprint stores themselves were putting complete starngers together to help you save. In a nutshell it worked TOO well and Sprint lost money. But of course company execs would never be dishonest, right?

    Change 4G symbol on android devices?

    Never mind, deleted
  3. I have VoLTE on with Verizon and at least in my market it works really well and sounds great.

    Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Sorry if this has been discussed but I couldn't find anything about it. Does the Nexus 6P have wifi calling for Sprint and has anyone tested it out? Thanks

    The airave before and after?

    Curious, what is an 800mhz beacon?

    Wi-Fi Calling

    I have a question about the iphone specifically. My brother works where cell service isn't very good for any carrier so he was wanting to have a carrier with Wi-Fi calling so I told him about Sprint. I have read that the iphone however doesn't send or receive texts over wifi on Sprint, is this true, has anyone witnessed that this doesn't work? He gets a lot of text messages from his bosses so it has to work. Thanks Quote MultiQuote Hide Edit

    Wi-Fi Calling

    Does Wi-Fi Calling Support Messaging (SMS & MMS)? For Android devices, messaging is supported in Wi-Fi Calling mode even if there is not any coverage from the Nationwide Sprint Network. For iOS devices, messaging is still handled by the Nationwide Sprint Network. If you do not have coverage then messaging services are not supported. This functionality is expected to be supported over Wi-Fi in the future. iMessage on iOS is supported over Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi Calling

    So as long as it's Iphone to Iphone that works but all others are hit & miss because they rely on the cell towers. Once again apple is a closed system.

    Wi-Fi Calling

    Great thanks for the info, you know as well as I do though for the fact that they say: "it is expected to be supported in the future" translates to "we really have no idea but you never know?"
  10. I guess we all have the right to complain especially if it's your own property but it just seems ridiculous in a rural area. Looks like it's moving forward though.
  11. More Info I found, click here. I can't believe they would say it would ruin their view, what view? It's just farmland. LOL
  12. On antenna search there is a tower approximately 1.4 miles to the southeast at 16423 Endicott Road but when I look at Google maps all I see is a gravel road to a sight that was once there before but was taken down or the satellite picture is old and the tower is newer. By the way it says it's verizon. I'm not trying to take you away from Sprint but if your cell signal can't be fixed you might look at alternative carriers. The sprint tower is 3.7 miles from that intersection.
  13. I would also recommend pointing at Lawson with a directional unit. Make sure you play with it for awhile before permanently mounting it cause a few degrees here and there can improve or degrade your signal. Just remember to try all of the towers, just because one is closer doesn't mean it's better.
  14. Weboost (formally wilson) has great cell phone repeaters of all size home and business applications. As long as you can pick up somewhat of a signal then these should work for you. (Just make sure to aim the outside unit at the tower that gives you the best reception) You can buy these on Amazon.com Note: If you use antennasearch.com you can locate some Sprint towers in your area. Also depending on your S4GRU membership you may be able to locate a tower precisely here. I'm not sure if I can tell you exactly where the towers are in your area due to forum rules but I'd be willing to help if it's acceptable, maybe a forum moderator can chime in about this. Just don't post specific address information here. Just a nearby set of cross streets with town name.
  15. The note 3 not only had one LTE channel, but even though it has 800 mhz for voice it doesn't work right so Sprint only allowed the 1900 voice to work. With the note 5 you now have the 800 voice channel back and sprint spark for Lte. It should be a noticeable difference in talk and data

    Current Sprint PRLs

    New PRL for my Galaxy Mega is 55020 New PRL for my Note 2 is 2025

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Sorry to go off topic but just a quick question for all the Nexus 5 owners. I currently have a S3. When I do a hard reset I just erase the phone not the Memory card I have installed. That way I don't have to transfer all of my music back to my phone, all 17 gb worth which takes a while. Since the Nexus doesn't have a separate memory card I assume everything would get erased including your music on the internal memory, is that correct? I understand there are other ways to have my music (ie "the cloud") but I don't want it this way, I want it on the phone itself. Thanks for the info.
  18. Oh okay I found it thanks. Could anyone confirm that there is a sprint cell site on the water tower in Papillion at Highway 370 and 88th Street, thanks.
  19. I'm a sponsor could you provide a link. Thanks