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  1. And another interesting note, Sprint is 36 billion in debt with 4.4 billion in cash reserves, Verizon is 117 billion in debt with only 2 billion in cash reserves with at&1 156 billion with 50 billion in reserves and t-mobile 30 billion in debt with 1.6 billion in reserves.
  2. Looks like something is happening https://seekingalpha.com/article/4146259-5g-reality-2_0-sprints-launch-t-takes-hit-verizon-gets-major-boost-t-mobile-still-treading?auth_param=7te0v:1d86j2i:3cec15670f47eec835970316c41efe73&uprof=45
  3. Actually, the consumer is paying for it when they have a certain package or channels initiated. Owning a cable company is another matter all in its own.
  4. Do you realize how much more money you be shelling out to run a cable operation with channel contracts and the like, asking to be paid more with each contract renewal. That's a chore all on its own and Legere will find out.
  5. Here is a take on Magic Box, that no one saw. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4142606-sprints-magic-box-landlords-enterprise-sprint-win?auth_param=7te0v:1d791g3:d0f1f461888a2406be7de331649b915e&uprof=45
  6. I guess a new airspan unit just passed thru fcc certification. https://fccid.io/PIDAS1300
  7. I guess people forgot that Sprint still had to pay out for frequency rebanding , some jurisdictions being a pain in the butt wanting more money for the effort, trying to get Sprint to help there budgets. California going broke.
  8. I work out of Dulles, live in Woodbridge, VA. Was up at the FedEx station picking up load aircraft containers.
  9. Now I know how t-mobile is getting into TV, by way of a cable company layer 3, they aren't in all areas though.