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  1. Streaming Services Chat

    I switched to DirecTV Now streaming a year ago along with Netflix and Hulu. DirecTV Now was unreliable for the first 6 months but it has been quite good since then. It has a very good channel selection and I get a discount with my wife's AT&T mobile unlimited plan. At the moment it is still limited to two streams at a time but early next year they are planning to offer DVR functionality and additional streams that may be premium add-ons for additional money each month. Two streams at a time is not really a problem for my family because many of the network apps work with it such as HBO Go. The streams on the network apps do not count as one of your active streams. The picture quality is excellent but it eats a lot of data to get high picture quality on a television. They recommend a minimum 12 mbps download speed to watch the highest quality as the app streams the video in bursts greater than 6 mbps. If you have a slower connection and you are using your connection for anything else at the same time, the picture can buffer and switch you to a lower quality.
  2. VOIP uses 8kbps to 90kbps up while you are talking and that same speed down while the other person is talking. The actual bandwidth is based on the algorithm used with higher numbers of bits required for HD voice and lower for regular voice and more bits are used for a larger range of sounds. The algorithms for streaming audio which VOIP uses automatically adjust the amount of data used based on the range of sounds they are trying to send at that time. VoLTE is normally in the 16kbps to 32kbps range. 0.5mbps is the same as 500kb/s just to give you some idea of how much bandwidth you really have available. At the highest possible quality and bit rate of 64kbps to 90kbps (which are almost never used on VoLTE connections) , near CD quality music could be broadcast over your VOIP call. Those speeds are still less than 20% of your 0.5mbps speed or less than 5% if you are using closer to the minimum amount of standard voice bandwidth.
  3. Are you saying that Son drinks Pete's Sake? If so, I need to try some of that.
  4. It is interesting that they will ramp up spending about the projected time they can start adding 800mhz in the Mexico border exclusion area. If I was Sprint, I would pour money into Southern California to get 800mhz going asap. That is a massive population area that is currently suffering without a low band.
  5. I always wonder what people are doing on their mobile connection that say that an upload over 5mb/s is not fast enough. The pictured upload is faster than my real world speed tests on my home internet connection rated at 75mb/s down and 8mb/s up. Any time my mobile connection is faster than my home internet, it is perfectly fine with me. Extremely fast upload is for hosting servers or uploading very large files. Neither of those are what mobile connections are designed for. That upload speed should do everything you want to do on a mobile connection quite quickly.

    http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7754-site-upgrade-warning/?do=getNewComment This forum topic shows the newest comments since you last looked at it on the above link on all browsers that it supports.

  8. I would think that tethering it would significantly limit where it could fly. No one is going to allow a tethered vehicle to fly above a stadium as an example.
  9. I assume the plan is that a new flying micro cell would be launched into the air before the old flying micro cell depleted its batteries. Then the old flying micro cell one would be flown down to a manned charging station, where its batteries would be exchanged with fully charged ones. The manned charging station could be located at a COW (Cell on Wheels) site that was providing coverage from one side of the event and providing the bandwidth for the flying micro cell. Think of how nice the coverage would be with COWs surrounding a large event with flying micro cells providing coverage in the middle from above.
  10. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    The total percent of subscribers graph shows everything you need to know about the current US wireless industry. Verizon has ~35%, AT&T has ~35%, and all the other competitors are competing for the final 25% to 30%. This also means that 70% to 75% of all the profits are split between AT&T and Verizon which gives them the money to keep deploying and keeps them with much larger, stronger networks. If AT&T and Verizon can each afford to spend $10 billion+ on their networks each year, no smaller competitor can hope to keep up.
  11. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Sprint has some of the best spectrum for dense areas with their huge amount of Sprint2500/2600mhz. T-Mobile has some of the best wide area rural coverage and in building spectrum with the combination of Tmobile600/Tmobile700/Sprint800mhz. The combination of the two companies plus some mid-band coverage should allow them to provide great coverage. Keep 1 CDMA voice carrier and 1 GSM voice carrier and re-farm everything else to voLTE. The network should be able to perform well for years.
  12. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I wonder if in a future software update will they allow Magic Boxes to daisy chain off each other in certain conditions to extend coverage out? I believe the hardware has the capability of doing this. One of the conditions I am thinking of is when a Magic Box can see no macro band 41 and no macro band 25 but can see a signal from a functioning integrated into the network Magic Box. Another is when two or more magic boxes are located at the same address such as a large building and one gets a b41 signal but another can only get a b25 signal. Another daisy chain possibility is when a LTE femtocell is present.
  13. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    If a merger is approved, the first thing that will likely happen is native roaming on each other's network. For T-Mobile users it is as simple as enabling VoLTE and connecting on any Sprint LTE Bands that their device is able to use when T-Mobile LTE is not available. At the start, IP addresses are not portable between the two carriers so they would likely use T-Mobile LTE first and only use Sprint LTE if no T-Mobile LTE was available. For Sprint users, it is a little more complicated but would likely involve connecting to T-Mobile LTE for data when Sprint LTE is not available and enabling T-Mobile GSM calling whenever CDMA voice calling is not available. This would have to stay in place for a while since VoLTE (Calling Plus) is not available on most devices and is not yet ready for mass roll-out. At the start, IP addresses are not portable between the two carriers so they would likely use Sprint LTE first and only use T-Mobile LTE if no Sprint LTE was available. Over time, Sprint phones would get T-Mobile VoLTE. The Sprint voice core centers would be switched over to handle T-Mobile calling technologies. The data core centers would be configured for common portable IP addresses so that movement between the two LTE networks would be seamless.
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I got that email today as well. They must have mass mailed everyone who ordered one who has not yet been contacted.
  15. "Give me LTE or give me death!" or something like that said by Patrick Henry in 1775