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  1. Sprint and T-Mobile are both having issues at my home and around town. It's definitely a tower by tower issue. My lights were out also 2 days also. AT&T performed really well. We survived off my AT&T iPhone and iPad. My AT&T fiber home internet is down though. My wife is pissed about her Sprint service because of the storm and wants to switch lol. I'm like it could have happened to any carrier.
  2. Well the storm has passed. My power has been out for about 24hrs. Sprint data has a lot been out the same amount of time. I can make and receive calls but iMessages and texts are severely delayed. My family and I are safe. No damage to our homes except a few shingles blew off the roof.
  3. I started to evacuate but I looked at the traffic on the roads. There's too much traffic. Plus by the time the storm reaches the Jax area it'll be a Cat 1 storm. I think I can survive. I also have an AT&T backup line and an AT&T iPad.
  4. Moto X⁴

    29/30 is ATT's 700Mhz D and E block and WCS.
  5. After riding around town. There's more band 41 site than I initially thought. Seems like Sprint came back around and added Band 41 to a lot of sites.
  6. 7.38down/1.56up I'm thinking it's low because it's a high traffic area.
  7. New 8t8r sighting at the River City Marketplace near the airport. I don't know when the equipment was installed but it's online. It's one of the areas I frequent that had terrible speeds. Hopefully this band 41 addition helps.
  8. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    I run into the same thing when comparing T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile will show No Service while standing outside on a Sunny day.
  9. You have a great imagination. One will merge with the other. All three will not combine.
  10. I often criticized Sprint for using mini macros and not going full steam with 8t8r. My perception has changed. I guess Sprint has to do what they can to get subscribers and upgrade the network at the same time.
  11. Dang. That's expensive no wonder they are taking their time with the 8t8r builds and using mini macros.
  12. Coverage isn't too bad. 10x10 is pretty widespread. There's still spots where you'll drop to 3G but LTE will reconnect after a minute or two.