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  1. Band 25 Pico Cells (Ericsson)

    I'm surprised the city got mobilitie to move the pole location and also make it smaller at cost to mobilitie... Mobilitie claims the new location will offer same coverage but I just don't see how that's even possible... Oh well we shall see... Surprised to see Sprint moving in here as it's also a dark spot for VZ as well and the hood has been complaining to VZ for awhile now. Sent from my unknown using Tapatalk
  2. Band 25 Pico Cells (Ericsson)

    Been awhile since I've been around here but figured if come catch up as we just had a few poles installed by mobilitie here and the permit showed telemobilite I believe... They initially threw a cell up on a 80ft pole but it's being relocated after some complaints on location and will be a 50ft pole now... I'll snag pics when I go by it again. Had initially assumed it was VZ LTEU testing as I get good service where this pole is covering already. Sent from my unknown using Tapatalk
  3. Rumor: HTC to announce new phone on Sept. 6th

    Won't have to worry about that... [emoji6] Sent from my unknown using Tapatalk
  4. HTC One M9 User Thread

    Thanks! Excited as I never win anything. Lol #2 m9 [emoji6]
  5. HTC One M9 User Thread

    Not true at all... Camera can vastly improve through software updates... Algorithms tweaked in the processing of the image can greatly improve the end result... HTC does it all the time.
  6. HTC One M9 User Thread

    Don't see how anyone could ever connect to band 41 the way it's set now. It would require that band to be the only one available at all as band priority is currently 25>26>41 now....
  7. HTC One M9 User Thread

    Why would they set band priority to 25>26>41???? Would of expected it to be 41>25>26 no? Would think it would be tough to be out of range of band 25/26 and pick up only 41 no?... Would require a location where there is only clear signal basically.
  8. HTC One M9 Rumor Thread

    What specifically are you interested in here and ill see if I can help... [emoji6]
  9. Laser broadband!

    This sounded pretty cool here.... Carriers are testing 'laser-radio' for bringing broadband to rural areas http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/17/laser-radio-aoptix/ via Engadget Android
  10. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Odd the update puts band priority as the below: 25>26>41 Would of expected it to ideally need to be 41>25>26
  11. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Should read a few pages back..... http://www.s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/5784-HTC-One-M8-User-Thread&do=findComment&comment=341447 I noted this error already, don't make sense the error that is thrown...
  12. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Ditto! Enabled back now!
  13. HTC One M8 User Thread

    No... Just need your MSL
  14. HTC One M8 User Thread

    Wonder if they are setting these by location and if not then I wonder if anyone on the HK version shows 41 enabled as mine is disabled here...