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  1. S4GRU post merger

    T5GRU or S5GRU or ?5GRU
  2. S4GRU post merger

    I sure hope that, should a merger happen, this board continues to flourish. Is that possible? https://www.dslreports.com/shownews/German-News-Outlet-Says-TMobile-Finalizing-Sprint-Merger-Plan-139802 The original article referenced by DSLR seems to be in German. J
  3. iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    Actually I did. No joy. I also tried activating with iTunes which failed as well. Activating via sprint chat failed.
  4. iPhone 7/7 Plus User's Thread

    If I actually understood how Sprint's self activation works I might know where to point the finger. Basically I purchased a Sprint iPhone 7+ direct from Apple. It arrived 9/26. After turning off my old phone I powered on the new iP7+ and expected it to just self activate as iPhones usually do. Not so this time. First it asked me if xxx-yyy-zzzz is the phone number of the phone. This was accurate. It then presented be with a screen prompting me to supply my billing ZIP code and SPRINT PIN number. After I entered the info I got an error saying the activation failed. I will spare you the gory details but for some reason the iPhone wanted the last 4 digits of my SSN instead of my Sprint PIN. This little tidbit took an hour at my Sprint store on the phone with Apple. So where does this validation process take place? On the phone? On some server backend. If the information is incorrect who's to blame? Weird thing is I don't ever remember giving Apple my SSN. I might have given Sprint it when I first signed up 15 years ago. From Reddit, Sprint User Forum etc. it seems this doesn't happen with all new Sprint iP7's. I wonder if only those purchased direct from Apple are affected. Any insight appreciated. J
  5. iPhone 7/7 Plus Rumor Thread

    My wife has a Spigen Clear on her 6S. Too slippery for me. I'm going with the Apple Leather case on my 7+ so no one will know what color the phone is anyway. I am going with "Black" matte for the resale value uptick.
  6. iPhone 7/7 Plus Rumor Thread

    I'll be upgrading from a 6+ to a 7+ 128G "Black". The "Jet Black" is prone to scratching even in a protective case. So there is no easy way to protect it 100% from scratches when it comes time to resell it. So a used "Black" can be kept in mint condition easier than a "Jet Black".
  7. Although not mentioned verbally the slide for the iPhone 7 yesterday summary had a line item: LTE Advanced 450mbs How does that translate into Sprintspeak? Carrier Aggregation 3? 4? Other? Thanks, J
  8. Is there a "Sprint Small Cell Rollout Map" somewhere on the site? Thanks in advance, J
  9. iPad Pro 9.7" Owners Thread

    Thank you. That article did clarify things quite a bit. FWIW I did order a iPad Pro 9.7" direct from Apple and during the ordering process I also added a $0 Verizon SIM since Verizon is not an option on the Apple SIM. My theory now is I'll be able to choose ATT or T-Mobile or Sprint via the embedded Apple SIM and if I am in a Verizon only area I can insert the Verizon SIM into the physical SIM slot of the iPad Pro 9.7". Perhaps I can just leave the Verizon SIM in the external SIM slot all the time and have the ability to choose between the four carriers depending on where I am at the moment? At least that's my theory. I also assume the device is unlocked as I am purchasing it from Apple and not from a carrier. Lots of assumptions but I guess I'll find out for sure this coming Thursday. Thanks! J Update: Inserting the Vz SIM into the iPad pro 9.7 gives me the ability to choose ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint or Vz. The device is unlocked as I purchased it directly from Apple who isn't beholden to any carrier.
  10. iPad Pro 9.7" Owners Thread

    Me too. 128GB WiFi + Cellular
  11. iPad Pro 9.7" Owners Thread

    So now you have a hardwired SIM in you phone, You decide to use ATT and ATT disables the ability to switch to another user. This is what they do now with the non hardwired Apple SIM. Now you are screwed and can't switch away from ATT even if you want to?
  12. iPad Pro 9.7" Owners Thread

    I am curious how this will play out with ATT who previously would commandeer the Apple SIM which once you used it for ATT it would not longer be usable on the other providers (Tmobile and Sprint). The way you would get around this is either purchase another Apple SIM (price unknown) or try to get Tmobile or Sprint to give you a SIM but the bottom line was your Apple SIM was bound to ATT. Tmobile and Sprint didn't do this. You could still switch to another provider using the Apple SIM. With the new Embedded Apple SIM I wonder if ATT will bind it only to ATT once you subscribe to an ATT plan via the Embedded Apple SIM? Thoughts? J
  13. iPad Pro 9.7" Owners Thread

    Apparently there are two models of the iPad Pro 9.7". One has an Apple SIM the other has an EMBEDDED Apple SIM. http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/#ipad-pro-9-7 A1674 A1675 Question: Would the model with an Embedded Apple SIM also have a traditional removable SIM? Reason I ask is I have NANO SIMs for Verizon and TMobile. The Apple SIM (Embedded or removable) do not support Verizon. There is also a footnote that says the Embedded Apple SIM can be disabled when the iPad is purchased directly from certain carriers. Question: Is this to prevent a Verizon customer from using the Embedded SIM perhaps? Question: Why are there two iPad Pro 9.7" Cellular model numbers? One with the Embedded Apple SIM and one with traditional Apple SIM. If I purchase directly from Apple which one will I get and am I locking myself out of Verizon if I purchase the device from Apple if I possess a working Verizon iPad Nano SIM card?
  14. iPhone 6S/6S Plus User Thread

    I saw that too when my phone updated to 9.2.1(13D20). I wonder what 23.2 does? J
  15. Sprint wants to save $1B by relocating towers

    Correct me if I am wrong but Clearwire was a big user of microwave backhaul. I was a Clearwire user and it worked well as long as there was no heavy rain within 25 miles. Heavy rain was certain to cause interruptions because microwave is sensitive to things like that.