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  1. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    What is the difference between “Restart” and “Power Off”. If you don’t actually remove power “Power Off” eventually results in a “Restart”. Thanks, J
  2. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Nothing has changed here. What is a bit weird is occasionally I’ll see 30 mb/s but 99% of the time it’s 5ish mb/s.
  3. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Similar experience here. Good speeds immediately after a reset then slowdown. Was not like this with previous firmware.
  4. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    The ID has never been other than 105. The Frequency has changed depending on the direction the MB is oriented. The Frequency has not changed since I last reset the MB.
  5. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    RSRP 111->114 CINR 1.0->5.0 Here is a snapshot of what they are at the moment. Prior to 440a the values were similar. It's the speeds that have degraded. It's been 2 days since the last reset. Thanks, J
  6. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    When I first got my MB the 3rd week of February I was seeing download speeds int the 10->30mb/s range which was very good. My signal isn't stellar (RSRP 111->114 CINR 1.0->5.0) but it was stable. After the firmware upgrade to my signal levels remained the same but my download speeds dropped dramatically. Now they are in the 2->5mb/s range which is rather poor considering this is what I get on B25 indoors without the MB. Question: Is this drop in speed at all related the the firmware upgrade? The timing leads me to believe it is. I even took the MB outdoors and performed tests at 8 cardinal points on the compass (with a reset each time) and the signal strength/quality improved but the download speeds did not. Any insight appreciated. J
  7. LTE Calling Plus / Chicago Market

    I can originate or answer a call while on WiFi then turn WiFi off mid-call and the call continues on LTE. I am in Chicagoland. I then need to remember to turn WiFi back on again for the next call.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    My Gen 3 MB has a sticker on the back with the MB support phone number.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Thanks but I already tried that a couple of times.
  10. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Will a user that is currently a candidate for deprioritization be deprioritized on a MB if the MB itself is not overloaded but the donor cell is?
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I've had my MB a few days now. I "think" it had FW Version after I did my first reset. Today I see it is at which is a higher level or I misread the previous version number. The did not change but don't know that number represents. J
  12. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    They ship by UPS. I have “UPS My Choice” which is free and got notified of a shipment from SPCS before any shipment notification from Sprint.
  13. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I have the option of using one of two windows. Neither gives me a real good signal level. If I have to choose should I go with the location with higher RSRP and a lower CINR or vice versa. As it stands now these are my choices. The values do vary slightly over time. 1) RSRP -113 CINR 5.2 2) RSRP -111 CINR 2.2 Either location gives me approx 16/2 mbps down/up.
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I just received a GEN3 Magic Box. I started it up using the supplied battery and it said I have a good signal (3 bars) but might get a better signal somewhere else. Do I need to reset the Box to have it test a new location or just restart it? The enclosed documentation is rather sparse. What is the proper procedure to have the box test a new location? Thanks, J